Celerio Variants



The Maruti Suzuki Celerio is mainly available in three variants – LXI, VXI and ZXI along with three optional ones – LXI (O), VXI (O) and ZXI (O).

Moreover, Celerio's top two variants – VXI and ZXI also offer an AMT option as well, including their optional versions.

In addition to these variants, there is a CNG option too available with the mid-VXI variant.

Maruti Celerio Variants Price List

  • ALL
  • CNG
AMT VXI998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.508,138
AMT VXI Optional998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.515,257
AMT ZXI998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.533,924
AMT ZXI Optional998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.543,279
LXI MT998 ccManual, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.426,289
LXI Optional MT998 ccManual, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.434,659
VXI MT998 ccManual, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.465,138
VXI Optional MT998 ccManual, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.472,257
ZXI MT998 ccManual, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.490,924
ZXI Optional MT998 ccManual, Petrol, 23.10 kmplRs.531,279
CNG VXI MT998 ccManual, CNG, 31.79 kmplRs.529,999
CNG VXI Optional MT998 ccManual, CNG, 31.79 kmplRs.538,000

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