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Wagon R

The Maruti Wagon R is available in various Manual Petrol and CNG variants and Automatic Petrol variants :

Manual Petrol : Wagon R LXI, Wagon R LXI Opt, Wagon R VXI, Wagon R VXI Opt, Wagon R VXI 1.2, Wagon R VXI Opt 1.2, and Wagon R ZXI 1.2.

Manual CNG : Wagon R CNG LXI

Automatic Petrol : Wagon R VXI AMT, Wagon R VXI AMT Opt, Wagon R VXI AMT 1.2, Wagon R VXI AMT Opt 1.2, and Wagon R ZXI AMT 1.2.

Maruti Wagon R Variants Price List

  • ALL
  • CNG
CNG LXI998 ccManual, CNG, 33.54 kmplRs.499,000
CNG LXI Opt998 ccManual, CNG, 33.54 kmplRs.506,000
LXI998 ccManual, Petrol, 22.50 kmplRs.434,000
LXI Opt998 ccManual, Petrol, 22.50 kmplRs.441,000
VXI998 ccManual, Petrol, 22.50 kmplRs.479,000
VXI 1.21197 ccManual, Petrol, 21.50 kmplRs.510,000
VXI AMT998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 22.50 kmplRs.526,000
VXI AMT 1.21197 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 21.50 kmplRs.557,001
VXI AMT Opt998 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 22.50 kmplRs.533,000
VXI AMT Opt 1.21197 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 21.50 kmplRs.564,000
VXI Opt998 ccManual, Petrol, 22.50 kmplRs.486,001
VXI Opt 1.21197 ccManual, Petrol, 21.50 kmplRs.517,000
ZXI 1.21197 ccManual, Petrol, 21.50 kmplRs.544,001
ZXI AMT 1.21197 ccAutomatic, Petrol, 21.50 kmplRs.591,000

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