What to choose - personal car or self-drive company car?

What to choose – personal car or self-drive company car?

What to choose – personal car or self-drive company car?

Cars are one of the crucial inventions humanity has developed over the years. From the first steam-powered automobile built by ‘Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot’ which made human transportation possible to present day supercars, we have grown by degrees to make mobility a reality. In terms of demand, a few hand full of cars were sold during the dawn of the automobile era in Germany and France. America, also joined the race in the late 1800s, and it eventually started dominating the market. In the present era, according to an online statistics portal, more than 81.5 million car units are sold around the world in a year. With a growing number of vehicles, especially in metropolitan cities, traffic jams have become an everyday painful reality. This makes one and all wonder, what can be the most-effective solution for this agony? Many online aggregators are bubbling up around the world and making subscribing to a car a possibility. This article will help you take an informed decision while you choose – personal car or self-drive.

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What to choose – personal car or a self-drive company car?

Buying a personal car:

As we mentioned above, more than 81 million cars are sold around the world in a year. Whether it’s the smell of the upholstery or the ease of driving your own vehicle, many people are choosing to invest the hefty sum in buying a vehicle. It’s a common proverb in the Indian society,’ if you have bought an elephant, you need to invest in maintaining it as well’. Maintenance is another crucial part of the deal while buying a car which makes it an unpractical decision. Here are some pros and cons of investing in a personal car:

Pros of buying a personal car

  • A personal vehicle is like a family member to a lot of car owners. Everything, from how your car smells to how it looks is very personal to them. Investing in a vehicle gives you the emotional attachment which one seeks from their vehicle.
  • Buying your personal vehicle gives you the freedom to accessorize your vehicle and make it look and perform the way you want it to.
  • There is a wisdom is saying ‘I know my car’. Everyone has their own set of rituals and superstitions attached to it. The last cell on the fuel indication in the middle of the road can be a sign of agony for the co-driver but an ‘It’s all good!’ situation for the driver.

Cons of buying a personal car

  • Hefty down payments are the part of the deal which flattens the charisma of buying a car. On top of this, monthly EMIs add up to the agony and make you rethink about your decision.
  • Maintaining a car is another financial atrocity that one has to face when investing in a new vehicle. Recurring yearly maintenance bills may often cost equal to the EMIs you will be paying for the vehicle.
  • Every new car bought adds to the misery on the roads. Rising population and buying power is the guiding light rising the traffic pressure on the city arteries.

personal car or self-drive

Subscribing to a self-drive car

In the age of the Internet, everything is available at the click of a button. From ordering everyday groceries to home cleaning service and furniture delivery, internet of things have made our lives easier. At present, subscribing to a vehicle or renting it out is in vogue. In spite of investing in a new vehicle, you can be a part of the newborn rental economy. Today, you can rent anything from your clothes to electronics and accessories, then why not rent a car?

Here are some pros and cons of subscribing to a self-drive car:


  • Subscribing to a car in spite of investing in one of your own gives you the freedom to drive different car makes for any number of time.
  • Maintenance and insurance of the vehicle are generally taken care by the rental company which makes it easier on your pocket to own a car without investing in one.
  • You don’t have to pay hefty down payments upfront when renting or subscribing to a car. A minimal security deposit is charged by rental aggregates when subscribing to a vehicle.


  •  The freedom to accessorize your personal car go for a toss. A subscribed or rented vehicle is owned by the company and restricts individuals from any kind of external fittings and accessorize.
  • The concept of subscribing to a car is yet in its nascent stage. Due to this, only few aggregator options are available. The practicality of subscribing a car has made many people adapt to the practice of making an unbalanced demand vs supply situation.
  • Rented cars are generally driven by different people. The driving habits of different people deteriorate the drive quality of the vehicle over, a period of time.
personal car or self-drive
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