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Skoda Auto or Skoda is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen group. Skoda aims at providing the highest standards by employing latest technology at attractive prices. It offers a lot of cars in different segments. New cars like the Octavia and Superb even offer class-leading features but Skoda like always is plagued by a high maintenance and spare parts cost. Due to this, Skoda cars have comparatively low resale values than their counterparts. However, if you plan to sell Skoda used car at the right time then it can pay you back really well. But since there are no MRPs for old cars, how will you know the best Skoda used car price? There are many options these days which can help you sell Skoda used car but then how would you know that it’s safe and that you get the best car resale value?

We are CARS24, a used car buying company which offers a safe, hassle-free process to get the best price for your old car. We don’t stop there, we offer much more than that! Read on!

What do we offer?

  • Best Price Guarantee: You get the best quote for your car

  • Instant Payment: You get money wired instantly to your account

  • Zero Commission From Seller: You don’t pay a single penny to us

  • Free RC Transfer And related Paperwork: Forget your worries, we are doing all your paperwork for you

  • Free Benefits: You also get gifts and benefits worth thousands when you sell Skoda used car to us or even when you get your car inspected with us

  • Referral Bonus: You get INR 5000 as a referral bonus for any car that comes referred from you

More than thosands of people have trusted us with their Skoda used cars across our branches all over India. All you need to do is to fill in all details in our used car valuation tool, call 1800 11 22 33 to book an appointment with us and visit us at one of our 50+ branches which are spread over 11 major cities. Don't fret if you have an unused scrap car lying in your garage because we will buy that too.

Sell your car in 3 easy steps


Provide your basic car details and get your online estimation in seconds.


Drive to one of our branches and watch your car being inspected by one of our car jockeys to get the best offer for your car.


Sell your car instantly to CARS24 – no waiting time, no haggling, no hassle. The money will be transferred to your bank account instantly.

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Take The Right Decision

Selling car on classifieds? A Bad Idea!

Selling a car on classifieds is not only a waste of your time but also a risky affair.

Here is why, first of all you will be fooled by the artificially hiked price of your car which you will realize after spending days meeting buyers on their platform who will offer you a much lesser price. Second, you will have to deal with stranger’s (aka weirdo’s) whose only motive is to find fault in your car to reduce price.

On classifieds, we all have heard stories about how someone got fooled into selling their car but the money actually never came, RC transfer never happened (Buckle up for a call from Police station anytime). Not only this, your personal safety also at risk as you never know ulterior motive of buyer.

With Cars24, you can go to any of our 50+ branches PAN India and trust our trained staff whose single motto is to give you the best price. Icing on the cake is that you get money in your bank account instantly and get done with all paperwork in one visit.

Found an end buyer? Wait!

Selling a car to end buyer always gives you the feeling that you may be getting a good deal. In reality this is what you have to brace yourself with 1) Doing a background check on the end buyer to make sure he/she is genuine and will use car for legitimate purpose 2) Honest enough to transfer the car in his/her name 3) Will not make you wait endlessly to get the payment for your car.

So there are so many risks involved in selling your car to an end buyer which are just not worth it. Let the expert’s do their job, Cars24 signs the thorough documents while buying your car and ensures you do not have any liability whatsoever after your car is sold to us. Not only this, you hand over the keys of your car only after you receive payment from our side.

Lesson of the story – You must try Cars24 before selling anywhere else.

Exchange offer. It's a trap.

Well, let us burst this bubble. This will never happen. Do you know what actually happens in an Exchange offer? Let us explain it to you.

There is a negotiation on the value of your used car. The sales executive will smartly offer you a higher price than what CARS24 is offering for your used car. This is the salesman’s way of gaining your trust by making you believe you got an amazing deal for your used car. This is a trap! What the salesman has done is that while negotiating a deal for the new car, he will give you significantly less discount than what he could have actually offered. Why don’t you test it out yourself?

Go to a new car dealership to buy a car. Separately, send a friend/family member to buy a new car in exchange of their used car. You would learn that the extra money offered for your used car would mean a smaller discount on your new car. Who will bear the loss for this? Definitely you!

Instead, get the best price for your used car on CARS24 and negotiate hard when you purchase a new car.

Got a good deal? Check ours.

You could go ahead and sell your car directly to a consumer but do you know it could take months before you actually complete the transaction? Do you have months to spare & time to meet hundreds of individual buyers to find that one perfect buyer for your used car?

By waiting longer you lose more than you gain as your car value depreciates every day you wait. Moreover, transferring the ownership & shifting the liability of your used car over to the new customer could be a very tedious job.
Once you’ve handed over the keys to the new owner of the car, how long will you chase him for the transfer of ownership documents? Obviously you wouldn’t want your used car to land in the wrong hands and this liability is yours.

At CARS24, we guarantee a transparent process where we will get you the best price for your used car, as well as take care of all paperwork, including the transfer of ownership too! The best part being that from the moment you hand over the keys to us, we take full ownership & all liability of the car lies with us!