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Sell Used Skoda Cars In India

Skoda Auto is one of the pioneers in the automobile industry and its presence goes back to early 1900s. Born in the Czech Republic, Skoda entered the Indian market in November 2001 to try its hands in the premium space. Kicking off its journey in the subcontinent, the Skoda Octavia turned fortunes for the Czech automaker in early 2002. Since then the Volkswagen Group’s subsidiary has constantly progressed. Its dealership count in the country is 70+ - spread across the length and breadth of the country. With strong built and the reliability of Volkswagen, the carmaker witnessed a small bump in the demands for Skoda used cars in India in recent years. Buying Skoda second-hand cars is the best possible way for a person with an average income to fulfill his dreams of owning such brands. 

Quick Facts about Skoda

Skoda cars have taken everyone’s attraction in recent years with their marketing campaigns, new upgrades/modifications, top-notch safety features, etc. But not many people are aware of the fact that Skoda is the 3rd oldest manufacturer of four-wheelers in the world. Let’s look at some of the lesser known cool facts about the auto giant:

  • Originally Bike Manufacturers - With disappointment in the services for his bike, Laurin joined with Klement to make bikes and to provide ideal after sales services which he himself have aspired for. They grew into an enterprise creating 4000 different types of motorbikes. But both were destined to lead as car manufacturers and thus, eventually brought cars to the collection.
  • Desired Racing Cars - Toward the late ’70s and early ’80s, racer’s favorite choices were these cars especially their models 110R and 130R. Even today these models are in high demand in the market. For 17 years they won the RAC using the 130 LR Estelle which was powered with 130 BHP engine.
  • Most Expensive Skoda - The most expensive Skoda built is a cake (Surprise)! Yes, a cake in the shape of Skoda Fabia model. This was made as a part for their television advertisement. It broke the record of the then-costly Skoda Superb taking approximately 500,000 pounds put together.
  • Completely Eco-Friendly - Most people won’t know to this point that for every car sold in the Czech Republic, Skoda will be built one of their own pellet heating plants and plant one tree to try & combat the emissions produced by a car. Ultimately buying a Skoda car will not only give you the opportunity to avail the luxury but also give you a chance to contribute to the environment.
  • Conquered Half of their Home Market - In 2004, out of 3.7 million cars registered in the Czech Republic, 1.8 million cars were found to be a Skoda. 

Skoda - Resale Value

Among others, one of the major factors that buyers keep in mind while going for a new car is whether it will have a resale value in the future or not. Like in Western countries, Indian citizens do not keep their cars for more than 10 years. When it comes to pre-owned cars, Skoda doesn’t have the edge like Maruti. But still when comparing the market of other brands, selling Skoda used cars is pretty good than some other foreign manufacturers. As popular four-wheelers are always in demand in the market, the resale value of Skoda cars is quite decent if not high.


In India, Skoda Rapid and Skoda Octavia sure have a name on the list of popular vehicles. So, to an extent, the resale value of Skoda used cars of these models are pretty good. Another important factor is the after sales service of Skoda pre-owned cars. This automobile manufacturer’s after sales service has improved, to an extent, in recent years. A popular drawback seen with Skoda used cars in India is that the parts and service cost is on the higher side. Other factors like fuel efficiency and engine refinement also play a vital role in deciding the Skoda resale value. If you want to avoid the hassle of finding buyers, just pay a visit to the showroom of CARS24 and sell Skoda used cars at the best price possible.

Available Models of Skoda Cars in India - Listing of Skoda Cars

Skoda India has been producing some of the gems since its entry into this part of the world. The current Skoda models in India are listed below :

History of Skoda

One of the seasoned manufacturers of the world, Skoda contributed not only with commercial vehicles or racing cars but also manufactured engines and trucks. Initially known as Laurin & Klement in the early 1900s, the company urged the need for an industrial pattern to dwell with the economic conditions and acquired by Skoda Works in 1925. In the 1930s, Skoda made a breakthrough with Type A popular vehicle which reached 80km/h. The period from 1960 to 1989 is the notable period in their history, which led them to the innovation of vehicles. From the 1990s, they concentrated on the international market and by post-2000; the Volkswagen Group took them under their wing. So, if someone feels that Skoda and Volkswagen resemble each other, they do belong to the same family.

Skoda- What makes it unique?

Without hesitation one can answer that Skoda is unique due to its unparalleled and timeless design, reiterating the unflawed beauty. This massive automobile manufacturer doesn’t compromise with the quality of its products. Knowing their past history, buying or selling Skoda pre-owned car will never put anyone in a loss. Now, people can finally know why Skoda is still unbeaten despite the presence of numerous car companies. Moreover, the addition of many industry-first creature comforts and safety features makes every Skoda unique.

Sell Used Skoda Cars in India

Coming to the second- hand market, any individual can observe that Skoda second-hand cars have limited demand. If someone does not find the right consumer they may have to sell Skoda second-hand car in a complete loss. Moreover, people doubt on the running of the vehicle only buy Skoda certified used cars from second-hand car dealers. 


There are a lot of showrooms for selling Skoda preowned cars in India. If you are planning to sell Skoda second-hand car than you should look for a reliable partner who can give you a good deal and in a hassle-free manner. To know the current value of the model in the market, there are a lot of online websites like CARS24 that provide a platform to evaluate Skoda used cars. Usually, Skoda automatic used cars are more preferred than used Skoda Diesel cars even though if prices of the fuel vary. Skoda used cars are always categorized among the premium class vehicles.

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