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When it comes to exotic, luxurious supercars, the one name that inevitably tops is the Bugatti. Its every model is a perfect coalesce of unparalleled technical innovations and artistic frame. High-performance car brand’s fans are scattered all over the world and have made it the most demanding one. If you too admire this brand and want to sell used Bugatti in India then you can easily do so, with one of a kind car platform that takes care of all the hassle that comes across while selling a car. 
Let’s know about the procedure and the best online platform to sell second hand Bugatti conveniently. Here we go! 

Quick facts about Bugatti

Here are some interesting about Bugatti:

  • Originally a French car manufacturer, Bugatti was established in the year 1909 and was famous for its appealing design and race victories.
  • After decades of financial struggle, in the year 1998, the Bugatti was acquired by the Volkswagen Group.
  • Bugatti even developed racer airplane to surpass the Germans in the Deutsch de la Meurthe championship.
  • Bugatti Veyron, the model that oozes optimum performance class in itself, was named after the French top racer, Pierre Veyron. 
  • In the year 1999, the first Veyron concept was displayed at the Geneva Auto Show and the Tokyo Motor Show.
  • When it comes to sheer performance, the Bugatti brand car model can easily consume 45000 liters of air in merely 60 seconds. How could it do it? Because it carries extra four turbochargers that let it achieve 1000 hp of range.
  • One of the Bugatti car models carries ten radiators that work quickly to cool down the engine when it is geared in top speed. 
  • Not just the car, but its tyres are equally expensive too. And one of its model’s single set of four tyres costs around $42000, and if geared in top speed, then in just 15 minutes, the tyres lose its functionality and need an immediate replacement for further driving.

Bugatti - Resale Value

Bugatti cars rank among the top class high-performance cars of all times and are owned by an ardent millennial in the world. As a result, the used Bugatti resale value is quite high. So if you own a Bugatti you can fetch good value for it. However, the condition is, your upkeep should be of high standards. CARS24 perform the best Bugatti car valuation after considering all factors in mind, especially the functionality and sellers’ perspective in mind. You can surely get considerable value for the used Bugatti in India. On the CARS24 website, the car valuation is done online, where you don’t require to visit the showroom, hence you get a better idea of the price before selling your vehicle. After which, you can fix the appointment with the physical branch. In a single visit, you can sell the Bugatti car second hand. Isn’t it easy? 
So, CARS24 will provide you with the best worth for your Bugatti second-hand car and hence you can sell used Bugatti in India at the best possible price.

Current  Bugatti Variants in India 

Each car model of Bugatti is much in vogue and enough to capture your attention. All the three most popular versions of Bugatti are available in India. Here’s the list:

  • Bugatti Chiron
  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Bugatti Divo

Style, performance, comfort and class, you will get everything to satisfy your ego by getting Bugatti that equalize your status needs. If we talk about brand new Bugatti, all the three models of the company cost more than one crore, however, the superb performance and super smooth functionality of Bugatti gives full worth to your every penny. Similarly, even used Bugatti car gives you complete worth for your money. 

Bugatti History

The most aggressive looking, heart hacker car brand, Bugatti, was founded by Ettore Bugatti, son of Carlo Bugatti, a well-known furniture and jewelry designer. About 109 years ago, in 1909, the automotive company was established by Ettore Bugatti in Molsheim, Germany. Molsheim is now in France.
In 1947, after the death of the owner in the year 1987, Romano Artioli seized the Bugatti brand and launched its first production vehicle in the form of Bugatti EB110 GT in 1989.
In 1998, Volkswagen bought the Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. and launched its high-performance supercar – the Bugatti Veyron – in 2005. After which, in 2016, it launched the most advanced car to date christened as Bugatti Chiron, a two-seater super sports car.

Bugatti  – What Makes It Unique?

Not just one, there are innumerable factors that make Bugatti the most unique one. From style to its technicalities, everything is so innovative and futuristic. Moreover, every model of Bugatti is backed by years of research and development. If we talk about Veyron, then you will be surprised by the fact that it has 12 radiators which usually remains as just one in most of the cars. Just 450 models of Veyron have been produced by the brand Bugatti. Out of all 450 models being sold, there are four car models that are purchased by women globally. 
All in all, when it comes to something unexpected, crossing the imagination levels, Bugatti is the only brand that first strikes your mind. Although, it is highly expensive, yet its uniqueness and classy functionality make every buck worth spending on its models. Its captivating and mesmerizing design attracts anyone to get it at any cost. 
Its transmission encases dual clutch system, seven gears, computer controlled shifting system, sequential shifting, etc. Its engine is the most powerful one and can bear any high level of performance pressure as well. For each cylinder in the engine, it has four valves. For optimal performance, its cam timing can be electronically controlled. 

Sell Used Bugatti in India

If you have used Bugatti, then you are probably looking for a trusted platform to sell pre-owned Bugatti, right? Well, in most of the cases, people don’t get the right platform and their desire to sell Bugatti second-hand car remains unfulfilled. But not now!
CARS24 is all here to help you out in getting the best used Bugatti price and give you the chance to earn maximum out of it. You may have visited used Bugatti car showroom, but didn’t possibly get the satisfying price for your Bugatti car second hand. If so, then leave all your worries to us now. CARS24 is all here to help you in selling your pre-owned Bugatti.

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