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Sell Used Maruti Suzuki Cars in Chandigarh

Maruti Suzuki is a reputed name among the automotive companies of the country. The automaker has such a reputation that when a customer is buying his first car he mostly prefers Maruti Suzuki over any other name. The main reason is the network and the goodwill of Maruti Suzuki which is maintained over the years. The lowest priced Maruti Suzuki model is the Alto 800 whereas the most expensive is the S-Cross.

Chandigarh is a unique city as it is a capital of two states of the country, Punjab and Haryana. The city is famous for its Rock Garden where there are sculptures made of stones, industrial wastes and recycle stuff. There are a of total six Maruti Suzuki dealers in Chandigarh. One can see a number of Maruti Suzuki old cars in Chandigarh which means that it is a trusted name in the city. Besides, there are a number of dealers of Maruti Suzuki used cars in Chandigarh. 

Sell used Maruti Suzuki cars in Chandigarh

The total population of Chandigarh is around 11.36 lakhs. As per the reports, the total number of vehicles in Chandigarh is around 15 lakh. The number of registered cars is approximately 7.5 lakh. The city tops the list of most number of vehicles per head.

After a certain time one should sell his old car as it is beneficial in many aspects. One is that the new car will be more updated with respect to security, structural rigidity, comfort and pollution control. The foremost thing for a customer is safety which is generally better in the newer versions. The current emission norm in India is Bharat Stage 4 or BS4 and as per the government plans the stricter BS6 emission norms will be enforced in the year 2020, which are likely to impact the prices of used cars in the country.


The ideal place to sell old Maruti Suzuki car in Chandigarh is CARS24. CARS24 gives the seller full satisfaction with its user-friendly services. In populated cities like Chandigarh, one of the reasons to sell your old car could be to liberate some space in your parking area as old cars or second cars in the house occupy extra space which makes the area more chaotic. The value of a car starts depreciating the moment it comes out of the showroom. The value depreciates around 20 percent when the car comes on road. So to get a good value of the car one should sell it under an adequate time period.


Maruti Suzuki has the highest share of car sales in the Indian market. It owns around 52 per cent of the total share. So automatically the resale value of the brand gets better. In Chandigarh too the resale value of Maruti Suzuki cars is highest; customers prefer old Maruti Suzuki cars over any other used cars. The diesel cars should be sold after a specific time period as the life of diesel cars is shorter than the petrol ones.

Maruti Suzuki resale value in Chandigarh

The prime reason behind good resale value of second hand Maruti car in Chandigarh is the low maintenance cost of its cars. The cost of maintenance of Maruti Suzuki cars is lower than any other brand in the country. This makes it the first choice of any customer who is looking for a family car which is light on pocket. The second reason is that one can find the spare parts of Maruti Suzuki cars very easily; they are available without any difficulty in the market as compared to the models of other brands. The spare parts of Maruti Suzuki are cheapest in the market which makes it affordable for the customers to purchase. Maruti Suzuki has a very strong after sales network which is again one of the solid reasons why a customer opts for a the Japanese car.


Cars of Maruti Suzuki are best known for their impressive mileage – a trait which tops the chart of any Indian car buyer. Maruti Suzuki cars are mainly used for daily commuting within the city thus mileage becomes all the more important. To get a good resale value the owner should maintain his car well along with timely servicing of the vehicle. The top models of the brand are Alto 800 & K10, WagonR, Swift and Dzire, where former three are hatchbacks and the latter one is a compact sedan. The value of a Maruti Suzuki used car in Chandigarh after 5 years and 50-70k km’s is around Rs. 2.5 lakh of Alto 800 and Rs. 4 lakh of Dzire, the Swift has a value of approx. Rs. 3.5 lakh, whereas WagonR amounts to Rs. 3 lakh approximately.

We Purchase Used Maruti Cars in Chandigarh

At CARS24, one can sell their used car in single visit only. We provide instant money transfer to our sellers. The RC transfer is also done for free and we will give you the best possible price through our fair bidding process where thousands of our authorized channel partners participate. All these qualities are enough for a seller to visit CARS24 before any other dealer in order to sell used Maruti car in Chandigarh.

Maruti Suzuki History in Chandigarh

Maruti Suzuki has invested a lot in the city of Chandigarh and has a very strong customer base in the garden city. In the year 2017, Maruti Suzuki had organized MS Autoprix 2017 in Chandigarh, where a huge number of women participated and broke all the stereotypes. It was a nationwide motorsport event where the whole country was divided in to 4 zones. It stretched for five months starting September 2017 to January 2018.

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