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Skoda Fabia - exterior
  • Skoda Fabia - exterior
  • Skoda Fabia - exterior
  • Skoda Fabia - interior
  • Skoda Fabia - interior
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Skoda Fabia

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Skoda Fabia summary

The automotive business changed dramatically in the 2000s, with big foreign automakers joining the Indian market. Skoda, for example, arrived on our shores in 2001, following the industry's liberalisation.

Skoda Auto, based out of the Czech Republic, is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world. Founded by Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement in 1895 shared a deep passion for bicycles which then turned into the production of automobiles in 1905.

The first-ever Skoda car to be introduced in India was the amazing Octavia. Later in 2008, Skoda introduced a Euro-spec hatchback, the Fabia, in India. However, it failed to put exciting numbers in the sales chart, and eventually, in 2013, Skoda pulled the plug on it.

The Skoda Fabia was offered with three engine options - a 1.2 litre (1198 cc) three-cylinder petrol engine with 75 bhp and 110 Nm, a 1.6 litre ( 1598 cc) four-cylinder petrol engine with 105 bhp and 153 Nm, and a 1.2 litre (1199 cc) three-cylinder diesel engine with 75 bhp and 180 Nm.

The Fabia was offered in both diesel and petrol fuel types. All the engines on the Fabia come mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

In Euro NCAP crash testing, it received a 4-star rating, with the body structure rated stable throughout impacts. At the time, none of the cars in India had this high of a safety rating.

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Skoda's Fabia is a robustly engineered, well-built, spacious, and fun-to-drive hatchback with incredible dynamics.

The Skoda Fabia made its debut in India, way back in the year 2008. However, despite being a wonderful package, the Fabia failed to make a positive impact in India. Eventually, it got discontinued in 2013.

In May 2021, the newly designed 4th generation of Skoda Fabia had officially been introduced in the international markets and based on the MQB A0 platform, the new Skoda Fabia is now much larger than its predecessor. It has more leg space, all-new tech, and updated engines.

The Skoda Fabia was offered in 15 variants: Classic 1.2 MPI, Active 1.2 MPI, Ambiente 1.2 MPI, Active Plus 1.2 MPI, Ambition 1.2 MPI, Ambition Plus 1.2 MPI, Classic 1.2 TDI, Active 1.2 TDI, Ambiente 1.2 TDI, Active Plus 1.2 TDI CR, Elegance 1.2 MPI, Ambition 1.2 TDI, Elegance 1.6 MPI, Ambition Plus 1.2 TDI CR, and Elegance 1.2 TDI.

Top features on the Skoda Fabia include AC, illuminated glove box, height-adjustable driver seat, front and rear cupholders, rear AC vents, and more. Key safety features include dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, fog lamps, hydraulic dual-diagonal circuit braking system, anti-glare rearview mirror, etc.

Skoda Fabia was offered in 5 attractive colours: Magic Black, Brilliant Silver, Candy Black, Cappuccino Beige, and Candy White. It was available at a price range of Rs 4.47 to Rs 7.53 lakh (ex-showroom).

In the Indian market, the Skoda Fabia competed against rivals such as the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i20, Tata Vista, Volkswagen Polo, and the Honda Jazz.


Skoda Fabia PRO’s & CON’s

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  • Things we don’t like

The build quality of the Fabia is top-notch. Everything feels solidly built and long-lasting. Interior quality is faultless. Everything in the interior has a sturdy, high-quality feel.

The cocoon of silence provided by Fabia's excellent insulation adds to the sensation of security.

Despite Fabia's diminutive size, the interior space has been wisely utilised, and the leg-room is comparable to that of the larger sedans.

The 1.6-litre petrol tank feels punchy to drive. The gearbox is a pure joy to use.

The ride and handling are exceptional. The most supple ride ever seen in a hatchback is the result of the ideal damping. The vehicle stays absolutely glued to the roads even at high speeds, and there isn't even a hint of body roll.

The steering is very direct and offers a great feel and feedback. Braking, too, feels very surefooted.

In the Euro NCAP crash test, it received a 4-star rating.

The steering wheel feels oversized. The seats have poor lateral support and do not hold you as securely as they should. The seatback in the back is a touch too vertical.

The automobile should have come with an electronic temperature control console.

The noise from the diesel engine is fairly loud while it's cold, and much of it persists even when the engine is warm.

The 1.2-litre petrol and diesel engine remains the least impressive part of the Fabia package.

Turbo lag is quite evident in the diesel engine.

Automatic gearbox not on offer.

Skoda after-sales service has been on the expensive side.

Skoda Fabia IMAGES


You may have a lot of fun exploiting the chassis' upper limits thanks to the powerful 1.6-litre engine. It drives like a German saloon, with well-weighted steering that holds whatever line you choose through a turn, bumps and all, and well-controlled body movements. The brakes are powerful, and the gear shifting is smooth - everything we seek in a driver's vehicle. It also manages to be entertaining without sacrificing regular usability or practicality.

The Fabia simply demolishes its rivals in terms of ride and handling. Moreover, its sheer quality and toughness, along with loads of creature comfort features, gives it an edge. Passenger space is also large, with more than enough legroom in the back for six-footers. Then there's the cocoon of silence provided by Fabia's excellent insulation, which just adds to the sensation of security.

In terms of driving experience, below 2000rpm, throttle responses are likewise not lightning fast, and there is considerable lag. The engine responds forcefully once past 2000rpm; power delivery is linear; after that initial spike, the Fabia pulls. The smooth, light gearbox is simply fantastic and even addictive to operate; this gearbox and linkage is the one you'll want to store in a box and transport from car to car. The ride and handling of the Fabia is another area where it excels. The Skoda provides the driver with a great deal of confidence in straight-line steadiness. It's the kind of car you can drive at over 140 km/h with just one hand on the steering wheel. Fuel efficiency-wise, the Fabia will retain a mileage of around 14.8 to 21 kmpl (ARAI claimed).

The Skoda Fabia is an engineering marvel in itself. It is fun to drive, very surefooted, premium inside, as well as practical. So, if you are looking for an affordable hatchback that does it all, the Fabia makes for a great choice.

Skoda Fabia key specification

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Body Type Hatchback

Fuel Type Diesel

ARAI Mileage 20.86 kmpl

City Mileage 17.43 kmpl

Seating Capacity 5

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