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Ford Endeavour - exterior
  • Ford Endeavour - exterior
  • Ford Endeavour - exterior
  • Ford Endeavour - exterior
  • Ford Endeavour - exterior
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Ford Endeavour

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Ford Endeavour summary

The Ford Endeavour was launched in the year 2003 in the Indian markets and went through two generations of facelifts in the market.

The model, well known as the Ford Everest internationally, may relaunch in India through the CBU route with a 2-litre bi-turbo engine.

Even as the relaunch strikes a chord with the Indian market, the CBU route may cost the consumers a whopping 60 lakhs, a factor that will definitely affect its position in the Indian market.

The first generation being the U268 and the second generation being the U375, its notable facelifts include the revamp of its side and front door panels and the introduction of the 5-speed automatic transmission, back in the year 2006.

The second facelift came in 2009 with upgrades in the tailgate and its overall aesthetics, which included the frontal gear of the headlights and the bumpers getting a new groovy finish.

The 1996 cc Diesel engine of Ford Endeavour pumped in a power of 167 bhp at 3500rpm with a torque of 420 Nm.

The fuel tank capacity marked at 80 litres and the mileage ranged between an impressive 12.4-13.9kmpl

Ford Endeavour came with its own unique valve configuration of a 16-valve DOHC layout

With a kerb weight of 2310 kg and automatic transmission engine, the fuel type was restricted only to Diesel.

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The Ford Endeavour is one of India’s finest SUVs that is now breaking hearts with its latest update of going out of production in the Indian markets. However, the silver lining is that the model, well known as the Ford Everest internationally, may relaunch in India through the CBU route with a 2-litre bi-turbo engine.

The perfect beast for an off-roader, the Ford Endeavour has been India’s most loved models, with its monstrous grace that makes it an eye candy even on the roughest of terrains. The Ford Endeavour had a spread of three tempting variants namely the Sport Edition, Titanium Plus 4X4 AT and the Titanium Plus 4X2 AT, at prices ranging from 33 lakhs to 37 lakhs, depending on the features attributed to each of them.

An automobile with a sporty appeal, it was offered in three attractive colour schemes, namely, Diffused Silver, Absolute Black, which was the most popular and the Diamond White. With a mileage of 13.9kmpl, and an automatic transmission engine capacity of 1996cc, the Ford Endeavour, was known for its powerful yet smooth magnanimity across the Indian market. With a 7-seater capacity, it was without doubt, the go-to automobile for adventure trips and family vacations. As for competition, the Ford Endeavour competed closely with its arch rival, the Toyota Fortuner, among other competitors like Mahinda Alturas G4 and the Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace.

With a premium cabin designed with an exquisite sunroof feature, the Ford Endeavour was equipped with top-notch air vents, cup-holders, power windows and a flexible arm rest as well. Ford Endeavour made a mark mainly because it prioritized comfort for the passengers with its technologically up-to-the-mark cabin. Safety features and comfort accompanied with an efficient engine capacity, make this robust automobile, an ideal choice both practically and economically.

Ford Endeavour Price in India

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CityEx Showroom Price

New Delhi28,20,000









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Ford Endeavour PRO’s & CON’s

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The space offered in the Ford Endeavour is a win-win for every situation. With a spacious 7-seater that has a flexible third row and a royal recline as well, the SUV promises a high level of comfort.

The panoramic view through the sunroof is a delightful feature for the passengers who love to enjoy the wind on a long drive.

The Ford Endeavour has a unique sporty appeal on road with fine detailing given on its headlights, bumpers and peripheral gears to give it a sturdy ambience.

An armrest with extensions of cup-holders and headrests with flexible controls, make the Ford Endeavour an ideal choice for SUV fans.

An extra tyre is provided at the bottom of the car and the exhaust is neatly hidden under the car, giving the rear end of the vehicle a clean, sturdy look.

A powerful engine and a good pickup speed make the Ford Endeavour a standard choice for off-roading as well.

The mileage of the Ford Endeavour is relatively low as compared to its rivals like the Toyota Fortuner which provide a more effective mileage that runs well in the long run.

The 2-litre diesel engine lags behind the 3.2 litre motor and is not as effective as expected.

The third row is slightly dicey to fit into, as the headroom of the car is relatively less. The onboarding into the third row is difficult despite the recline features provided.

There is no manual gearbox in the Ford Endeavour, a feature that many consumers look for in SUV’s.

The 4X4 system takes in a lot of fuel, thereby making it high- maintenance in terms of fuel economy.

The second-row seats lack a flexible control and there is no steering adjustment control offered in this model.

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The Ford Endeavour had been a royal automobile that carved its niche in the Indian market and was known for its powerful engine capacity and comfort. However, despite efforts to save the Endeavour, the automobile has recently gone out of production in India, and will be taking the CBU route, in case it takes up a relaunch later.

High on aesthetics with a stylish, sturdy appearance, this model made its mark with its top-notch cabin space. Competing closely with Toyota Fortuner and other rivals, the Ford Endeavour boasted of a 10-speed automatic transmission, making it an off-roader's delight. Equipped with standard safety features like airbags, the SUV was equipped with notable features like power windows and car entertainment features like a power amplifier and noise cancellation system as well, making it ideal for the highway routes.

However, the only setback that buzzed around this model was the fuel efficiency factor and the mileage that lagged behind its rival models.

With a possibility of a relaunch, Indian consumers await the comeback of their premium SUV. For now, Indian consumers are switching to alternatives like the Mahindra Thar and other competing models from Toyota and Volkswagen.

Ford Endeavour key specification

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Body Type SUV

Fuel Type Diesel

ARAI Mileage 11.9 kmpl

Seating Capacity 7

TransmissionType Automatic

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