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Skoda Vision X - exterior
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Skoda Vision X

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Skoda Vision X summary

Škoda has a long history of launching its sporty SUVs. Škoda Vision X is one of them. It was first launched in 2018.

A four-cylinder engine powers this amazing car by Škoda. Each cylinder has four valves in it. The Vision X has a versatile petrol engine that also runs on CNG. The vehicle is also available in the diesel variant.

Škoda Vision X's powerful 1.5 litres engine provides 1498CC. Furthermore, Vision X has BS-VI emission norm compliance.

This SUV has a sporty look, but do not get fooled. You can take this car on a hill, sand, and forest, and see the same power everywhere.

Besides the versatile fuel engine, the car also has a separate 48kWh battery and an electric motor. Drivers can turn it on to activate the all-wheel drive feature. As a result, you can now dive into the soft ground without worrying about getting stuck.

This beast of a car has AWD that is typically missing from some SUVs in the Indian market. Not only that, but vision X also offers FWD, RWD or AWD.

Škoda has gone beyond our expectations and built this beast to withstand all Indian weathers thanks to its bulky SUV body.

Vision X does not have an automatic transmission. Car enthusiasts who like to shift gears while taking their dream car for a spin can enjoy the manual transmission.

This car is almost 13.7 feet long, and the wheelbase is 8.5 feet. In addition, Škoda Vision X is equipped with 20-inch wide tires that will provide superior grip on the asphalt.

The car rims have a spiral look when moving, giving the car a special premium look and a sporty look. Besides, Vision X front is slightly lower than its back, providing the car with a very aerodynamic look.

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Get ready to experience the all-new SUV Škoda Vision X. Škoda first showcased this powerhouse in 2018 during the Geneva Motor Show. This SUV by Škoda appears to be short and leaned down. That made the car very aerodynamic. Moreover, thanks to the 20-inch wide tires, the new Vision X has a sporty look. The Škoda Vision X is available in a diesel and petrol/CNG engine with four cylinders. The engine will be 1.5 litres, and every four cylinders will have four different valves in it.

Car enthusiasts can enjoy the powerful 1498CC engine that can power the car on every possible terrain. Not only that, thanks to the 48 kWh battery, the Škoda Vision X can perform FWD, RWD or AWD. The car's final price has not been revealed yet, but it will be somewhere around 14-16 Lakhs. This price is a bit higher than its competitors providing similar features. Experts believe that Škoda will reveal more features as time passes. Škoda has not released much information regarding the Vision X model. But according to the 2018 expo, the car will be available in two primary colours, green and red. Vision X is a direct competitor of SUVs like Hyundai Creta, Nissan Qashqai and the Renault Duster.

Skoda Vision X PRO’s & CON’s

  • Things We Like
  • Things we don’t like

Powerful 1.5 litres engine that provides 1498CC

Separate electric engine and a power storage system that can trigger the all-wheel-drive

Powerful car behind the mask of a sporty look

Runs on petrol, diesel and CNG as well

8.5 feet wheelbase and four 20-inch wide wheels for superior grip on even snowing roads

Available in two colours, Red and Green

Offers a unique regenerative braking system for advanced security

No fixed price announced yet. It is estimated to be around 14 to 16 lakhs in India, which is overpriced for its features.

Škoda has not included automatic transmission with Škoda Vision X.

Less number of colour options for customised car lovers

Bodyweight is more than its competitors, which will reduce the car's mileage.

Car paddles are too much to the right. The accelerator paddle almost touches the transmission tunnel and makes the driver uncomfortable.

The brake paddle is too soft and has a spongy feeling.

Skoda Vision X IMAGES


The Škoda Vision X is perfect for riders who love to travel different terrains in style. If you plan to visit any hill station in the near future, the Vision's powerful engine with 1498CC can help you climb the mountain easily. The metallic body of the car makes it very safe for you and your family going on a trip. The car's best feature is the separate electric motor that makes the car superior to its competitors—the separate electric motor and battery power the front wheels, making the car an all-wheel drive.

You will fall in love with the interior, which is fully customisable. The car provides a multipurpose touch screen that provides almost all essential information. According to a spokesperson at the 2018 expo, people love such big and floating screens. Show cars are not designed to provide comfort with power and all its features, but at the 2018 expo, Škoda Vision X provided all of that.

People who drove the car then said that the car was super comfortable to drive and had a very sporty look and feel. Overall, Škoda Vision X is a good car to have. The car can be very useful for everyday commute and even long ride trips to your favourite destinations.

Skoda Vision X key specification


Body Type SUV

Fuel Type Diesel

TransmissionType Manual

Fuel Tank Capacity

Service Cost (Avg. of 5 years) No

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