As we approach the harsh winter months, for those who rely on their cars to execute that everyday office commute and occasional long out of station family trips, it is of utmost importance that our cars are prepared to face the changing weather conditions. With temperatures plummeting across the north of India, we witness more than double the breakdowns than the preceding months.

In this blog, we try to include all the tried and tested winter maintenance tips that will help one enhance their car ownership experience through this winter.

Routine Car Service

Irrespective of the approaching season, get your routine car servicing done to weed out and rectify all the basic issues with your car. While the dip in temperature can cause a lot of problems for your car, half of them can be prevented by a regular car service and maintenance check. Take advantage of the free/discounted ‘winter maintenance camps’ conducted by all major car manufacturers.

Check Your Batteries – A Primary Source of Concern

As experienced by many of us, batteries are a main source of trouble in winters as the drop in temperature affects the output of the same. The increased use of the lights, heater and blower also places the batteries under added strain. Most of the well-maintained batteries can last of 3-4 years without any trouble. If your car shows any trouble in starting up every morning, we recommend getting it checked for its output and make sure it is replaced, if necessary. You can also jump start the car if you’re stranded with a flat battery. Make sure that you take it straight to a garage to get your batteries checked right after.

 Anti-Freeze Coolant Helps

If your car is bound to be exposed to sub-zero temperatures regularly, we recommend you to keep the engine coolant to be an equal mixture of anti-freeze liquid and water. Make sure you don’t do the mistake of topping up the coolant with water, which disturbs the mixture, causing the engine to overheat.

Check your Tires

The only point of contact for your car to the road, the tires, determine the amount of traction available at any given time. Experts recommend that tires should have a minimum of thread depth of 3mm in winters when the conditions provide lesser grip. It is highly recommended that you get a set of winter tires fitted which comes with deeper thread and wider groove patterns and channels to provide additional traction on snow slush and icy conditions.

Clean your Lights/ Windscreen

Winters are often accompanied by foggy days which hamper visibility. Make sure your car’s headlamps, indicators and fog lamps are clean and working. We recommend you to fit some auxiliary lights just in case your regular lamps are unable to give you a proper view of the path, especially while going off-road in winters. Also, give your windscreen a thorough clean and top-up your washer fluid with anti-freeze to prevent your windscreen from frost attack.  You can also run your fingers through the wiper to ensure it is devoid of any cracks and tears.

Carry a Winter Breakdown Kit

While undertaking expeditions to hill stations or if you are stationed in places where you are likely to experience heavy snowfall, we suggest you carry a few tools to help you out this winter. Things such as a shovel, torch, blankets, hi-visibility vests, snow chains for tires, food and water supplies will help you withstand and get out of situations where you might be stranded.

Keep your Insurance and RSA Contact Numbers Handy


For absolute peace of mind, make sure your car has a comprehensive insurance policy and road-side assistance (RSA) coverage to help you out when the situation fails you. Keep the respective contact numbers handy so that you won’t end up stranded in cold. And do remember to have a fully charged phone or power banks so that you can make that call!

In the end, always do your research on the potential weather forecast and road conditions before starting out for your journey. Always remember to slow down, stay alert when situations turn tricky in winters. We at wish you a niggle-free motoring experience this winter. Safe driving!