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Are you looking for a versatile car that not only proves stable for the countryside terrain but is also ideal for city roads? Then your search indubitably ends here. The Jeep brand SUVs has all the qualities that correspond to your requirements. Especially, Jeep’s Cherokee is completely a versatile vehicle that ensures reliability and security on any terrain in any circumstance. 
Jeep is a well-known brand known for it’s the best performance. Another sturdy model for off-road enthusiasts from the Italian automaker is Jeep Wrangler. You can remove its doors for a more stylish look plus it transcends all problems and does not let windshield get damaged while bestowing the superior off-road experience. As Jeep is a premium brand and a newbie to the SUV segment hence it receives a high price tag, which is not within the reach of every admirer. Hence, the option of Jeep car second hand is always open.
Here you will know about where to sell any model of the second-hand Jeep in India, what resale value it can fetch and all other related information. Read on.

Quick Facts About Jeep

  • During World War II, the government recognizes the need for a small, lightweight drive vehicle and at that time the original Jeep was designed in just two days.
  • According to the legends, in the year 1941 Willys and Ford got an Army order for 1500 cars each and at the end of Second World War both delivered 361,400 and 277,900 vehicle units respectively.
  • In the year 1946, the original design of Jeep was unveiled by Willys-Overland.
  • Willys is considered as an International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark.
  • The Jeep is named after a cartoon character of that time named ‘Eugene the Jeep’.
  • Fame names “CJ” stands for Civilian Jeep.
  • In the year 1954, Jeep introduced its special version with the name CJ5, under the Civilian Jeep series. This model attained a lot of appreciation and remained as first preference of people for about 29 years.
  • The first buyer of the Jeep brand was American Motors Company and later in 1970, the company was bought by AMC (American Motors Company). It’s the second time when the company changed its owner.
  • The front mythical shape of the Jeep was the contribution of Ford.

Jeep - Resale Value

If the condition of your Jeep is fine enough then you will be eligible to sell it at a good price. The good condition here means better upkeep, maintenance, and continuous use etc. The interesting fact is, not just brand new Jeep cars, but second-hand Jeep also fetches a good price in India. Its unique styling and bells and whistles have hiked up even used Jeep price in India. 


All models of Jeep give the best resale value and make it possible for you to get the maximum from it. Known for its upside if we talk particularly about any Jeep SUV model, then on an average, in three years of ownership, you can sell second-hand Jeep at about 68% of the total value but that will surely depend upon your safeguarding. If you have maintained it well, then you can get the best price for your second-hand jeep for sure. At CARS24, used jeep car valuation is done by considering all the aspects with the motive to give complete worth to all the sellers.


Current Jeep Variants In India

India is witnessing extensive demand for the Jeep brand cars and hence the Italian car giant is also introducing its models quite frequently. Earlier, SUV enthusiasts had to import Jeep models to the country, however, with the foray of the company every car model is made available at the city showroom. Here are all its variants: 

  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

These three models are available in India at their official showrooms, while the fourth SUV Jeep Renegade will arrive soon in India. So if you have any Jeep brand car in your garage, you can sell at CARS24. 

Jeep History

Previously owned by American Motors Corporation (AMC), the Jeep is currently a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The master of sport utility vehicles and off-road vehicles, Jeep was brought up by Willys and was named as a Willys MB Jeep. This model was particularly made during World War II for military purposes. After World War II, CJ (Civilian Jeep) models were introduced under Jeep brand that proved as initiators of the seven-slot grille. Then after facing several peaks and toughs, in 1987, Chrysler Corporations acquired Jeep which got merged in 1998 with Daimler Benz and then with Fiat in 2014. Now the world famous brand Jeep is operated under the FCA US LLC. Currently, the Jeep brand is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio.

What makes the Jeep brand unique?

The Jeep brand has been ranked in top automobile brands which make it the best in itself and give the best resale value for Jeep car second hand. Especially, the Grand Cherokee model, the luxury SUV, has captured the immensely positive response from all over the world in 2010, when it was remodeled. The toughness and uniqueness of all Jeep models have successfully clasped customers’ attention and made it possible to sell second-hand Jeep in India easily.
Even one can sell second-hand Jeep and get the best-used Jeep price in India as well. So, from functionality to fetching the best resale value, everything about Jeep is distinctive. 

Sell Used Jeep In India

The Jeep brand has captured a considerable space of the market and one can now purchase and even sell second-hand jeep easily anywhere. Its every model has attained worldwide attention and SUV enthusiasts just love to get behind the wheels for that memorable adventurous experience. However, if you are looking to upgrade to a better SUV or even looking for a higher model used Jeep in India you can get one with ease. 

What has tensed you the most? Is it less consideration value? Don’t be tensed anymore. At CARS24, you can sell a Jeep car second hand at the best price. On this platform, your wish to sell the car can be fulfilled in a hassle-free manner. You will get everything here, right from a trusted platform to desired deals and sell jeep car second hand at a fair value.

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