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Renault Zoe

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Renault Zoe summary

The first Renault Zoe car — the version was called the Renault Zoe City Car — was unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. This version had only three seats. It is a 3.45 m long open-top vehicle. But later on, Renault brought out an exclusive version of Zoe, which was announced in the year 2010. This version has five doors. The Renault Zoe has two generations: the first is 2013, and the second one is 2019 (which is the present Zoe model). The 2020 update to this car brought about its most significant improvement, wherein the new 2020 Renault Zoe has a facelift end design and a better battery of 52kWh with the 390km WLTP range. The recent upgrades bring out the best in the version, and now, it has impressive features, earning a place in the list of best EV cars. From time to time, Renault has invested efforts in making it so much better, from its looks to its performance.

The Renault Zoe is available in only the EV variant. Its engine and transmission details are as follows: Its max power is 179.69bhp, and the max torque is 245nm. It does not come with the feature of fast charging.

Since this great Renault Zoe car is available as an EV, its available fuel type is also electric. It comes with the type 2 charging standard, as it carries high power for facilitating rapid charging.

This attractive car comes with the features of an automatic transmission. All those things in a low-cost end electric car is nothing less than a sweet deal for anyone.

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In the collection of some stunningly stylish cars, we have the Renault Zoe. The latest update on this fantastic Renault Zoe model is that this little model is Renault's pioneering battery electric vehicle (EV). The Renault company had two different variants in the initial phases, but the final production line is ready with the newest features in model Zoe. This model has various colour options: beige, black, blue, brown, green, grey, gold, orange, red, silver, violet, white, and yellow.

The Renault Zoe is also available with automatic transmission, as the car has a length of 4087mm, a width of 1945mm, and yes, the wheelbase is 2500mm. The best thing about this car is that it is an electric car and can quickly produce a maximum power of 179.69bhp and a maximum torque of 245Nm. This car comes with some amazing features and can easily accommodate five people in the comfortable seating space in its price range. The transmission is automatic, and the vehicle has a hatchback body type. One can have this valuable version in the price range of like 10,800 US dollars. Likewise, there is some serious competition in the market for this product: the Honda E, the Mini Electric, the Fiat 500, and the Peugeot e-208.

Renault Zoe PRO’s & CON’s

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The Renault Zoe comes with an excellent facility of 247 miles in full charge.

It is very cheap and has long service intervals of 18,000 miles and about 112 dollars for service compared to the other cars models in the same segment.

The car has LED lights all around the body.

It comes with the B mode for more aggressive brake regeneration.

When it comes to its look and performance, the Renault Zoe has everything necessary to fulfil a person’s car expectations, from the EVs’ outstanding design to its surprisingly affordable price range.

This car comes with a very decent consumption, which is the actual average of 11- 13 kWh in time of summer and 16 kWh in the time of winter in the highway at 130 km/h 23 kWh, and the conjunction with the large battery of 55 kWh/52 kWh.

This amazing EV car comes with a unique charging connector under the logo on the front.

This EV does not have rapid charging, a feature that comparable models provide in the same price range. The charging speed of the 2020 Zoe model was in the mid-40s in ideal conditions. Its built does facilitate quick charging, but that is not enough.

This Renault car has reverse and rear fog lights of very low wattage.

It has fairly noisy charging; other electric cars don’t make this high pitch noise that the Zoe makes.

It has less space in the rear seats, and the driving position can be better. There is no AEB in the lower trims.

It comes with a sharp rear door edge.

The Zoe does not come with cruise control.

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The industry experts would positively recommend an individual to purchase this car, given the remarkable features it brings within an affordable price range. In addition to the new variant's features, it also has a smart interior setup, and the power quotient is commendable. Remember that the variant comes with enhanced power and has an energy-efficient battery. When it comes to safety features, the Renault Zoe brings out a score of maximum five-star Euro NCAP. This car has strategically-placed airbags lined up in the critical spots for the vehicle. When it comes to high safety for the passengers in the car, the Zoe has got its priorities right. One gets the seatbelt reminder in this car, which is standard for the front and rear seats. The rivals of the upcoming Renault Zoe model are expected to be Hyundai Santro, Go plus, and Hyundai Grand i10. As compared to the other rival cars, the Renault Zoe certainly has some advantages. The advantages would include automatic driver assistance and enhanced power compared to its previous versions. We believe this car would be the perfect choice for those looking for an exclusive driving experience and an eco-friendly purchase.

Renault Zoe key specification


Body Type Hatchback

Fuel Type Electric(Battery)

TransmissionType Automatic

Fuel Tank Capacity

Service Cost (Avg. of 5 years) No

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