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Hyundai has covered a long way since its first launch of Santro in India in 1998; from being a newbie to one of the prime market leaders of automotive industry in the country. It emerged as the toughest competitor for the then major five functioning automobile manufacturers of India at that time. Owing to its huge success, quality performance, and reliability, it soon became the heartthrob of the Indian families and earned the title of ‘perfect family car’.  It won’t be wrong to say that a large number of people still have their hands on Hyundai used cars as it lives up to their expectations and brand value.

Quick Facts About Hyundai

  • Hyundai is South Korea’s leading car manufacturing company. With that said, its headquartered in Seoul where industry meets at the juncture of business and culture. 
  • Globally, the mass production of Hyundai cars is astonishingly big, contributing to circa 9000-14000 cars per day. 
  • With the advent of Hyundai in India, Maruti Suzuki lost the grip of monopoly over the country that it had enjoyed for almost a decade.
  • The company's symbol is nothing less than a secret riddle. As explained on their website, the symbol ‘H’ is a handshake of a promise, of satisfaction by their representative on one end and their customer on the other and the oval surrounding is their presence in the global world. 

Not just in the automotive industry, but Hyundai has a noticeable presence in the sports world as well, acting as the main sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, Olympique, etc. 

Hyundai - Resale Value

It is a known fact that the purchase value of any product depreciates once it is put to use. The resale value of any car depends on diverse factors like manufacturing year, the current state of its functioning part and, of course, odometer reading.


Although, Hyundai is favorite among its customer giving to its powerful engine, spacious interior, mileage and the seating capacity of 5, but also because of high resale value on Hyundai pre-owned cars that it offers. The brand holds a stunning retaining rate up to 80% even after the lapse of 3 years manufacturing spark; the Hyundai Verna and the Elantra being the top one of them.


To sell Hyundai pre-owned car is not a hassle if you know the returning value this brand offers. When it comes to selling Hyundai second-hand car, the hatchback cars of Hyundai such as Eon and the i10 are no less, with their resale value covering up to 68%-76%. 

Current Hyundai Cars in India - Listing of Hyundai Cars

You can spot a variety of Hyundai models; from sleek to sporty, bold to big. It has improved in the areas of styling, features, and security with an add-on of responsive steering. What’s more is that they have updated these features with anti-lock braking system (ABS), dual front airbags even in entry-level models. It will be rolled out soon. Till then, let’s have a look at the present models of Hyundai in the country.

Hyundai History 

The dawn of Hyundai first took place in 1947 as a construction firm by the founder, Chung-Ju Yung, who incorporated the ‘Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company’ under the eponymous name meaning ‘modern.' However, it first breathed as a full-fledged automotive brand in 1967 with the set-up of Hyundai Motor Company. A year later it allied with Ford Motor Company producing its first vehicle ‘Cortina’ and there was no looking back from then. It spread its wings garnering a huge success wherever it went and thus marking their worldwide presence. Till date, Hyundai operates in 193 countries.

Hyundai – What Makes It Unique?

From the beginning, Hyundai heavily focused on design and quality. The reason why it made to the world’s largest manufacturing industry is due to intensive research considering the needs and demands of each country. In India, it made its mark with low-cost and higher reliability factor. Over time, the progress it showed regarding the hefty mileage, smart features, sleek design, seating capacity up to five members making it perfect for the Indian families. Moreover, it provides a wide selection of body, hatchbacks, and models to choose from. What makes Hyundai unique is its potential to deliver top-notch quality at a reasonable price where not only are you saving money while buying it but also the gas while driving, thus maximizing efficiency.

Sell Used Hyundai Cars in India

With new models of cars released monthly and yearly, many tend to give much thought about the resale value of a car when it’s time to upgrade, and before buying one, they end up obsessing about its return value. However, there are also some who prefer to buy second-hand cars at a relatively low rate.


One can also use Hyundai used car warranty while dealing with the price. It is mandatory to check the mileage a used car offers and whether it would be worth spending the money. But in the case of Hyundai the brand that it is, it goes without saying how efficient it is even after being in operation for some years. 


Nowadays, there are many Hyundai used car showroom wherein they provide services to avail second-hand vehicles in the right condition. The automobile industry has seen the boom and subsequently the increase in second-hand users. Cars24 is one such platform where you can sell Hyundai cars at the best possible price without having to worry about the paperwork. Anyone can check the approximate value of their four-wheelers by just filling out some basic details of their vehicle on the Official website of Cars24. One can also visit any branch of Cars24 and have their vehicles evaluated by the experts.

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