Your Definitive Guide To Travel, E-passes During Lockdown 4.0
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Your Definitive Guide To Travel, Driving, E-passes During Lockdown 4.0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the augment of Lockdown 4.0 on May 17. It is the third extension of the ongoing nation-wide lockdown in effect from March 24. However, the new lockdown comes with new rules and will not be as strict as the previous ones. Said to continue till May 31, the new lockdown will ease up on the restrictions to revive the plummeting economy, keeping in mind the safety protocol, of course.

The public has been in the dark about whether traveling and/or usage of private and public transport is an option in the lockdown. Amidst the confusion, most people don’t know the actual rules. We bring you all there is to know about driving during the lockdown, e-passes, and travel; your definitive guide for traveling during the lockdown!

Private Vehicles: Using Cars, Bikes, and Scooters

The use of private vehicles has been allowed since Lockdown 3.0 itself. Cars, bikes, and scooters are allowed, only and if only you aren’t in a containment zone. The public is allowed to use private vehicles in all (red, green, and orange) zones without any restriction. However, they must abide by time constraints, as the traffic movement is restricted between 7 PM and 7 AM for all but essential service providers.

Public Transport: Buses, Taxis, and Autorickshaws

The public transport services like buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxi services will be operational except for the Metro services. All domestic and international air travel of passengers will remain closed but with an exception for domestic medical services, where domestic air ambulance will be permitted.

Interstate Travel

In what seems to be a welcome change, interstate travel is allowed during lockdown 4.0! A huge step, considering the risks, is one of the biggest changes in the rules of the lockdown. However, travel is only possible if the source and destination state are in agreement with the journey. This can be possible without a travel pass but it is recommended to apply for an e-pass. The two-state governments involved must be okay with the onset of traffic within the states.

To get an e-pass a person will need to visit the respective website by the state government of the state they want to travel to.

Apply for E-Pass Interstate Travel

The government of India has set up a single website to make the process of getting an e-pass easier for an individual. You can apply for an e-pass here

Apply for E-Pass Interdistrict Travel

The state-wise links for Interdistrict E-Passes or inter-district travel permission required during the lockdown 4.0 have been mentioned below:

Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Nicobars district
North and Middle Andaman
South Andaman
For South Andaman, download the application at below link and submit it to the DC

Andhra Pradesh

Registration Link
DCC/MC/Tahsildar Verification Link

E-Pass application link

E-Pass application link

The state government’s App to avail E-Pass.

Application dashboard

For travel permit
For temporary Pass

Movement Pass
Application dashboard

Himachal Pradesh
Apply for a curfew pass
For Vehicle Movement e-pass in Kangra, Kullu, and Una, you can also apply at :
(Click on ‘Select State’> Choose ‘Himachal Pradesh’ from the drop-down menu> Scroll-down to ‘Newly Launched Services’ > Click on ‘Issuance of e-pass)

Jammu and Kashmir

Apply for a curfew pass


Apply for a curfew pass


Inter State, Inter District Travel Pass –

Inter-District Travel Pass

Apply for an e-pass

Madhya Pradesh:
Apply for e-pass

For the movement of restricted number of staff in Maharashtra except for Pune:
For the movement of restricted number of staff in Pune:

E-Pass dashboard

E-Pass dashboard

E-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services like health, manufacturing, transport, shops, and media personnel. For e-passes
Can also apply at

Apply for pass

Tamil Nadu:
Apply for E-Pass

E-Pass can be applied at

Uttar Pradesh:
Apply for E-pass

Link to E-Pass and FAQs

West Bengal:
Link to E-Pass