Upcoming Nissan Cars in India 2020 - All About Buying & Selling of Used Cars, New Car Launches
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Upcoming Nissan Cars in India 2020

Nissan is a car manufacturer that has only entered the Indian market for about 16 years but they have done exceedingly well in that short time. The company has always been associated with class, elegance, style, and performance which is why they have done exceedingly well in India, as well as around the world. Nissan knows how to sell cars that appeal to the public and the buyers know exactly what to expect from every new launch. Now, let’s take a look at the upcoming Nissan cars that have got buyers giddy with excitement.

Nissan Sunny 2020 Rs. 8.50 Lakh
Nissan Terra Rs. 20.0 Lakh
Nissan Magnite Rs. 5.50 Lakh
Nissan Leaf Rs. 30.0 Lakh
Nissan Note e Power Rs. 20.0 Lakh
Nissan X-Trail Rs. 22.6 Lakh

Nissan Sunny 2020

Expected Launch 15 November, 2020
Engine 1.6L Petrol
Transmission XTRONIC Auto, 5-Speed Manual

The Nissan Sunny is one of the best-selling sedans and used cars from the brand and continues to do well all across the country. The latest facelifted Sunny is expected to feature Nissan’s Emotional Geometry design which will take pointers from the Altima and Lannia that are already available internationally. The new Sunny will come with an upgraded chrome V-shaped front grille and is flanked by sleek angular LED headlights. Nissan has also included LED DRLs in the Sunny 2020. The Sunny 2020 gets most of its styling from the already stylish Kicks along with its floating roofline. Powering the Sunny 2020 will be a 1.6L 4-cylinder petrol engine that is capable of producing 122Ps of power and 155Nm of torque. Mated to the engine will be a 5-speed manual gearbox as a standard option but Nissan is expected to also offer an XTRONIC automatic transmission as well. For its features, the Sunny 2020 will come with the same floating touchscreen infotainment system found in the Kicks. Other features include automatic climate controls, a top-tier audio setup, and a digital instrument cluster.

Nissan Terra

Expected Launch 1 January, 2021
Engine 2.3L Diesel, 2.5L Diesel
Transmission 6-Speed Manual, 7-Speed Automatic

The Nissan Terra is definitely one of the most anticipated SUVs right now, but not for the conventional reasons. According to the ASEAN NCAP test results, the Terra set an unmatched 5-star rating across all types of tests which makes it one of the safest cars around. Along with its safety certification, the car will feature a total of 6 airbags. Launched as a direct competitor to a number of cars, the 7-seater SUV is set to take on the Mahindra Alturas G4, Isuzu mu-X, Toyota Fortuner, and Ford Endeavour. Under the hood, the tested Terra housed a 2.3L diesel engine which could make it into the launched variant in the coming months. There is also news about a 2.5L diesel engine that could make its way to the Indian market. Both engines have been tested and are capable of producing 190Ps of power along with 450Nm of torque. Paired with the diesel engines, Nissan is expected to include either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed automatic transmission system. In terms of looks, the Nissan Terra sports a rugged exterior with large bumpers on the front and rear. The grille on the front also has a newer design with sleek headlamps on either side of it.

Nissan Magnite

Expected Launch 14 January, 2021
Engine 1.0L Petrol
Transmission 5-Speed Manual, CVT

The Nissan Magnite was initially rumoured to be an electric vehicle but with the latest news, Nissan seems to have opted for a petrol-only model to be launched in India. The 5-seat hatchback is expected to come with a 1.0L Naturally-Aspirated, 3-cylinder petrol engine that is also found in the Renault Triber and is capable of generating 100Ps of power. There might also be a turbocharged engine setup made available when the car is launched in India. In the transmission department, the regular petrol engine will be mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox while the turbocharged variant might come with a CVT automatic setup. In the features department, the Magnite is expected to come with many of the Triber’s features including an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, cruise control, ABS with EBD, LED headlamps and DRL’s, and a 360-degree camera.

Nissan Leaf

Expected Launch 15 February, 2021
Engine Electric Motor
Power 40kWh Lithium-Ion Battery
Range 400 Kms

Following Nissan’s EV design structure, the new Nissan Leaf offers intelligent driving, intelligent integration, and intelligent power along with a plethora of features. This all-electric car has some of the most technologically advanced features that make it stand out in all the right ways. With ProPilot mode, the car can follow a vehicle autonomously between the speeds of 30 kmph and 100 kmph in a single lane. The ProPilot Park mode uses the 4 high resolution cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors around the car to automatically find and park in a spot. Powering the Leaf will be an electric motor with 320Nm of torque and 150Ps of power which will be backed up by a 40kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack. The car is estimated to have a range of about 400kms on a single charge which is quite impressive. Finally, when it comes to safety, the Nissan Leaf carries a number of features as well, including, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Lane Intervention, Blind Spot Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. With a launch date soon approaching, a used car evaluation tool could help you get your hands on this remarkable vehicle.

Nissan Note e Power

Expected Launch 15 August, 2021
Engine Petrol, Electric Motor
Power 1.5kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

Nissan’s electric vehicle (EV) design platform is one of the best in the world and the upcoming Nissan Note e Power uses that design to offer something more than just cleaner driving. When it comes to EV’s, power and range are two variables all potential buyers look for and are the two obstacles most manufacturers find hard to overcome. Nissan’s attempt at solving that dilemma is the Note e Power as it features both an electric motor as well as a petrol engine. This would make it a hybrid essentially, but the petrol engine is not there to get the wheels turning. In fact, all the power comes from the 1.5kWh Lithium-Ion battery which offers a torque of 254Nm. The petrol engine in the car works as a battery charger to keep the car moving even when the battery is running out of juice. With its sole purpose set on charging, the engine is expected to have an impressive mileage of 37kmpl. Since very little is known about the Note e Power, we will have to wait till its launch date to know the other details.

Nissan X-Trail

Expected Launch 1 December, 2021
Engine 2.0L Naturally Aspirated Engine with an Electric Motor
Transmission CVT Automatic

Known as the Nissan Rogue in the US, the X-Trail is expected to be launched in India in December, 2019. This is the third-gen SUV model which was first showcased back in 2016 at the Indian Auto Expo. While there seem to be a number of upgrades and changes, the majority of it looks to be in its exteriors. The bumper, headlamps, grille, and hood get a complete redesign while a large air duct sits below the grille and between the two fog lights. In the rear, the car has new horizontally placed tail lights and a new bumper as well. The X-Trail, when launched in India, will come with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine along with an electric motor that features an automatic CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission. The interiors of the car also get a major upgrade with a touchscreen infotainment system, new AC vents, and a sleek digital dashboard. Although the X-Trail was launched with Nissan’s ProPilot autonomous driving feature, it is unlikely that the Indian model will come with it when launched. The X-Trail is definitely one of the best upcoming SUVs and could get a lot of people readying their RC transfer papers to try and get their hands on the vehicle once it is launched in the country.


Q: Is Nissan Terra coming to India?

A: The Nissan Terra is expected to launch in India sometime in January 2021. The specifications for the India-bound Terra have not yet been released by Nissan but we can expect it to be quite similar to the variants launched in Thailand.

Q: Are Nissan cars expensive?

A: Not really. In the automobile market in India, Nissan cars fall into the mid-range. Nissan uses financing schemes that make it easier for interested buyers to get their hands on a model. They also carry out “fleet sales” which make it easier on the pocket of the buyer.

Q: What is Nissan’s cheapest car?

A: Currently, the Nissan Kicks is the most affordable car in their lineup with a price tag of Rs. 9.49 Lakh.

Q: What is Nissan famous for?

A: Nissan has been around for over 75 years and the Japanese manufacturer is best known for its reliability and quality. Nissan trucks, pick-up trucks, and luxury sedans are some of the best-selling cars from the brand.

Q: What is Nissan’s best car?

A: There are many quality cars from Nissan. The Nissan Quest is the best-selling minivan while the Sentra is the best Sedan. In India, the Kicks is the best Nissan car available.

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