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Sell Used Cars in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is whooped as Gurugram due to its historic existence at the times of Mahabharata. Gurugram was the village of Guru Dronacharya: Guru of Kauravas and Pandavas. Now, it is the most emerging financial and industrial hub in India. This city has grown exceptionally well with third highest per capita income in the whole nation. Located near Delhi-Haryana Border, it has attracted more than 8 lakh people from all over India. The city got its first limelight when the leading Indian automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Limited established its manufacturing plant in the 1970s. It is the IT hub for most of the commercial company hence, known as the cyber city of Haryana. These all factors led to the demand for four-wheeled vehicles due to urge for comfort. The population has increased exponentially along with the growing number of people looking to sell used car in Gurgaon. 

Sell Used Cars in Gurgaon at CARS24

Gurugram is the metropolitan city of sophisticated and urban people. The day-to-day rush in the office and personal life has made the need for four wheelers significant. The urge to buy luxury cars according to one’s standard is increasing the market for second-hand cars. If we talk particularly of Gurugram, then no doubt this city has a never-ending passion for luxury cars. Also, keep the fact in mind that many of the largest automobile manufacturers are located in this city. It is no surprise that the demand for used cars in Gurgaon has surged of late.


Yet, as simple as it is to buy a new car, it is equally difficult to sell used car in Gurgaon. Selling second-hand car at the desired price with all the safety measures is a quite time consuming and head-scratching process. Finding the best buyer in this Cyber city needs a lot of connections and connectivity. Especially, in a city like Gurugram where the lifestyle revolves around the work, spending time in finding a buyer and selling the used car is a big mess.


Despite having so many offline and online methods, this process seems difficult and frustrating. Well, CARS24 helps you to sell second hand car in Gurgaon easily by taking all the responsibility of the tedious selling process. You have a perfect companion to sell your used car in just one visit. You can sell any used car at our branch offices which are spread across the country. We have successfully served more than 6500+ customers in Delhi NCR region.


In Gurugram, we have two branches, one at the Cyber City and another one at the Golf Course Extension, where you can converse about your car and sell it on the best possible price. Now, you might be looking for more reasons to sell used cars at CARS24. Here, are some extra-ordinary features of CARS24 through which you can sell old car in Gurgaon.


1.    Vehicle inspection report in 30 minutes
2.    Sell your car in one day
3.    Instant payment in your bank account
4.    RC transfer is done free of cost. 

Used Cars in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has Indian Offices of half Fortune 500 companies. Its juxtaposition with Delhi has increased the population notably. The city has shown great interest in automobile and luxury transport. The standard and custom of people have been the main reason for rapid growth in the market of used cars in Gurgaon. No doubt the Delhi transport has supported Gurgaon via metro rails; still the four-wheeler market has shown an upward graph.  But most people don't consider travelling via common public transport due to inconvenience. Therefore, trading Pre owned cars in Gurgaon is also considered as a good business.


As we know that Gurgaon is the home of various giant industries and companies, which in turn have bought massive employment opportunities for the youth. Any newcomer, who wishes to travel according to his timing and choice, requires a good vehicle. Most of these new comers cannot afford new cars; hence, prefer to buy a second hand car in Gurgaon. This helps them to buy a decent vehicle in their budget that suits their standard.


The best way to come forward to sell used car in Gurgaon is to showcase your car online. This helps you in connecting with all kinds of people. CARS24 helps you to present your car to the best customer with the proper inspection which helps in getting the best price for the car.


Hence, CARS24 is the bridge between these two kinds. Therefore, we help in matching the perfect fit for every person. Selling your car at the best price is what you get from CARS24 besides the complete peace of mind.


Used Car showroom in Gurgaon

There is a huge market of used cars in Gurgaon, Haryana. Yet it is very difficult to find the best automobile dealer and sell the pre-owned vehicle. There are many used car showrooms in Gurgaon but most of these showrooms are not so easy to reach.  This is the main reason why CARS24 has set up its two branches in the main corporate places of Gurgaon. The great thing about selling pre-owned things in Gurgaon is the connectivity of sellers and buyers. Based on different notions every individual seller has a good inspection of his/her car at CARS24. It has its branch in the two main expansions in the Cyber City and Golf Course Extension. We are the most convenient used car showroom in Gurgaon. We help you in the valuation of your car that gives you the worthy price for your car. The most flexible thing about us is that you just need to visit for one single time. This helps in inspecting your car and showcasing it to the valid buyer at the best price. Whereas other used car showrooms in Gurgaon bring you down multiple times. Also, used car showroom’s payment process in Gurgaon is not as smooth as ours.  This is not the case with CARS24, here you get instant payment in your account without any trouble.


The things do not end here, getting all the formalities done without any hassle is a big relaxation with CARS24. To sell your used car please visit the official website ( and have a lifetime experience in selling the car.

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Ashish MasihEditor-in-chief, Autoportal

If I could offer one advice, never compromise with RC transfer when selling your car. I only trust CARS24.

Siddharth SharmaTV Host, CNN News18 Tech & Auto show

Dealing with cash is an old way of selling a car. CARS24 transfers payment in your bank account within seconds.

Kranti SambhavCreative Lead, Auto - Times Network

CARS24 knows the current market demand of your car and hence the price that you get on their website is the most genuine price.

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Sold Hyundai i10

Faridabad Sec 7

They are one best retailer in 2nd hand cars, their process is so smooth and clear.They have the best teams for inspection & explained all the aspects and impact of my vehicle. Overall the service is great!

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Sold Ford Ecosport


Very good experience in Cars24 well-maintained office, staff and engineers. Good communication skills. I recommend it to all who are interested in buying a car.

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Sold Hyundai Verna

HSR layout

It's a wonderful experience with cars 24 . They have explained very well and given clear explanation on the value for vechile , good inspection . Could not have got a better experience . Subash Nair

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