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Mini Cooper 3 DOOR - exterior
  • Mini Cooper 3 DOOR - exterior
  • Mini Cooper 3 DOOR - exterior
  • Mini Cooper 3 DOOR - exterior
  • Mini Cooper 3 DOOR - exterior
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Mini Cooper 3 DOOR

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Mini Cooper 3 DOOR summary

Its tiny turning circle, minimal overhangs, and compact design enable the MINI 3-door to be manoeuvred easily through tight streets and heavy traffic.

The 4-cylinder TWIN Power Turbo Engine delivers instant torque, allowing you to get up and running quickly. You may also increase the acceleration and steering responsiveness in SPORT mode, resulting in stunning agility.

Experience the low centre of gravity, high rpm, and go-kart sensation for yourself – and have the most fun possible while driving a MINI.

MINI's innovative use of available space is a work of art. It is at the heart of our organisational concept. You may get 731 litres of storage space for your bags if you remove the 60/40 split back seats.

The grey seam-formed thumb rests on this three-spoke sport leather steering wheel, upholstered in 'Walknappa' leather, providing a stylish finishing touch.

The Piano Black finish on the multi-function components in the horizontal steering wheel spokes is a stunning contrast to the rest of the vehicle.

There are many different designs available for the 6 o'clock finisher in Piano Black, depending on the equipment specs of your MINI.

For example, MINI John Cooper Works cars are distinguished by the 'MINI John Cooper Works emblem.

Specific control components, likewise subject to equipment standards, are incorporated into the horizontal spoke to provide additional ease.

It is possible to handle your audio and communication features from the right control panel while engaging the driver aid systems from the left control panel.

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The MINI 3-door Hatch's tight athletic presence is accentuated by its dynamic lines and crisp, clean styling combined with its wide track and small overhangs. The unique headlamps are well complemented by the new eye-catching side scuttles, which contain LED indicators and add to the vehicle's overall appeal. MINI 3-door Hatch owners may personalise their vehicle's look further by choosing optional Piano Black door handles, a fuel flap, and other design features. Finally, the inventive selection of one-of-a-kind alloy wheels completes the picture. Everything is included in a single package. The premise is as follows: when you purchase a new MINI, you will be eligible for the attractive Servicing Inclusive offers for new cars. You will pay once, and all included service and maintenance work will be covered for the duration of your choice.

The MINI 3-door Hatch is distinguished by a more aggressive and contemporary bumper appearance. The air curtains fitted on the left and right sides of the MINI significantly improve aerodynamics. As a result, they play a significant part in increasing the fuel economy of your MINI. The new multipurpose instrument cluster has been developed to replace the traditional tacho. The instrument panel is composed of a 5.0 inch (12.7 cm) colour screen with a sleek Black Panel design that displays information such as your revs per minute, speed, fuel level, and mileage, as well as temperature and navigation directions.

Mini Cooper 3 DOOR Price in India

CityEx Showroom Price
CityEx Showroom Price

New Delhi43,50,000










Mini Cooper 3 DOOR PRO’s & CON’s

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First and foremost, the build quality is outstanding. It is safer and lighter, which increases its overall effectiveness.

The whole driving experience provided by the vehicle is outstanding. The engine, as well as the transmission, is quite responsive. In addition to providing enough room, it also provides linear torque and power delivery.

Because it is a premium vehicle, it is pretty large, with enough trunk capacity.

As a result, the engine delivers plenty of torque and power, resulting in an exhilarating drive.

Compared to the amount of power and torque dissipated, the automobile is very efficient.

Furthermore, the improved LED headlights have adaptive LED light distribution. The LED daytime running light is integrated into the main-beam headlamp and the solid and economic Bi-LED light for low and high beam settings.

It retains its modest design.

The turning radius is huge, and the vehicle feels heavy while making sharp corners.

It lacks air conditioning vents at the back.

There is plenty of space in the rear for passengers to roam about comfortably.

Unfortunately, the seat cushioning is much too rigid and offers little comfort.

Overall, if you're thinking of buying it and accommodate four people, you should reconsider.

Drivers must be aware of their surroundings when driving due to blind spots. In this case, blind-spot monitoring and a rear-view camera might be advantageous.

Mini Cooper 3 DOOR IMAGES


The Mini 3-Door is a tiny, adorable, cheery addition to any home. You might say the same thing about its cabin as well. It's well completed, and the 'new-age meets vintage' motif has been expertly implemented throughout the piece. However, many of the features you'd expect to be standard on such a high-end vehicle are optional, and selecting even a few extras may significantly increase the price. The Mini's front seats are tight, and the back seats are only suitable for short journeys in the Mini.

The 1.5-litre three-cylinder diesel engine in the Cooper D produces 114 horsepower and comes off as the most logical option among the available engines. In contrast, the Cooper S is powered by a zingy 192 horsepower 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, more in line with the Mini's attitude. The petrol engine is urgent and thrilling, and it gives the 3-Door a sense of vitality and aliveness. The JCW's 231 horsepower takes things up a notch or two further. Although go-kart handling is part and parcel of the Mini experience, many drivers find that a 3-Door can give the same thrills as more expensive sports cars at a lower cost. However, the overall ride quality is a bit of a compromise.

On bad roads, the body seems fidgety, and the suspension does sometimes crash, which is annoying. The 3-Door Mini is known as the 'original' Mini. It's not relatively as small as the original Mini in terms of size, but it's still the closest thing to the original Mini in terms of mentality. The Mini 3-Door is available in India in three configurations: the conservative D diesel, the fun S petrol, and the crazy JCW petrol.

Mini Cooper 3 DOOR key specification

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Body Type Hatchback

Fuel Type Petrol

ARAI Mileage 16.47 kmpl

Seating Capacity 4

TransmissionType Automatic

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