World's First Car Vending Machine seen at London and How does it work?
Dev Tyagi
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World’s First Contactless Car Vending Machine Opens in London

Dev Tyagi

Ever walked up to a premium looking vending machine only to see a car pop open out of it instead of a Nutella-based chocolate bar or a candy? That’s right! Certain things only happen in one’s imagination. But do they? Ever heard about someone about actually coming across the world’s first car vending machine? Does such a thing even exist?

Well, the real beauty of life is when actuality makes fiction come alive. And believe it or not, such a thing has happened in London, now home to what can sufficiently be called with some confidence, the world’s first car vending machine.

You can actually use your contactless card to pay up for purchases up to £21,000. In a world where you’ve hitherto shopped for cars in a conventional fashion, how about walking up to the world’s first car vending machine?

Partly, a majestic creation of art but properly a modern-day convention, the world’s first car vending machine was conceptualized and installed by “Auto Trader,” the largest marketplace for used and new cars. And it is being said that the rather off-beat installation is an effort by the firm to illustrate its pre-haggled prices and transparent price offering, the latter everyone’s favorite.

Ever since its come up in suburban London, the world’s first car vending machine has been the subject of immense public admiration, with the string of selfies being clicked next to it soaring with each passing day. And truth be told, it’s hardly a surprise because it’s not every day that the passersby or the layman come across something unique as this.

The fact that a proper car (used and new) seller associated itself with a dynamic instance of ambient advertising keeping the idea of price negotiation or price-haggling in midst of it all is such a fantastic exhibition of marketing strategy. After all, the concept of price-haggling is central to businesses like used car sales.

And In this regard, it’s important to understand the findings of a new study conducted in the UK that based itself on buying behavior, peculiar to cars and the various emotions felt by a prospective buyer.

What were the thoughts of people on the car vending machine?

1)41% admitted that “Haggling for prices” is something that tops their mind and anxieties when buying a car.

2) Around 39% shared that they worried about “hidden costs.”

3) 28% of the respondents shared that they worried about making the wrong decision connected to a purchase.

4) 25% were concerned about having to wait for a long while after having made the decision to purchase it.

But all that said, the British behavior is peculiar to a car purchase in the sense that 4 in 5 Brits don’t really think that they master the art of car price haggling and that their continental partners are far better when it comes to haggling.

But the main idea behind the world’s first car vending machine is that the customers can simply acquire a car sans haggling, such an incessant part of the usual process. Exhibiting the installation, “Auto Trader” has demonstrated how customers can “buy and go” offering the buyers a haggle-free and hence, hassle-free option.

Here are some more details published in an English daily with regards to the much-talked-about installation:

A team of six engineers spent three months designing and building the contactless car dispenser. A custom-made point of sale system and key release function was created, alongside an integrated payment and door release mechanic.

The installation features a brand-new Renault Zoe by Lookers Motor Group, which is one of the most searched for electric cars in the country, according to search data from Auto Trader.

So the next time when you hit up London, you know where to head to if you desire to have an artsy experience entwined in a modern-day convention.