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Toyota Corona - exterior
  • Toyota Corona - exterior
  • Toyota Corona - exterior
  • Toyota Corona - exterior
  • Toyota Corona - exterior
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Toyota Corona

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Toyota Corona summary

Toyota Corona was first introduced in 1957, replacing Toyota Master. It continued through eleven generations ending its production with Toyota Carina in 2001. It was replaced by Premio, Avensis and Camry in Japan, Europe and Asia/Pacific/America, respectively.

It is available in two variants namely- Petrol and Diesel, and low variety in colours.

The price ranges between INR 5.25 to 5.35 Lakhs.

The Diesel engine is 1998 cc(In-Line), and the Petrol engine is 1598 cc(In-Line).

It gives a mileage of 5 Km/L in the city and 5 Km/L on highways.

Corona is a 4 cylinder with 4 valves(DOHC) manual transmission vehicle and has a four-seater configuration.

The fuel tank capacity is 60 Litres.

It gives an output of 113 [email protected] Rpm and 145 [email protected] Rpm of torque.

Other names of Corona include Corona "Absolute" and Corona Exsior.

Power locks are available in the car on the driver’s side.

In the backseats, you get the centre armrest, which is surprising as you don’t expect in the 90s car.

The body type of Toyota Corona is a hatchback.

Ground Clearance of Corona is 160 mm, and Kerb weight is 1090 Kg.

It comes with a 4-speed gearbox fitted with Rack & Pinion Hydraulic Pump steering wheel.

The minimum turning radius of Toyota Corona is 4.9 metres.

On the safety front, there are no airbags and no seat belts available in the offered variant. Only child lock feature is available.

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Toyota Corona is the 90s car for you. Once popular between 1957-60, it passed through eleven generations, only to have been discontinued in 2002. Corona was built from the parts of two separate cars, Toyota Crown and Toyota Master. Moreover, it is the second Sedan after the Crown from Toyota. The first major facelift happened in April 1958, and in 1978, subtle changes were made. After 2002, Toyota Corona was replaced by Premio, Avensis and Camry in Japan, Europe and Asia/Pacific/America, respectively.

After 1968, Toyota Corona was marketed by the name of Toyota Corona Mark II. While staying truthful to the efficient performance, Corona Mark II gave the buyers more space at the same price. It was touching new heights in the export markets and was sold under different names, including- Carina, which is what Europeans call it in the market. Consequently, Toyota became a household name as they were selling everything from Sedans, liftbacks, taxis to station wagon bodies.

Today, Toyota Corona can be counted amongst the old-school vehicles known for being cost-effective and the best average comfort car. It is available in India in two variants, namely- Petrol and Diesel. Spotting a Toyota Corona is very rare nowadays, and it is the very reason we do not get so much variety in colours. The price of Corona ranges between INR 5.25 to 5.35 Lakhs. Finally, Corona is a minimalistic car with good ride quality.

Toyota Corona PRO’s & CON’s

  • Things We Like
  • Things we don’t like

Toyota Corona is a very reliable and dependable car. However, in this economy, this car can produce the desired results only if it is maintained properly.

Cost-effective with efficient performance.

The boot space is impressive as compared to other 90’s cars.

It can take curves easily at 100 Km/H without screeching.

We get excellent bottom end torque with good manoeuvrability in Toyota Corona.

The most striking feature of Toyota Corona is its acceleration and speed parameters. Therefore, the Horsepower says it all.

Low maintenance car and even no maintenance is required depending on how well the car is looked after.

It will make a good fit for someone who enjoys riding in antique and classic cars. Starting from the plastic cum leather upholstery, protruding fog lamps, radio antenna, etc., a bit of nostalgia takes over.

Independent rear suspension adds more stability and grip to the car, making it an all-time greatest ride.

The car is better than Corolla and Civic in all aspects.

Fuel consumption on Toyota Corona is not so good. It can be considered average.

Since it is an outdated model, repairing it can be expensive.

People looking for a stylish and advanced modern car may not like the hatchback built of Corona.

Corona is a minimalistic car that does not offer push start/stop, no airbags and no seatbelts. On the safety front, some people may find it too old and incompatible.

The gearbox feels slightly hard when switching gears.

Toyota Corona IMAGES


Toyota Corona is not cut out for the modern mindset. It derives its strength from the 90s and has the ability to smoke some of the best modern cars today. Apart from the looks, it has everything required for a decent ride. The Fuel economy also gets better with interceding generations of Corona. So, it's still very much in demand in today’s economy.

Corona is cost-effective and very reliable in the city or on highways. It can be considered a family ride but only suitable for smaller journeys. As we all know that Toyota always stands up to the expectation, and by introducing Corona, it added another star in its exemplary service.

Generations after generations, Toyota came up with Camry and Carina, which were facelift versions of Corona, but Corona still is the best in all its aspects. Talking about its features, car handling is one of the key assets and extraordinary. The suspension is very good and soft in this car, the interior is very spacious with good boot space, and it can take challenging curves head on.

The only visible drawback is its weight. Being 1090 Kgs, you should consider putting a strut bar, but if you are driving at normal speed, then it is not necessary. The power steering is a bit of a drag compared to Honda Accord. However, all these drawbacks are nothing if you love the car. Most people have been using this car for 10 years, and they still find it a good quality ride.

Toyota Corona key specification


Body Type Hatchback

Fuel Type Petrol

TransmissionType Manual

Fuel Tank Capacity 60

Engine Displacement (cc) 1598

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