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What makes CARS24 the best place to sell my car?

CARS24 is on a mission to streamline the unorganised used car selling market in India. We at CARS24 help you:

  • Sell your car in a Single Visit: Tedious negotiations with multiple buyers over a period of several days are a thing of the past. Visit CARS24 and sell your car in precisely one visit. No extra nonsense!
  • Get Instant money Transfer: No painful or cumbersome follow-up procedures with the buyer. We transfer your money straight to your bank account on the same day. (In case you avail the deferred payment option, you will get the payment in your account within 48 hours.)
  • Get free RC Transfer: Long lines at the RTO Office? Complicated Paperwork? Worry not. Sell your car to us and we will handle all the necessary documentation needed to get your RC transferred, that too free of cost. On top of that, every car seller is protected by the CARS24 Customer Protection Policy until the RC gets transferred.
  • Get the best Price: It’s the aggregate of research and on-ground experience of inspecting 3 lakh+ cars that have made us an expert when it comes to used car pricing. Prices we offer for your used car are based on its condition as well as the market factors - the only unbiased engine to calculate the best price for your car.


How do I sell my car at CARS24?

Selling your used car is easy with CARS24.

  • Book an appointment by visiting our website - Feed in the details required, choose your branch and time slot.
  • Visit the branch and get your car inspected free of cost.
  • Get the CARS24 Best Price on the same day. Sign the deal, get paid, and there you go.


What is the business model of CARS24?

We at CARS24 believe in changing the way people sell their used cars in India by simplifying and standardizing the entire process. We buy your used car and sell it to our channel partners across various cities in India. We charge a nominal fee for every transaction when you sell your car to us, details can be seen in the Transaction Guidelines section.


How do I book an appointment?

It’s simple! Log on to our website www.cars24.com, fill in the basic details about your car as mentioned above and schedule an appointment at your nearest CARS24 branch. OR, You can simply call on our customer helpline number - 1800 258 5656 and we will schedule an appointment for you.


Is it mandatory to book an appointment?

Yes. By booking an appointment with us, you are reserving your dedicated slot to be catered to by one of our associates at the branch. In case, you drop in at any of our branches without having an appointment booked, you will be asked to book one on the spot. This will lead to unnecessary wastage of time and efforts which we tend to avoid. We are serving several customers at a time and our goal is to ensure all of them receive the same kind of experience. Having dedicated slots booked in advance helps us achieve the same and allows us to serve our customers in the best way possible.


I think my car is in very good condition - will I get the price mentioned on website?

Yes, it is definitely possible. The price we give through our website is a tentative price based on factors such as the make and model of the car, demand and supply of the car at the present moment, and of course the conditions of the car. In order to know the best possible price for your used car, book an appointment for a free inspection at the nearest CARS24 branch.


Does CARS24 provide home inspection?

Yes, we have recently commenced home inspection services in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Also, planning to launch the service in various other cities in India very soon. Currently, we levy a nominal charge of INR 199/- for the home inspection service for your car.


I cannot find my car’s registration state while booking the appointment online.

This may just happen because we are not currently present in your state. However, we are expanding at a rapid pace and plan to launch the used car buying service in many more cities pan India, very soon.


What should I carry to the branch for inspection?

It is important that you bring the following documents with you to proceed with the inspection of your used car:

  • Original RC (Mandatory)
  • Insurance Certificate / Cover Note / Policy
  • Original Invoice
  • Duplicate Keys
  • Service Manual
  • Last Service Receipt
  • Extended Warranty Certificate (if applicable)

For availing instant payment you must bring along:

  • PAN card of the registered owner
  • 4 Self-attested photos of the registered owner
  • Registered owner's - Aadhar Card/ Pan Card/ Passport
  • Financial documents in case of financed car
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • GSTIN Registration Certificate (Required only if the car's RC is in the name of the Firm / Company / HUF etc.)

Do remember to take out all of your personal belongings from your car before your inspection!


Can I send my driver to get the inspection done?

Yes, you can. However, you must ensure that the driver carry all the required documents to get the car inspected. Also, please note that the owner of the car need to self attest all the documents involved. We will also need the bank account details of the registered owner of the car to initiate the transaction involved in the deal.


Till when are your branches open?

Our branches operate from 10 am - 7 pm. We recommend you to reach our branch by 6 pm to avoid any hassle or delay. Please note that there might be some branches across India who don’t operate on a certain day of the week. When you try booking an appointment for a time slot, you will realise if that particular branch is operational on that particular time and day or not.


I got an SMS to check in, where do I have to check in at the branch?

One of our receptionist/retail associate will come to you and assist you with the check-in process, provided you have booked an inspection beforehand. Please ensure that you get the check in done as soon as you enter the branch so that you are queued in for the inspection process to start.


How much time will it take to get the inspection done?

We at CARS24 evaluate a used car on the basis of several parameters. Our dedicated CJs (Car Jockeys) are trained to complete the entire process of car inspection within a time period of 30 minutes. However, there might be instances, pertaining to different car condition, when the car inspection process extends to 90 minutes even.


What all do you check during the inspection of my car?

Our used car Inspection process is fair and thorough to ensure an objective standardized report that gives a clear view of the condition of your car. We start with a document check and test drive and then use the latest tools to assess the exterior, tires, engine, transmission, interiors and electricals. We also inspect the steering mechanism, suspension, brakes and accessories of your car during the inspection process.


Why is there a difference between the online valuation and the actual price offered at the branch?

The online valuation indicates the estimated range you can get for your used car considering it is in a picture-perfect condition. The detailed inspection conducted at the branch which determines the physical health and working of the car’s components decides what the final quote offered will be. The factors that impact that value of your car include the car make, aesthetic and mechanical condition, kilometer run on the meter and market condition.


Will I be charged for the inspection at the branch?

No, the inspection of your car is entirely free of cost.


How do you determine the price of my car?

Your car's quote depends on several factors like the demand for its brand, model of the car, kilometers covered, registration and physical condition. At CARS24, an estimated value range is first given to you based only on the details you enter on the website considering the car to be in picture-perfect condition. The final price offered also takes into consideration the physical condition of your vehicle as evaluated during the inspection process.


What all factors does your pricing engine consider?

Car Condition:

  1. Your car’s basic details: Like variant, age, production status, ownership serial, registration state , insurance status etc.
  2. Your car’s condition: Our ISO certified inspection report captures the as-is condition of your car - Any work that has been done, or any work that is required.

Market Demand:

  1. The market demand for your car: We have a buyer network of more than 10,000 channel partners pan-India. They actively feed the car model for which they have ready buyers in our portal - hence impacting the price.
  2. Our Pricing for 3,00,000 cars till date: CARS24 has done 3,00,000+ transactions till date - This database of actual used car prices helps our pricing portal predict the fair market value of your car.

We have purchased more than 1000 Honda City's in past one month and I can assure you that this is fair value for your car.


Why is the quote valid only for 24 hours?

The price quote offered to you for your used car depend on various factors such as demand and supply of your car’s brand and make. We work with several channel partners across India. Our channel partners raise request to buy car of a particular make and model according to the demand in the market. Due to this, the price we offer to you against your used car can not be valid for more than 24 hours.


Can I get a better price later on?

The price we offer against your used car depends on the market condition for the particular make and brand of your car. The inspection report we provide after inspecting your car on various parameters is only valid for 24 hours. After 24 hours, we re-initiate the inspection process of your car and try to give the best price possible.


What all documents do I need to sell my car?

The documents required to sell your car to us include:

  • Original Registration Certificate (RC) of your car
  • Original Insurance Certificate/ Cover Note/ Policy
  • Original Invoice
  • Duplicate Keys
  • Service Manual
  • Last Service Receipt
  • Extended Warranty Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • 4 Photographs


What is service charge and is it mandatory?

Yes, in case you decide to sell your car to us, we levy a very nominal service charge based on the final amount offered for your car. The service charge structure is as follows:

CARS24 Final Offer PriceAmount Payable
1. For CARS24 Offer Price < Rs.1,00,000/-Rs.1000/- incl. of taxes
2. For Rs.1,00,000/- < CARS24 Offer Price < Rs.5,00,000/-Rs.3000/- incl. of taxes
3. For CARS24 Offer Price > Rs.5,00,000/-Rs. 5000/- incl. of taxes


How long will it take for the payment to be transferred to my account?

We process the transaction of the complete amount instantly after the documents are signed. There are two ways in which you can receive the payment for your used car.

1.Instant Payment: If you avail this facility, you will receive the payment on the same day of signing the deal.*

2.Deferred Payment: Through the deferred payment option, we credit the car selling amount within a time span of 48 hours.

Please note that we charge a nominal fee of INR 1000/- for instant payment.*


What if I don’t get the amount within the stipulated time?

We make sure to credit the total amount once all the paperwork is done. Please note there could be some held back amount involved in the deal if all the requirements are not met. If you wish to understand any holdback amount on your invoice, reach out to us @ 1800 258 5656


What happens if I cancel the deal after signing the documents?

Although we strive to help people sell their car and make their experience hassle-free, if you wish to cancel the deal after signing the documents, we charge a nominal penalty of INR 5000/- to help compensate the efforts of our car jockeys. If in case token amount has also been transferred to your account, you will have to return it back to us.


I did not get the full amount as promised at the branch, why did that happen?

There are numerous reasons as to why a part of your money could be held back. These are as follows:

1. Bank Loan NOC: In the event that your car was financed by a bank, the NOC from the bank must be presented stating that the loan amount has been paid off. In case the NOC isn’t available, an amount of Rs.10000 is held back till the NOC is submitted.

2. Pending Challan/Fine on Vehicle: In order to get your RC transferred it is paramount that there are no pending challans/fines on your vehicle. In case there are any, the total challan amount will be held back. If you have paid off the challan(s), you may present the corresponding receipt and the held back amount will returned to you. Else, we will pay off the challan ourselves using the held back amount.

3. Party Peshi: The RTO’s of certain states require seller presence in order to transfer the RC. In this case an amount of Rs.10000 is held back till the transfer process is complete.

4. Vehicle Background Not Verified: Your car’s service history is required to identify any previous cases of accidental damage or odometer tampering. The held back amount for this case is variable and depends on the attributes of the car. For Example - In case you are selling a premium top model C-segment sedan, the amount held back is Rs.50000. In case any tampering or damage is discovered, the deal will be cancelled. If no such tampering or damage is found, the amount will be transferred to your account.


What happens to my car after you buy it?

We work on customer to business model where we sell the car to our channel partners who request for similar car models after buying it from you.


There is some pending amount for my car, when will I get it back?

Please refer to the transaction guidelines to understand why the amount was held back. The amount will be released once you fulfill the required conditions and submit the documents within the stipulated timeline. Please call our toll-free number 1800 258 5656 to check the current status.


Where can I check my current RC transfer status of my car?

We will keep you updated with the current status of the ownership of your car. You can click here to check the status of transfer of your car’s RC. You can also verify the same at www.parivahan.gov.in


How long will it take for the RC to be transferred from my name?

Our Ownership Transfer System takes 120 days on an average to transfer the RC of your car. This might vary depending on the transfer of ownership to the end buyer and RTO requirements. However, you don’t need to worry about it at all. All our customers are covered under the CARS24 Customer Protection Policy, which means till your RC transfer comes through - we take full responsibility for the safety of your car.


What is the CARS24 Customer Protection Policy?

CARS24 re-defines the way you sell your car. CARS24 Customer Protection Policy is an exclusive programme by CARS24 to protect the customer from any unwarranted post-sale situations. This means that till the car’s Registration Certificate (RC) is transferred in the name of the new buyer, we will take care of any hassles related to the car.

In case there is any unforeseen incident with your car while the transfer is in the process, our legal experts provide full support and all expenses up to Rs. 5 lakh* are covered by us. All you have to do is call our helpline number - 1800 258 5656. We take full responsibility for the car’s safety and guarantee your peace of mind.


What is covered under CARS24 Customer Protection Policy?

The CARS24 Customer Protection Policy provides you with threefold benefits once you sell your car with us.

  • Ready assistance and information at every step till the RC of the Vehicle is transferred to the new owner

  • Full Legal support in the rarest of the rare scenario where there is an issue with the Vehicle while the transfer is in the process without any lawyer/counsel expenses or charges

  • Cover of Rs. 5 lakh* for any expenses incurred due to an accident or untoward incident with the Vehicle


Does the Protection Policy cost anything?

You are automatically covered under our Customer Protection Policy once you sell your car to us. You don’t have to pay any premium nor is there any deduction for the same from the price of the Vehicle.


Whom do I reach out if I have any queries regarding ownership transfer after selling my car?

We understand your concern and we are there to assist you in every way till your car ownership is transferred. You simply have to call our toll-free number 1800 258 5656 or send an email to care@cars24.com and we will take care of everything.


What happens if there is any mishap while the car’s RC is not transferred? How can I avail the benefits of this policy?

In case of any occurrence of any untoward incident while the RC is in your name; CARS24 will provide you with both legal support and cover expenses up to Rs 5 lakh*. You can raise your concern with us at our helpline number. Our Legal Support team will get in touch with you and get the issue resolved for you as soon as possible.


Is the CARS24 Customer Protection Policy an insurance programme for my car?

No, Customer Protection Policy is to protect and safeguard the concerns or issues of our customers against any legal liabilities that they might have to bear till the RC of the respective Vehicle is transferred to the new buyer. This is not and should not be treated to be an alternative for your vehicle insurance.


How do I avail the cover of Rs. 5 lakh?

If there is any untoward incident and you are contacted by the government authorities or receive any communication from them - Follow these steps:

  1. Share the CARS24 delivery receipt and invoice with the authorities
  2. Call Our helpline number - 1800 258 5656 and request for legal support
  3. Our legal SPOC will contact you the same day and then take up the conversation with relevant authorities on your behalf
  4. All legal expenses incurred during this process will be done by our representatives and if there is any additional expense, they will be reimbursed on actuals once you submit the relevant documents

8. What all will the Policy protect me from?

CARS24 Customer Protection Policy assures to protect you (Registered Owner) from

  1. Any issue(s) which may arise against you from any misuse of the Vehicle

  2. Any case which may be lodged against you in case of any mishap/ accident involving the Vehicle

  3. CARS24 will engage a lawyer at its own cost (s) to represent you before and with any judicial / quasi-judicial / law enforcement agencies

  4. Contest and/or challenge and/or comply any court verdict / order / directions / judgments if passed against you in any of the above-mentioned case(s) / issue(s) in order to protect you

9. What are the terms & conditions to be eligible for the coverage under this policy?

  1. You (Registered owner) should have provided physical delivery of the Vehicle with CARS24

  2. There is no breach of Vehicle Form T&Cs by you (Registered owner)

  3. The issue/case comes to the knowledge of CARS24

  4. The issue/case is being allowed to be handled exclusively by CARS24 for and on your behalf

  5. The coverage is applicable from the date of physical delivery of Vehicle with CARS24 till the RC ownership is transferred in name of new/end-buyer

The policy will NOT be applicable if

  1. Customer assigns any such issue/case to a lawyer/third party of its own choice

  2. CARS24 is not aware of any such issue

1. What will happen if my car is financed from a bank and I want to sell my car at CARS24

If the car you want to sell is financed, simply bring along a current dated foreclosure letter issued by the bank, and we will pay back the loan on your car. The settlement amount will be deducted from the amount paid to you for your car. Alternatively, you can also settle the loan before selling the car to us.

2. My car is in Delhi but it has a Mumbai registration number, can I sell it to CARS24?

Yes, you can sell your car with in cities we are present in.

3. Do you buy cars registered in the name of a company

Yes, we most certainly will buy company-registered cars.


My car is registered outside India - Can you buy this car?

No, we only buy cars registered in India.


Do you buy two wheelers as well?

No, we currently buy only cars.


I have a T permit or commercial car, can I get it inspected with CARS24?

We understand the pain and hassles of selling commercial vehicles. There is no streamlined process or a go-to destination where one can visit and get their commercial vehicle sold at once. However, we at CARS24, at the moment are only buying passenger cars.


How do you ensure my private information remains confidential?

We at CARS24 believe in transparency but only in the process of buying used cars. We value our customers confidentiality and ensure no data is passed on to any third party under any circumstance. We take every measure to make sure that information is not leaked or transferred to the slightest bit. For instance, even while uploading the pictures of a car, we make it a point to mask the original number plate with CARS24’s custom number plate. We are hell bent to the idea of keeping all information confidential a customer’s information even if they don’t agree to sell their used cars to us.