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Mercedes-Benz CLS

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Mercedes-Benz CLS summary

The inception of the Mercedes-Benz CLS model dates back to early 2004. It was first designed by Michael Fink, the person also responsible for designing Maybach 57 and 62, back in 2001. The model was marketed as a four-door coupe and from there it derived its CLS name. The CLS model makes fast-back sedans, which are very much influenced or based on the foundation of E-Class models. The first generation CLS model C219 was launched in 2004 at the New York International Auto Show. Since then, a total of three generations have been launched and the CLS 300d is part of the latest generation.

The CLS 300d model was launched in India in 2018, a year after it was globally unveiled in LA. Since its launch, it has become an epitome and benchmark in design and its sensual appeal. The new facelift CLS model is yet to be launched in India. It now comes in a mild-hybrid engine system as opposed to the one available in India which only supports diesel-powered engines. Due to being a mild hybrid, it now has a 265hp, 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine along with the assistance of the 48V integrated starter generator.

The 2.0-litre diesel engine has the power to generate a torque of 500 NM and a brake horsepower of 241bhp. It is a 1950cc engine and can go from 0-100 km/h in less than 7 seconds, before reaching the limit of 250 km/h.

The 300d is powered by diesel and comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission system.

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The CLS in Mercedes-Benz stands for Coupe Light Sport. It represents the 4-door model which is lighter, faster, efficient and advanced. In India, it is available in the 300d engine variant. The latest updated and facelifted variant is yet to be launched. The new Mercedes-Benz CLS is not entirely facelifted but there are some great and exciting updates this time. The majority of these upgrades are focused on design changes. The new CLS now comes with a mild-hybrid 2.0-litre diesel powertrain and a 48V integrated starter generator. The wheels are now completely made of alloy and a new paint shade has been given. There are also revised bumpers and grille in the updates. But what is most special about this is that it will be available in a 300 unit limited-run special edition.

The CLS model has a stylised flowing sculpture cabin made out of wood, leather and aluminium. It also comes with a 64-colours LED light to set the mood and the Available Air Balance feature to infuse purified air inside the car. This model is highly advanced, with touch screen features and fingertip controls. You can access navigation, entertainment and many such comfort settings through your fingertips or even a sound recognition system. The automobile can electrify the turbo inline-6 to increase torque power and improve efficiency and decrease emissions, all at the same time.

The CLS does not have any variants to offer in India as of now. It comes in a single 300d engine and is priced at Rs. 84.7 lakh. This is entirely a diesel-powered engine and there is no option available for a petrol-powered engine. The 300d variant comes in many colours such as Polar White Metallic, Hyacinth Red, Obsidian Black Metallic, Ruby Black Metallic, Designo Diamond White and a few more. The CLS model was used to face competition when Audi A7 was available in India. But now that it's gone, there is no direct competition available.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Price in India

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CityEx Showroom Price

New Delhi84,70,000









Mercedes-Benz CLS PRO’s & CON’s

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A sleek, sensual and cutting-edge design.

The backseats can be folded in 40:20:40 formation to increase the boot capacity.

A 12.3-inch colour display, supporting touch-screen and sound recognition feature, in the middle of the dashboard.

A luxurious interior cabin certainly gives you the feeling of royalness.

It is BS-6 compliant and can run BS-VI grade fuel.

It comes in an RWD system, however, the new facelift will feature the company’s 4Matic system.

Has no competitor currently.

It is a highly expensive car.

It does not come with the option of running on petrol.

The problem of knee space in the back is a major turn-off.

Not very much different from the E-Class sedans that are available at cheaper prices.

Fuel capacity is only 66 litres.

Provides an average mileage of 16 kmpl.

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The Mercedes-Benz CLS 300d model has been tested and reviewed by several auto experts. It comes in a fastback design and offers an eye-capturing look. It is loaded with a list of advanced and latest features that makes it very appealing and attractive to car enthusiasts and luxury car owners. In the front, there are diamond radiator grills and multi-beam headlights. The wheels come in an 18-inch size and are made entirely out of alloy. It features Rear Wheel System (RWD) as of now but the new update will also have the 4Matic AWD system. The CLS is an awesome choice for the ones who love to drive fashionably and also know how to use the ample amount of features available. The model has the option of changing into different driving modes and there are a total of 5 driving modes available. It is also a great model to show off to your friends as it comes with Apple and Android Auto functions and many of the features can easily be accessed at the touch of your fingertips.

Since the CLS model is based on the platform of E-Class models, it doesn’t have a lot of new or unique things to offer at the expensive price it sells. It also only offers a diesel-powered engine, which restricts the number of customers it can appeal to. The safety systems are similar to those available in many other Mercedes models and other brands. There are 7 airbags, air suspension technology that lifts the height of the wheels depending upon the road conditions, a touch-screen and sound recognition system, a smart steering wheel and a brake assist system. One can get all of these features in an E-Class or other cars at a lesser price. The only advantage CLS has is that it doesn’t have competition as of now. This makes it the only go-to option if you want to buy a fastback sedan.

Mercedes-Benz CLS key specification