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300-point inspection

Every car listed for sale has to pass our 300-point checklist and an on-road test. It’s then fully refurbished by our team of experts. We even take care of state roadworthy certificates.

Six-month warranty

Your car is covered by a comprehensive six-month warranty. You can make unlimited claims up to the value of your car inside this time.

Seven-day return

If you decide that your new car isn't a perfect match, we'll pick it up. There are some terms and conditions including limits on how far you can travel over the seven days.

100% online

CARS24 is changing the way Australians buy used cars. Our cars are all quality assured, so you can buy online with peace of mind. We can arrange finance with an easy five-minute pre-approval process.

We own every car we sell

We only sell top-quality cars. Every car that we list for sale has been thoroughly inspected, test-driven and refurbished. We want you to be thrilled when you drive your new car.

Fast home delivery

Just like anything else you buy online, your car is home-delivered. A CARS24 Carcierge will guide you through a complete handover, and be there to offer assistance over the first seven days.

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