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Chevrolet, informally Chevy, was founded in 1911 by Lucio Chevrolet in Detroit, USA. General Motors of United States is the parent company of Chevrolet Motor. Its co-founder, Lucio Chevrolet was an automobile engineer and a very good Swiss car racer. William C. Durant co-founder of Chevrolet Motor used Lucio’s reputation as a racer as a foundation of his automobile company. Fast forward to present times, Chevrolet vehicles are sold in all parts of the world. India is ranked at the 9th position in top Chevrolet sales market and was also once a great market for used Chevrolet cars. In 2017, this brand got defunct; however, it still provides support to existing customers. 

Quick facts about Chevrolet Cars

  • Logo: The Chevrolet bow-tie emblem has been recognized worldwide since 1913. It represented Chevrolet's winning success. 
  • In 2010, the sale of Chevrolet was copious. It was said that if all Chevrolet cars were lined up together than it would cover 50% of Earth's circumference. 
  • In 2010, the craze of Chevrolet car was so much that 1 out of 1651 people owned it. 
  • In 2011, Chevrolet was the top-selling car brand. 
  • Currently, this brand has extended its roots in many countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, China, and South Korea.
  • Chevrolet set few benchmarks; it introduced the Powerglide, which was the first two-speed automatic transmission offered at a low price. It was also successful in making the Chevrolet Bel Air – the first convertible with a hardtop and a body of pontoon type.
  • In 1948, this company created its first sports car too- the 48 Spilemaster Sinks.

Chevrolet- Resale Value

As discussed, General Motors has ended up the business of Chevrolet cars in India. However, the manufacturing plant established in Gujarat and Maharashtra will continue the production of the cars for global sale. An obvious question arises in the mind what about present Chevrolet car owners? How will they deal with car service? Well, the company has promised that they would be fully available for customer service at Chevrolet service centers. Even spare parts of Chevrolet cars are still manufactured. 


However, this abrupt exit of the American carmaker has made a life of people selling a pre-owned Chevrolet car tough. The price has hit the bars down. If you are looking to buy a used Chevrolet car, then this could owe you very less value. Yet, if you see logically in coming 5 years you can sell used Chevrolet cars at a relatively good price, compared to selling it after 7-8 years as Chevrolet cars would go extinct and selling it would be tougher. This has not only hit the Chevy used car owner but has given a blow to the car dealers as well. 

Current Chevrolet Cars in India - Listing of Chevrolet cars

India was one of the most important markets for General Motors to sell Chevrolet cars. But now, unfortunately, Chevrolet is no longer selling cars in the country. In India, there are two manufacturing plant one in the Halol district of Gujarat and another one in the Talegoan district of Maharashtra. The net production in both the plant was of 1,27,000 and 1.65,00 per annum respectively. These plants will continue to roll out cars for the international market. 

List of popular Chevrolet cars previously available in India

Chevrolet - History

The co-founder of Chevrolet Motors, William C. Durant and the founder of General Motors named the company Chevrolet. Mr. Chevrolet actually never owned the brands that bored his name. The era of Chevrolet started when it constructed its first model Classic Six. This model was not so successful. In 1924, Chevrolet cars started producing minivans and in the same year, General Motors testing ground came into service. The successful years continued with the launch of Cars like Chevrolet Sports Roadster and Chevrolet Suburban Carryall. In the Second World War, the company saw a patriotic phase; it produced military vehicles and equipment and was proud to be part of the victory. 
Currently, this brand has extended its roots in many counties like the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, China, and South Korea. 

Chevrolet – What Makes It Unique?

Globally, Chevrolet is one such brand that produces vehicles that offer superior build quality along with easy driveability and low maintenance. Here are some facts that make owning Chevrolet a unique experience:

  • Global Product Quality: Chevrolet offers a quality which is tested, proven and acclaimed worldwide. Even the used cars of Chevrolet in India can lend still lend you that despite the brand’s exit from the country.
  • Planet Friendly: The American carmaker has always been environmentally friendly, that’s the reason why it has, probably, the most number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars in its international portfolio.
  • Value for Money: Cars manufactured by Chevrolet are value for money as they try to match Maruti Suzuki and other carmakers with respect to fuel economy and low maintenance, but, at the same time, keep their robust quality intact. This gives them the edge for a buyer who prefers safety over fuel efficiency. 

Sell Used Chevrolet Cars in India

A Chevrolet pre-owned car is comparatively less in demand. As the production and business have stopped, the price of Chevy used cars has hit grounds. Still many people in India own Chevy cars. Yet the statics have shown the number of best Chevrolet used car has increased abruptly. There are two basic reasons behind this; first, the company has ended its business in the country. And two people no longer trust the brand and wish to get rid of the pre-owned car as soon as possible. People are looking to sell used Chevrolet pre-owned cars. 

The best way to sell your used Chevrolet car is through Cars24. They give a good price for the old Chevrolet car and the overall buying process is pretty simple. One can easily sell their used Chevrolet pre-owned cars with Cars24.

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