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The Japan-based automobile manufacturer Subaru is a part of multinational conglomerate Subaru Corporation. Across the globe, the Tokyo headquartered car maker is famous in regions such as America and many other western countries. Subaru has not yet made its official entry into the Indian automobile sector. However, a Subaru vehicle was introduced in India under General Motors’ (GM) Chevrolet nameplate in the year 2003, called Chevrolet Forester. Despite this fact, there is an auto enthusiast, who look for Subaru second-hand cars or Subaru used cars in India. Founded in 1953, Subaru Corporation was previously known as Fuji Heavy Industries. The initial car launched under the Subaru brand in 1954 was Subaru 1500 or P-1. Two most prominent and powerful cars have been the Impreza and Legacy. Launched in 1992, Subaru Impreza is currently in its seventh generation, while 1989 launched Subaru Legacy, the flagship car of Subaru is in its sixth generation. 

Quick Facts About Subaru

  • The Japanese name 'Subaru' stands for the Pleiades star cluster M45, also called "Seven Sisters", where out of seven one star is invisible. As a result, the Subaru logo features only six stars.
  • Subaru’s parent company Subaru Corporation was earlier known as Fuji Heavy Industries. 
  • The Symmetrical All Wheel Drive powertrain setup was introduced by Subaru in the year 1972.
  • By 1996, in most automotive markets across the globe, the boxer or flat engine and all-wheel-drive was accepted as standard equipment for mid-size and small cars.
  • Subaru marquee inherits huge fan following in the Western markets. The brand is popular for its signature drive train engine, on road and off road capabilities and affordable costs.

Subaru - Resale Value

The demand for used cars is all-time high as of now in the Indian automobile market. Brand new Subaru cars are not available in India. But there have been instances where performance car enthusiasts import these Japanese cars in the country. When the owners sell used Subaru car in the market, first of all, they do not find any buyers, and if they find one they do not provide desired resale value. If you are one of the owners and wish to sell Subaru car you can get in touch with CARS24, their simple car buying process will get you the best possible price. 
In the early 2000s car buyers were more interested in a family car or a sedan. And the SUVs were believed to take up only the role of a military or rural transport vehicle. The overall concept was much advance and new to the people at that time. Subaru may have introduced more car models in India viz. Chevrolet badge had GM not pulled its stake in Subaru’s parent firm, which led to the winding up of the company from the country. This was another reason for Subaru brand’s failure.   

Current Subaru Cars in India - Listing of Subaru Cars

The brand never officially entered the Indian automobile market. As a result, there are no Subaru brand vehicles in India. The only vehicle that was introduced was the second generation Subaru Forester rebadged as Chevrolet Forester in India in 2003. 
Chevrolet Forester: Presented in an all-wheel drive (AWD) version, the Chevrolet SUV was in production from 2003 to 2007. It was made available with a 2.0 L, 4-stroke, petrol engine that gave power and torque outputs of 120 bhp and 178 Nm respectively. The engine was coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.  

Subaru – What Makes It Unique?

There are several aspects that make Subaru cars innovative to the world. However, two decisive elements that make them stand out were its symmetrical All-wheel drive (AWD) mechanism and a 4-cylinder boxer engine. Due to which, there is a huge loyal fan following in the western countries including Australia and America. Unlike India, the masses in developed countries look for performance and safety over fuel efficiency and price, which is the reason Subaru was not accepted in India and is a hit international circuit.

Subaru launched the high-performance cars that were reliable and aptly priced in the markets that were flooded with expensive Fords and GMs. Subaru was a perfect mix of European style and Japanese solidity. Due to their affordable AWD and solid safety mechanism, it went on to win the hearts of the car fanatics who look for powerful yet low budget cars. With vast availability in foreign markets, every year many Subaru pre-owned cars are imported in India.

Sell Used Subaru Cars In India

If you own a Subaru and want to sell second hand Subaru car, you can now sell it in simple steps. Go the website of CARS24 fill the details of your car get the online car valuation done, book an appointment and pay a visit to the nearest CARS24 branch. After physical inspection by the experts, you can get the best Subaru car second-hand price and that too in a single visit. 

Be it any car, there is a lifespan to it and way before it crosses its time it starts providing you with niggles and irritation every now and then, which may lead to high maintenance bills. Moreover, if you own any imported Subaru car there are high chances of it being a used car, and second-hand cars is it of any make has a very limited life, say a year or two. And after a couple of years, it’s better to sell them and look for better and more modern options. 
Earlier selling a car was a tedious task. However, it has now been made hassle-free by CARS24. They have an uncomplicated payment and delivery process and easy registration certificate (RC) transfer procedure. The CARS24 network comprises of more than 4000 channel partners and 120+ branches in 26 cities nationwide.

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