Upcoming Honda Cars Launching in 2024 in India

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Updated on: 8th April, 2024 IST

Upcoming Honda Cars in India 2023

The Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces automobiles, motorbikes, and outdoor power equipment. Honda's website states that the corporation desires to create goods that help people achieve their aspirations, and this inspiration drives them to develop novel and engaging vehicles regularly. 

Read on if you're a fan of the Honda brand and are interested in learning more about their upcoming cars. This article will preview some of the upcoming Honda cars in India in 2023, along with information on their anticipated pricing, features, and specs.

Honda's upcoming additions to its India portfolio will feature cutting-edge technology and design to achieve maximum customer delight. Without further delay, let's look at the lineup of new 2023 Honda vehicles scheduled to be released in India.

1. Honda HR-V

All-new Honda HR-V unveiled

The WR-V was so well received that Honda is adding another SUV to its lineup, the HR-V. This SUV can seat five passengers like the Hyundai Creta, Maruti Suzuki Brezza, and Kia Seltos. The HR-V has the typical exterior features, such as a prominent grille up front, a stylish bumper, and a chrome garnish on the trunk lid that connects to the taillights. It is also expected to launch in both manual and automatic transmissions.

Key Specifications:

Engine Capacity 2000cc
Maximum Power138 bhp
Maximum Torque174 Nm
Seating Capacity 5
Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi ₹12 - ₹16 lakh 
Expected Launch Date14 June 2023
Body TypeC-segment SUV
Fuel Type Petrol
TransmissionCVT(Continuously Variable Transmission)

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2. Honda NSX

Honda NSX

It is expected that Honda will debut the second generation New Sports Experience or NSX in India in 2023. Inspired by the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet, this high-performance automobile features a robust engine, sleek styling, and a bulletproof steel frame. Three electric motors and a 9-speed dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission are planned for the NSX's release. Also, only two people can sit in it comfortably, so that's something to keep in mind (as is the case with most sports cars).

Key Specifications:

Engine Capacity 3500
Maximum Power501 bhp 
Maximum Torque550 Nm
Seating Capacity 2
Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi ₹1 crore 
Expected Launch DateExpected to launch in 2023
Body Type2 door coupe 
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission Automatic 

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3. Honda ZR-V

Honda ZR-V

A new Honda SUV, the ZR-V, is on the horizon, and it's expected to compete with the likes of the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. Black vertical bars decorate the front of the ZR-V, while Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) with indicator lights and l-shaped LED tail lights round off the vehicle's design. The inside is anticipated to be roomy and cutting-edge. All-wheel-drive (AWD) ZR-V models will almost certainly be obtainable. It's possible that this could improve mobility in frigid environments.

Key Specifications:

Engine Capacity 1500 cc
iMaximum Power158 bhp
Maximum Torque240 Nm
Seating Capacity 5
Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi ₹20 - ₹25 Lakh
Expected Launch DateJune 2025
Body TypeCompact SUV
Fuel Type Petrol 
Transmission CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission)

Safety & Security with Honda Connect

The well-being of its customers has always been Honda's top concern. Honda Connect provides dependable safety and security, and Honda offers the following safety options:

1. Live Car Location 

The app's Live Car Tracking feature allows you to monitor your vehicle's whereabouts in real-time, no matter the time of day or where you happen to be. This function was developed with your safety in mind.

2. Vehicle Tracking 

If your car is stolen or misplaced, the Stolen Vehicle Tracking tool might help you find it again. To activate this function, select "Stolen Vehicle Tracking" from the vehicle's help menu or contact the Honda 121 customer service line.

3. Geo-Fence Alert

You can restrict your car's movement using Geo-fencing technology. The moment your car crosses into or out of a predetermined area called a "Geo-Fence," you'll receive immediate notification.

4. Speeding Alert

To protect you and your loved ones, your car can be equipped with a technology called Contextual Speeding Warning, which gives you an alert if your car's speed exceeds the limit on the road.

5. Auto Crash Notification 

If the airbags deploy in an accident, the Auto Crash Notification system will initiate an automatic call to the user from the call centre to help them get in touch with emergency services. It will also send an SMS to the user's emergency contacts to let them know what happened.


Those interested in the future Honda upcoming cars in India during 2023 will find complete information about them on the list provided above. It includes the estimated cost and other information to help you budget for the purchase in advance. Remember to keep an eye on the estimated release date to avoid purchasing hurdles.


Q. What are some of the upcoming Honda cars in India in 2023?

From 2023 to 2025, Honda plans to release two new models in India, including the City 2023 and the WR-V 2023. There are two sedans and two SUVs among the upcoming vehicles.

Q. Are there any upcoming Honda hatchback cars in India?

No Honda hatchback car will be launched in the next few years.

Q. Are there any upcoming Honda sedan cars in India?

Only one Honda Sedan car will be launched in 2023, the Honda city 2023. However, Honda hasn't released details about the car or its expected launch date.

Q. What are the forthcoming Honda SUV cars in India?

Honda HR-V and Honda ZR-V are the two SUV models Honda is going to launch in India. These models would be great competitors for SUVs like Creta and Seltos.

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