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Mahindra Marshal - interior
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Mahindra Marshal

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Mahindra Marshal summary

The recognised brand Mahindra started the production of the Marshal in 2002 and ended it after 3 years, in 2005. The company did not introduce any facelifts for the vehicle. The roomy 4 door vehicle has a simple and elegant design that intrigued many buyers when it was available in the market.

You can cover a distance of 13 km on every litre of Diesel the car consumes. However, the mileage may vary depending upon the variant you purchase and the area you drive in, as it can run 15 km/litre if you drive it on highways. However, driving in the cities will consume 15 litre/100 km.

Mahindra does not offer this vehicle in automatic transmission, as it offers 5 gears (Manual Transmission) option only. Furthermore, the car is not for Petrol lovers as it is only available in the Diesel engine option.

Marshall is offered in a 2523 cc engine, and the other model in 1998 cc. Both engines are equipped with 4 cylinders, and deliver a peak power output of 58hp, with a peak torque at 161 Nm.

The 4WD drivetrain vehicle comprises semi-elliptical leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorber at front and back. In addition, the 4-speed gearbox operates with the single-dry plate type clutch.

The car boasts a new chassis, an improved steering system, and a chemically treated body shell protecting the underbody against rust.

Marshal’s fuel tank is massive as it can store Diesel of up to 60 litres.

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Mahindra Marshal LATEST UPDATES

One of the cheapest and reliable cars introduced by Mahindra, the Marshal witnessed significant sales in the brand's lineup when it was launched. The robust car has been offered with a spectacular build quality since it was introduced in 1998, which now has been discontinued and out of production.

The vehicle comes in 4 variants- Marshal Std, Marshal DI, Marshal DI DX, and Marshal DX Royale. The last recorded price for the car starts from Rs. 5,99,000 (Marshal DI) and goes to Rs. 6,50,000 (Marshal DX Royale).

Marshal was offered in exquisite colours, including Silver, Black, White, Grey, Green, Red, Beige, Yellow, Golden, and Brown.

The trending SUV of its era, Marshal, was one of the top-selling vehicles because of its powerful engine offering. The car is equipped with an Internal Combustion Diesel engine and is an excellent off-road vehicle. Moreover, its bulletproof reliability was one of its USPs that makes it different from other vehicles.

The Marshal features direct injection, an instrument panel for a lockable glove box, and vacuum-assisted booster brakes for efficient braking.

The toughest competitors of this car include the Mahindra Bolero Neo, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, Mahindra Marazzo, Maruti Suzuki XL6, Force Motors Gurkha, and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

Mahindra Marshal PRO’s & CON’s

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Impressive road presence does not let anyone get in your way.

High ground clearance makes it a comfortable ride to drive over rutty roads.

Torquay engine enhances its stability.

The servicing of this car will not hurt your pocket as you are required to spend only a few bucks if you do regular maintenance through external service centres. However, you must ensure that all major repairs are done at Mahindra Service centers.

High stance makes it perfect for city traffic, and helps you find traffic opening way before other people do. It means you can swiftly surge ahead even in densely traffic cities with the Marshal.

Safety feature- When you buy a car, safety comes first, but with the Mahindra Marshal you would have to compromise on safety as the car has no ABS or any modern safety features.

No crumple zone- A major drawback as the risk of injury in car collisions can be reduced immensely with Crumple zones.

No Electronic brake-force distribution.

Locks and Security- There are a few things to remember when buying this vehicle as it does not have many features compared to other cars of the same range. It does not have an engine immobiliser, central locking, speed-sensing door lock, and child safety lock.

Not an ideal family car.

Except for a few shortcomings, Marshal is a complete value-for-money vehicle. You will get a used marshal car at an exceptionally reasonable price. Although there are not many attractive features that urge you to buy this vehicle, people opt for this car and go for subtle modifications to enhance its performance and make changes such as purchasing a higher flowing exhaust, installing a cold air intake, and making simple adjustments to maximise the fuel economy and power.

Mahindra Marshal IMAGES

Mahindra Marshal EXPERT REVIEWS

Marshal is featured with many features, making it an eminent off-road vehicle such as its low-range gearing, underbody protection, naturally aspirated engine, Multi-point indirect injection, Inline position of cylinders, and four-wheel drive, diff locks, and drivetrains.

You can have an enticing off-roading experience across boulders, through ravines, over logs, up curbs, into giant paddles, and any other place you wish to go to with the Mahindra Marshal. This car is a dream come true for people who do not want to spend a hefty price to buy an off-road vehicle, and want to enjoy the fun ride over rocks and through the mud.

The magnificent boot space of Marshal is flexible, ranging between 460 litre to 1540 litre, which can be effortlessly adjusted just by folding the back seats. Moreover, the weight of the vehicle; kerb weight of 1810 kg, and overall weight of 2610 kg, makes it an ideal car that can take up to 800 kgs of load on all types of places, be it mountains, plains, or plateaus.

Want to hone your car-care skills? Opting for the Mahindra Marshal is a perfect choice if you are an avid off-road traveler or want to explore the wilderness with your pals.

Mahindra Marshal key specification


Body Type SUV

Fuel Type Diesel

TransmissionType Manual

Fuel Tank Capacity 60

Engine Displacement (cc) 2523

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