Venue Variants



The Hyundai Venue is available in various Manual Diesel and Automatic Petrol and Diesel variants :

Manual Diesel : Venue E Diesel, Venue S Diesel, Venue SX Diesel, Venue SX Dual Tone Diesel and Venue SX Opt Diesel.

Manual Petrol : Venue E, Venue S, Venue S Turbo, Venue SX Turbo, Venue SX Dual Tone Turbo and Venue SX Opt Turbo.

Automatic Petrol : Venue S Turbo DCT and Venue SX Plus Turbo DCT.

Hyundai Venue Variants Price List

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E1197 ccManual, Petrol, 17.52 kmplRs.650,000
S1197 ccManual, Petrol, 17.52 kmplRs.720,000
S Turbo998 ccManual, Petrol, 18.27 kmplRs.821,000
S Turbo DCT998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 18.15 kmplRs.935,000
SX Dual Tone Turbo998 ccManual, Petrol, 18.27 kmplRs.969,000
SX Opt Turbo998 ccManual, Petrol, 18.27 kmplRs.1,060,000
SX Plus Turbo DCT998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 18.15 kmplRs.1,110,500
SX Turbo998 ccManual, Petrol, 18.27 kmplRs.954,000
E Diesel1396 ccManual, Diesel, 23.70 kmplRs.775,000
S Diesel1396 ccManual, Diesel, 23.70 kmplRs.845,000
SX Diesel1396 ccManual, Diesel, 23.70 kmplRs.978,000
SX Dual Tone Diesel1396 ccManual, Diesel, 23.70 kmplRs.993,000
SX Opt Diesel1396 ccManual, Diesel, 23.70 kmplRs.1,084,000
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