Ciaz Variants



The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz comes in 14 variants with diesel and Petrol Variants . The Alpha ,Delta ,Sigma , Zeta ,Alpha Diesel , Delta 1.5 ,Delta Diesel , Sigma Diesel ,Zeta 1.5 ,Alpha 1.5 and Zeta Diesel come with manual transmission. The Alpha automatic , Delta Automatic and Zeta Automatic come with automatic transmission.

Maruti Ciaz Variants Price List

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Alpha1462 ccManual, Petrol, 21.56 kmplRs.9,97,689
Alpha Automatic1462 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 20.28 kmplRs.10,98,689
Delta1462 ccManual, Petrol, 21.56 kmplRs.8,81,689
Delta Automatic1462 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 20.28 kmplRs.9,80,689
Sigma1462 ccManual, Petrol, 21.56 kmplRs.8,19,689
Zeta1462 ccManual, Petrol, 21.56 kmplRs.9,58,689
Zeta Automatic1462 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 20.28 kmplRs.10,58,689
Alpha 1.51498 ccManual, Diesel, 26.82 kmplRs.11,38,189
Alpha Diesel1248 ccManual, Diesel, 28.09 kmplRs.11,02,689
Delta 1.51498 ccManual, Diesel, 26.32 kmplRs.9,97,689
Delta Diesel1248 ccManual, Diesel, 28.09 kmplRs.9,80,689
Sigma Diesel1248 ccManual, Diesel, 28.09 kmplRs.9,19,689
Zeta 1.51498 ccManual, Diesel, 26.32 kmplRs.11,09,189
Zeta Diesel1248 ccManual, Diesel, 28.09 kmplRs.10,62,689