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MG ERX5 summary

The MG ERX5 was initially produced as the Roewe RX5 which was a compact crossover SUV manufactured by SAIC Motor. The production of the Roewe RX5 started in the year 2016 and it continues to date. It was designed as a 5 door compact crossover SUV which is available as a front-engine, front-wheel drive and front-engine four-wheel drive.

The first-generation model was available with three engine variants, a 1.5L turbo (petrol), a 2.0L turbo (petrol), a 1.5L SGE NetBlue, and EDU 14 turbo. The electric motor produced 85kW power from a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The 1.5L turbo petrol produced a total of 124kW along with 250 Nm of torque, and the 2.0L turbo petrol produced 162kW along with 350 Nm of torque.

The MG ERX5, proposed to be launched in India, would only get the electric motor which would produce a maximum power output of 116 PS from a 48.3 kWh battery. The top speed would be around 135 Kmph. However, the acceleration would be quicker than compared to the power figures. It would be equipped with an automatic gearbox, most probably a single-speed electric drive system. Most likely it would not get a manual gearbox because of the synchronous motor.

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The ERX5 was showcased at Global Mobility Summit (MOVE) in September 2018, although the estimated date of launch in India is not yet specified by the manufacturer. It is greatly possible that the ERX5 will be available as an electric model and would not have any petrol or diesel variants. The most significant feature of the ERX5 that makes it stand apart from its competitors is the driving range of around 420 km in a single charge. Along with it, the pricing is also quite competitive with the estimated price of Rs 25 lakh, which is quite cheap for an electric vehicle in the present market. The design of the ERX5 is another distinctive feature, with minimalistic interiors and exteriors along with practical body shape and fittings. The ERX5 was previously sold as the Roewe RX5 and will be produced in India under the MG Motors product portfolio. MG would be rebadging this car, which was earlier produced as the Roewe ERX5. The Roewe ERX5 has already made a successful debut in China and has received positive reviews based on its performance by long-term users. Although its Chinese counterparts get a petrol turbo variant, there is no plan of MG launching the same for the Indian market. The ERX5 would rival the likes of MG ZS EV, MG Hector, Tata Nexon EV, etc. However, it draws advantage from the fact that it has an unbeatable mileage along with modern specifications and features.


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An expected range of 425 km from a single charge gives it a segment leading economy.

The pricing, which is likely to start from Rs 25 lakh (ex-showroom), would be a plus in terms of affordability.

The exterior of the car features sharp contours with a sleek and minimalistic design with interiors offering ample space.

The interior also offers a leather treated dashboard and comfortable seats.

Although with a smaller engine producing 114 BHP, it has a good pulling power of 250 Nm, which is more than the turbo petrol.

The electric tailgate has a record function where it can remember height settings according to the preference of the user.

The touchscreen along with the infotainment system is responsive and has good resolution.

With only electric variants available it would be difficult for buyers to avail the petrol variant of the car in India.

MG’s network is still very diminutive, which can hamper long term ownership in terms of accessible services.

The uncertain launch date can make the buyers disinterested in the car and instigate them to opt for its rivals.

The charging infrastructure is not robust and therefore buyers will have to depend on in-house charging and a scarce number of charging stations.

The overall fit and finish of the car is not at par.

The buttons in the interior feel cheap and of low quality. Apart from the buttons, the plastic bits feel flimsy and out of place.

The air conditioning system does not have dedicated buttons and has to be controlled through the infotainment screen, which is inconvenient for a driver to use while driving.



What I think the MG ERX5 stands out is the fact that the pricing range is very competitive, ranging between 24 lakh to 25 lakh rupees. Moreover, it comes from a tried and tested brand that has sold the ERX5 successfully in foreign countries. Not to mention, the segment topping mileage of 425 km while being driven at 60 Kmph is tough to beat. Its current competitors like the Nexon EV, the MG ZS EV, offer lesser mileage and lack some of the modern features which the ERX5 exhibits. However, if MG limits the number of variants, it will be difficult for it to compete with its rivals. The problem also lies with the expansion of its network and a regularized production of electric vehicles. Although the ERX5 is built as an SUV, it is compact and sleek in design. This adds to the overall maneuverability and makes the car easier to drive in cities and congested places. One of the unique features of the ERX5, is that the passenger seats can be folded flat to increase the luggage space without leaving any gap between the boot and the passenger seats. This design feature makes carrying luggage easier. Buyers who were looking to switch to an electric vehicle without compromising space and carrying capacity can opt for the new MG ERX5 as it offers a good amount of room and capacity for carrying passengers. Moreover, with the great range that it comes with, it is a good replacement for traditional fuel cars while the prices of the fuel are skyrocketing every day.

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