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Founded in 1916, BMW prides itself on producing premium and luxury cars that are comfortable for its occupants but also fun to drive for those behind the wheel. BMW sells 22 models in India, consisting of SUVs, sedans, and even one convertible. The most affordable BMW on sale is the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, with an ex-showroom price of ₹43.5 lakh. The most affordable BMW SUV on sale is the BMW X1, with an ex-showroom price of ₹45.9 lakh. BMW's most expensive car sold in India is the BMW XM, starting at an ex-showroom price of ₹2.6 crore. 

BMW cars are known for their exceptional build quality, superior driving dynamics and opulent interiors. If maintained well, BMW cars are known to keep going year after year without any trouble, and you visit close to 40 BMW service centres across India, which complement close to 50 showrooms.  

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