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DC Design is a Mumbai based car designing company headed by the well-known race car designer in the country Dilip Chhabria. Established in 1993, the car redesigning and modifying firm is strongly regarded for their fantastic concept cars, impeccable designs, and stunning prototypes. Besides shaping cars inside out, the firm has also designed vanity vans, airplane interiors in the past.
In the past, the Marol-Pune based firm also conceived modified Rolls Royce coupe and modified Porsche Cayenne coupe cars. After designing cars for years from several national and international automobile brands, DC launched its first ever sports car ‘Avanti’. The indigenously developed Avanti didn’t fare as expected by the debutant automaker, resulting in low sales figures.  However, in the used car market people are attracted towards modified DC second-hand car or DC used cars in India.

Quick Facts About DC Design

  • In the year 2006, Dilip Chhabria Design Pvt. Ltd., and Exim Star (an ETA Star Group firm) came together and formed a new company named DC Star. The alliance to produced custom cars was established in Dubai.
  • DC Design has outlined vanity vans for various stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, etc. 
  • In August 2012, DC presented a comprehensive external and interior makeover to Mahindra XUV500 with seats shaped to sprawl up to 150 degrees and improved lounge illumination
  • In 2013, DC launched the DC Lounge Fortuner 2nd generation, a unique body satchel for the Indian variant of Toyota Fortuner. This was the country's first complete body changing kit for any car commercially accessible for Rs 7.25 Lakh.

DC Cars - Resale Value

If you are one of the handful owners of the DC Avanti or second hand DC modified cars in India and look to sell used DC car or any other used cars DC you can get in touch with CARS24. The unique online car selling platform provides trouble-free buying of old cars from its customers. The DC customized cars are popular among the car fanatics who look for inimitable car designs in the country. There is a huge chunk of car buyers who are always in the hunt for unique appearing cars. However, they cannot afford the high prices of the DC customized cars that’s where the used DC modified cars come into the picture. As DC pre-owned cars are quite rare and only limited owners have it, there are immense chances that the uniqueness quotient may attract good resale value. 


So, if you have a DC Design car and want to check the resale value of the DC motors used cars then online car selling platform CARS24 can be the best choice. You can also sell second hand DC car in the traditionally used car market, however, you may not be able to procure the best possible deal when you sell DC car here, due to lack of transparency.

Current DC Cars in India - Listing of DC Design Cars

DC Avanti is India’s first and only indigenously developed sports car by DC Design. Taking its honor from The Adventures of Tintin comics' ‘Studebaker Avanti’, the car was unveiled at the year 2012 Auto Expo Delhi. The two-seater sports car witnessed Renault -sourced engine under the hood and international styling in terms of exterior and interior design. 
The only car in its portfolio, DC Avanti is packed with a 2.0 L, 4-cylinder turbocharged EURO-4 compliant petrol engine generating a maximum power of 253.5 PS. Marred to a 6-speed, dual clutch transmission gearbox, Avanti is a rear wheel drive car and claimed top speed is of 200 kmph.

DC Design – What Makes It Unique?

An unmatched comfort, spectacular interior designing as well as the unpredictable and amazing look that the cars designed by DC portray are rare to find in budget oriented cars. DC Design’s aim is to redesign and modifying mass-market cars into out-of-this-world cars alongside provide prototyping services to the OEMs in the automobile segment.
In its 600+ unique design cars, there are cars the complete re-haul of the humble Hindustan Ambassador, Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster, etc. The DC Design has also provided design and prototyping services to the likes of General Motors, Aston Martin and Renault.

Sell Used DC Cars in India

There are a huge number of reasons to sell used DC cars at an appropriate time. There are many sports car aficionados who look for affordable sports cars in the country and with domestic sports car maker in business, they look for DC car second-hand price, a cost that can fit their budget.  Due to less demand, there is no DC used car showroom in any city across India. Hence, if you have one DC car and want to sell it, the used car market vendors may not suggest the right price for DC cars. 


As it is necessary to keep the refrigerator on, though you are not using it, same way performance oriented sports also needs frequent use, which may not be possible in one’s busy daily schedule. Due to which its performance goes down and its value deters quickly. And after the use of 3-4 years, a car should be replaced as it starts to niggle and pops up with mechanical issues. The issues can also appear for not driving the car to its fullest or low usage. So before it’s too late and price deters more year after year it’s better to sell your DC modified car or Avanti and switch to a more modern car.
The unique used car buying platform CARS24 has 120+ branches and 26 centers, no matter in which state or the city you are living, you can sell the DC car at the nearest showroom location.

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Still Confused? Take the Right Decision

Exchange offer. A bad idea!

Well, let us burst this bubble. This will never happen. Do you know what actually happens in an Exchange offer? Let us explain it to you.

There is a negotiation on the value of your used car. The sales executive will smartly offer you a higher price than what CARS24 is offering for your used car. This is the salesman’s way of gaining your trust by making you believe you got an amazing deal for your used car. This is a trap! What the salesman has done is that while negotiating a deal for the new car, he will give you significantly less discount than what he could have actually offered. Why don’t you test it out yourself?

Go to a new car dealership to buy a car. Separately, send a friend/family member to buy a new car in exchange of their used car. You would learn that the extra money offered for your used car would mean a smaller discount on your new car. Who will bear the loss for this? Definitely you!

Instead, get the best price for your used car on CARS24 and negotiate hard when you purchase a new car.

Selling on classified websites? Don't

First, let us tell you how CARS24 gets you the best price: we have long term, volume contracts with OEMs, corporates, leasing companies, car rental companies, etc who want your car to grow their business. That is how we get you the best price for your car.

So you don't need to look anywhere else. However let's still address your other options. Classified websites are likely to show much higher prices for your car. Honestly, they are arbitrary - almost 50% - 200% higher than the real value! We don't know why they are so poor with their 'price calculators' but trust us, you will know that as soon as you start the process of meeting buyers for your car.

Got a good deal? Check ours.

You could go ahead and sell your car directly to a consumer but do you know it could take months before you actually complete the transaction? Do you have months to spare & time to meet hundreds of individual buyers to find that one perfect buyer for your used car?

By waiting longer you lose more than you gain as your car value depreciates every day you wait. Moreover, transferring the ownership & shifting the liability of your used car over to the new customer could be a very tedious job.
Once you’ve handed over the keys to the new owner of the car, how long will you chase him for the transfer of ownership documents? Obviously you wouldn’t want your used car to land in the wrong hands and this liability is yours.

At CARS24, we guarantee a transparent process where we will get you the best price for your used car, as well as take care of all paperwork, including the transfer of ownership too! The best part being that from the moment you hand over the keys to us, we take full ownership & all liability of the car lies with us!

Found an end buyer? Wait!

When you are planning to buy a new car, waiting longer can help in getting you a better price for it. But this is the exact opposite, when you are trying to sell your existing car.

Even if your existing car has done 0km & maintained impeccably, it’s still losing value every day. Moreover, there are few events like Mega discounts on new cars, Year change, New model launch, that further drop the value of your current car.

Hypothetically, if Honda City announces a new facelift, the existing design might reduce value by 20%. This is fairly common in the car industry. Similarly with year change, you lose 10-20% value. So if you have made up your mind to sell your car, every minute you delay you are losing real cash. Now, go ahead and sell your car to CARS24 and get the best price possible in the market!

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