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Buy Used Ford Ranger Cars in Australia

There is arguably no more famous car company on earth than Ford. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, its success was built upon the legendary Model T and the industrialisation of the manufacturing process that allowed it to be so cheap and commonly available. Read More

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Ford Ranger buying guide

The Ranger ticks all the key boxes for ute buyers, especially as a 4x4 dual cab,

It can be the working truck during the week with payloads up around the one tonne mark, but it also offers 3500kg braked towing capacity and enough interior space to comfortably fit adults front and rear.

The Ranger 4x4 is a more than competent off-roader with low-range gearing, a locking rear differential and an 800mm wading depth.

The Raptor is undoubtedly the star Ranger off-road and also drives very well on-road. But it does sacrifice towing capability and payload along the way.

The best thing about the Ranger is how well it works in Australian conditions, which is a direct result of its local development. It"s the same story when it comes to its SUV spin-off, the Everest, which performs very well.

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