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Rolls Royce Dawn - exterior
  • Rolls Royce Dawn - exterior
  • Rolls Royce Dawn - exterior
  • Rolls Royce Dawn - exterior
  • Rolls Royce Dawn - exterior
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Rolls Royce Dawn

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Rolls Royce Dawn summary

The Rolls Royce Dawn was created to replace the prior 2-door open-top car type, which was the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé. The Dawn was based on the Rolls Royce Ghost, as opposed to the previous model, which was inspired by the 7th Generation Rolls Royce Phantom.

The Rolls Royce Dawn is powered by a 6.6-litre V12 petrol engine with 563bhp and 820Nm of torque. An eight-speed automatic gearbox sends power to the rear wheels.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn's exterior design features include the signature Pantheon grille finished in chrome, surrounded by LED headlamps with integrated LED DRLs on either side. The brand's famous Spirit of Ecstasy sits above the grille. The two-door convertible has a sloped windscreen, 21-inch wheels, and rear LED taillights.

Inside, the Dawn, like other Rolls Royce vehicles worldwide, can be tailored in a variety of color and texture combinations. The soft-top opens and closes in 22 seconds and has a peak speed of 50kmph. Dynamic cruise control, a 16-speaker customized tuned audio system, an HUD, and a concealed 10.25-inch HD screen operated by a touchpad are among the model's other significant features.

The vehicle has a peak speed of 250 km/h (160 mph) and weighs 2,560 kg (5,640 lb). It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 4.9 seconds.

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Representing the luxurious cars in the world, Rolls Royce Dawn is undoubtedly one of the most expensive convertibles. If you are incredibly wealthy and can afford such a luxurious automobile as a sheer extravagance, then Rolls Royce Dawn should be a welcome addition to your family. Rolls Royce Dawn is an exquisite combination of absolute luxury and spectacular sensory experience, integrating elegance with the liberty of open-top driving.

Two enormous rear-hinged doors spread out like wings to invite you into the cabin of the Rolls-Royce Dawn, and with seating for up to four people, you can comfortably travel solo or with a small group of your closest companions. When the cloth top is up, the Dawn Coupe cocoons its occupants in calm comfort, and when the cloth top is down, the Dawn Coupe's thoughtful design assures an open-air experience that provides thrills without hassles. This is not it; there's a lot more to the car, and here are some highlights:

The car is offered in two variants: Black Badge and Convertible. The Rolls Royce Dawn is available in 16 different colors, where Midnight Sapphire and Diamond Black are the top choices of car users. The Rolls Royce Dawn is powered by a single Petrol engine. The petrol engine is of 6598 cc and comes with an automatic gearbox. The Rolls Royce Dawn has a mileage of 9.8 kmpl, depending on the version and fuel type. The Rolls Royce Dawn is a four-door, twelve-cylinder automobile with a length of 5285 mm, a width of 1947 mm, and a wheelbase of 3112 mm. This premium car ranges from INR 7.3 Cr to INR 7.85 Cr.

Rolls Royce Dawn Price in India

CityEx Showroom Price
CityEx Showroom Price

New Delhi7,30,00,000









Rolls Royce Dawn COLOR OPTIONS

Rolls Royce Dawn PRO’s & CON’s

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  • Things we don’t like

You can experience the ultimate air-in-the-hair driving while driving in this luxurious car.

It is a convertible with an unbeatable artistry. This car is a pure work of perfection and luxury and nothing else.

You get an ample amount of customization options.

You can go from 0 to 100 km/h within 4.9 seconds. Isn't it amazing?

A luxurious experience will be at its best.

The engine is extremely refined to go anywhere.

The soft-top integration is flawless.

You get a bespoke music system with 16 speakers and 18 channel music systems to complement your journey or road trip.

The 6.6 litre V12 engine provides an impressive 563 bhp and 780Nm of torque that's unbeatable.

The anti-squat and anti-dive suspension allow the car to glide effortlessly over any ground, giving you the experience of riding on a magic carpet.

Rolls Royce Dawn is one of the most extravagant convertibles that money can possibly buy.

This car lacks functionality and spaciousness.

By any measure, this car is hardly a low-key car.

Not given enough legroom in the back portion of the car.

The design is a bit old-fashioned.

With the roof up, there is a lack of rearview.

There is an absence of wind deflector screens.

Rolls Royce Dawn IMAGES


Various experts have driven the car, maybe an earlier version or the latest one. There are certain pros and cons of the car that we have discussed in the above sections. Most importantly, it can be considered one of the best luxurious cars to own. Rolls-Royce Dawn is a fast-driving car that promotes the distinguished and unrivalled beauty of its family. When you drive across the streets, the car creates a captivating aura. It automatically attracts a lot of attention and eyeballs by turning practically everyone's head.

With a 6.6 litre V12 engine, this car provides an impressive 563 bhp and 780Nm of torque, and that's surely unbeatable. The interior of the vehicle has a crisp design, with carved leather seats and hardwood and aluminium fixtures to accentuate the overall regal impression. You also get a 16 speaker with 18 channel music system to make your driving experience smooth and musical. The front facade is praised for its distinctive waterfall grille and sleek LEDs.

This car is for those who have an extreme love for luxurious cars and belong to the ultra-rich people category in the society. This can be considered as a must-have luxurious car in your garage. If you have a small family of 4, you can easily travel with them anywhere with utmost elegance. The soft-top is there to provide you with an air-in-the-hair experience.

Overall the Roll-Royce Dawn is an ultimate beauty that can be a part of your family.

Rolls Royce Dawn key specification

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  • Specifications

Body Type Convertible

Fuel Type Petrol

ARAI Mileage 9.8 kmpl

Seating Capacity 4

TransmissionType Automatic

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