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Selling Your Car Online? Here’s How To Write Effective Used Car Ads

Selling Your Car Online? Here’s How To Write Effective Used Car Ads

The healthy environment that the present Indian used car market is in, it has become much easier, transparent and brisker for customers to buy or sell used cars. However, to make your used car fetch more attention and gather more interest, you have to make sure that the used car ads you write are both entertaining and full of true and relevant data. You can use online used car platforms to sell your car from the comfort of your home and let them worry about the major parts of the deal. Or, you can help them (and yourself) by designing a perfect advertisement or a write-up that makes sure serious buyers get all the info they want immediately.

If you combine your undeniably better understanding of the car and the ease of selling a car online, you get a hands-down advantage over print advertising. On online mediums you are able to post photographs and videos and can give a detailed description of the vehicle. Here are some of the best things you will need to keep in mind while writing an advertisement for selling your used car.

Pictures Talk In Used Car Ads

The first step is to take multiple photographs of your car. Get it washed from the outside, cleaned from the inside and park it in a well-lit empty area. A car that looks good, sells good – read our tips on how to increase the resale value of your car. Next, take images from all angles and close-ups of special features and accessories. This includes tyre treads if they have ample life left. Some websites also allow you to post a video of the car – use this opportunity to capture a quick 360 degree walk around of the car. Do not forget to cover the number plates of your car at the time.

used car ad
Take images from all angles, including interiors

Don’t Forget The Basics

Start writing the advertisement by talking about the basics first. This includes make, model, color, version, month and year of purchase, ownership level, odometer reading, city of registration and overall condition of the car. These fields will satisfy most of the prospective buyers’ questions immediately. Example is as follows:

For Sale: March 2012 White Hyundai i20 Magna Petrol, 1st Owner, 27500km, HR-26 registration, well kept by a car enthusiast

Talk About Features And USPs

While writing used car ads, the basics should be followed by key highlights of the car. If your car satisfies a particular set of buyers, don’t forget to add that as well. Keep your words simple, break them into points and we are sure interested buyers will not mind spending a couple of minutes reading the entire advertisement. Here’s a quick example:

Selling my i20 to make space for a SUV. I have taken care of the car like a baby and it has only been serviced at authorized Hyundai workshops – service history available at request. Some of the key pointers are as follows

  1. Non accidental with minor scratches on the front bumper
  2. Stock condition. Only added accessory are alloy wheels
  3. Unused spare wheel. Main four wheels have 50% life left
  4. Drives like a charm, comfortable for daily use
  5. City economy of 14 kmpl with air-con, 17kmpl on highways
  6. There is no loan on the car
  7. Chilling air-con, more cabin space than small sedans
used car ads
Putting some time into making a good ad can reap benefits

Numbers Talk

It’s fair enough to leave a quote in your used car ads and explain the same. Quickly talk about the depreciation number as this lures buyers. Next, mention a good time for others to inspect your vehicle and if you are okay with it, a mobile number too. Quick Example:

Expected price is Rs 2.75 lakh which is a good 49% less than the original price. New i20 Magna petrol retails for 5.8 lakh now. My quote is slightly negotiable.
Only cheque or bank transfer accepted. Serious buyers can check the car between 2-6 PM on all days in West Delhi. Contact me via Whatsapp at 1234567890

Some Don’t’s

  1. Don’t end up listing your car with different prices on different websites
  2. Maintain a record of where all you have posted an online advertisement
  3. Don’t forget to post good pictures and a short video
  4. Don’t overprice your car in the first place. This will turn away serious buyers too
  5. Don’t change your price often. Be patient!

Doing this entire exercise can, in most cases, get you serious buyers, thus saving you time and energy. On the other hand, if you want to sell your car quickly in a safe and transparent manner with the best market price, leave it all to us at CARS24. Visit us right now for a free car valuation followed by a free car inspection!