Best Time to Sell Car - Which Month Gives Best Price Of Car

Jan, Feb or March? What Are The Best Months To Sell Your Car?

Best time to sell your old car

Thinking of when to sell your car? Wait till February or March. Believe it or not, there is a certain science to car selling. Trends have developed over the years to predict, with some accuracy, the best time to sell a car.

New registration figures show that between 16 and 20% of new cars are registered in March with a slightly lower percentage in September. This makes February-March as the highest car buying month. Which essentially means that a sale is highly likely to take place during these months.

But why are February and March the best months to sell your car? What could be the possible reasons? Let’s explore.

April – July

With the scorching heat outside and temperatures soaring, it’s tough to sell your car from April to July. Buyers are on a holiday to the hills and the only cars that you can sell are the really fancy ones which are in demand all throughout the year.

August – September

Let’s accept it! Who wants to step outside when it’s muddy and rainy? With the dirt sticking to the body of your car, it becomes quite a hassle to convince the buyer for a good deal.

October – January

The festive season is for deals and bargains. You need to be really lucky to get the best price for your car when everything is on 50% sale! The charm of a new car also looms around the corner as auto companies push the accelerator on liquidating excess stock.

This leaves us with…

February – March

People get their tax returns that could be used as down payments for buying a car. Most companies pay their year-end bonuses by January that spurs the purchase of cars. These factors contribute to February or March becoming the best months to sell your car. You can negotiate on price, and get a big pool of potential buyers.
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