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Rolls Royce is a British ultra-premium car maker. A wholly owned subsidiary of the German auto giant – BMW – Rolls Royce is also known as a luxury on a roll thanks to its handcrafted, luxurious cars owned by none but royalties. A lot of elite class people buy a Rolls-Royce to just to add a gem in their armory of swanky assets. It is a name for prestige in the industry of automobiles and why not as it is a class apart in everything; be it indulging looks or creature comforts inside the cabin. Its impeccable craftsmanship and technology give it an edge in the market and not to mention the hundreds of customization options which make each RR unique to its owner. A lot of people also buy a used Rolls Royce car as the newer one requires a lot of capital as compared to the second hand Rolls Royce. 

Quick Facts about Rolls Royce

  • On an average 65 percent of all Rolls Royce cars ever built are still on the road today.
  • The first Rolls-Royce model had 14,371 miles almost non-stop, back in 1907 in its first ride itself.
  • Post BMW’s acquisition, the Rolls-Royce Phantom four-door sedan became the first car to go on sale in 2003
  • 800 man hours are required to build the body of Rolls-Royce Phantom.
  • Rolls Royce also produced an experimental machine gun in the early 1940s.
  • Maharaja of Alwar in 1920 bought 7 Rolls-Royce cars to collect garbage after being denied a test drive in England.
  • Rolls Royce is especially known for its work on nuclear submarines and is the world’s 16th defense contractor.
  • Hongkong has the most Rolls Royces in the entire world as it was under the colonial colonialization and hence, Britishers preferred using it.

Resale value of Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce cars are known for the perfect blend of luxury with performance; it strikes the right chord with its each of its new offering right from embracing its cars with scintillating looks to exhilarating performance. The car from the British luxury marquee are among the most expensive cars in the world but, they are ‘worth it’ if you are someone to whom price is secondary. 

Luxury comes at a cost and hence, not everyone can afford to have it. Buying a Rolls-Royce is everyone’s dream, though not everyone can purchase the luxury brand. However, one can always consider an option of buying a used Rolls Royce in India.


The Rolls Royce Phantom was first introduced in the year 1925 and has had a series of connection with the Maharajas of the country. Its latest beauty, the Rolls Royce Phantom Series 2 costs Rs. 5.25 Crore (ex-showroom pan India). A symbol of pride, the RR cars are equally valued in the used car market and that’s why even a second hand Rolls Royce in India is enough to set people talking. 

The Rolls Royce cars are undoubtedly the cars which most people dream to own one day. But not all can go for a new RR badged vehicle and hence, they aren’t hesitant to buy a Rolls Royce used car in India too which would still cost upwards of a crore depending on its make, model year and present condition. 

However, when it comes to resale of a Rolls Royce model of the 1950s or ’60s, the value for it is much higher than the newer ones as then it becomes a ride of more pride due to its classic design which sets it apart from the newer breed of Rolls Royces and, for that matter, any other auto brand. 


The trend of buying a Rolls Royce second hand in India in the ultra-luxury market has a pickup in the past few years as the number of millennial and young achievers is rising at a brisk pace. In the last four to five years, the used Rolls Royce price has slightly stooped down as the customers are becoming more comfortable with buying a used model.

Current Rolls Royce Cars in India- Listing of Rolls Royce Cars

Rolls Royce in India has 5 car models out of which 2 are sedans, 1 Coupe, 1 Sports Utility Vehicle and 1 Convertible. The Rolls Royce Ghost is the cheapest RR while the Phantom is the costliest of the lot. 

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Rolls Royce Wraith
  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan
  • Rolls Royce Dawn

History - Rolls Royce 

A successful engineer Henry Royce and the owner of one of the UK’s first motor car dealerships, Charles Rolls, agreed to partner to sell motor cars under the name Rolls-Royce in the early 20th century and gave birth to a new company: Rolls-Royce. And within no time, Rolls Royce became the best car company in the world after its record-breaking success in 1907. It soon ventured into manufacturing aero engines due to the sudden demand by the government which wanted to make a mark in World War 1 in 1914.
As Rolls Royce expanded its horizon globally, it also came to the Indian shores as well. The first Rolls-Royce bought by an Indian king was the 'Pearl of the East'. The car was bought by the Maharaja of Mysore after he saw it at the Bombay - Kolhapur Motor Trial in 1908 and he absolutely fell in love with it.

What makes Rolls Royce Car Unique?

  • The core brand value of Rolls Royce is as effortless as it can get. The way the Rolls Royce opens doors, to the leather it uses, everything is special. 
  • Rolls Royce only uses male cows from the Bavarian region for its leather and manufacturing. There is an interesting reason so as to why it only picked male cows. As female cows get pregnant they may have stretch marks which would be ultimately seen in the leather made out of it. 
  • Rolls Royce does not believe in wasting anything. So, the leather is used for the cars, the meat is sold to butchers, and every part of the cow is used in some way or the other. 
  • When it comes to the paintwork, the same level of detailing goes into it making sure it’s perfectly tuned. Before a Rolls Royce car goes into the paint shop, it passes through an air shower. This reduces the chances of its early degradation. The colors are customized too.
  • If you want a Rolls Royce Dawn with a green top, you can. It’s all about the inspiration that you want for your Rolls Royce. RR is one carmaker that bespoke luxury in everything that you want. 

Sell Used Rolls Royce in India

As said earlier, the used Rolls Royce resale value depreciates at a gradual pace and if you ought to have one than, you should sell second hand Rolls Royce only when you get the right value of your vehicle. 

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