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jeep wrangler

1 Used Jeep Wrangler Car in Australia

No car screams four-wheel drive as loudly as Jeep. The brand has its genesis in rugged off-roaders made for the military as early as 1941. Back then they weren"t known as Jeeps; they came later one the American car maker branched out into making cars for civilians. Read More

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Jeep Wrangler Car Buying Guide

Lots of Jeep Wrangler owners love customising their vehicles. Bigger wheels, chunkier bumpers and all manner of accessories can significantly change the look. For many, a Wrangler is a blank canvas to personalisation and adventure.

But often it's best to start with the canvas still blank, at the very least so you can make the car your own and will hopefully get one that hasn’t been too well used.

Wranglers come in three main flavours: Sport, Overland and Rubicon.

We’ll start at the end – the Rubicon. It’s named after the famous Rubicon Trail that has become Jeep’s unofficial test track. It’s not particularly long, but it’s rocky and undulating to the point of being undriveable on mere off-roaders.

So Rubicon models come with the most advanced four-wheel drive system and various styling extras to reinforce the adventurous spirit.

The Sport gets the same basic body but tones down the wheels and tyres and puts a regular 4WD system that’s fine or exploring and even challenging tracks, but doesn’t quite have the smarts of the one in the Rubicon.

The Overland has a similar focus to the Sport but replaces the soft-top roof with a hard-top that is easier to live with on big adventures.

A 3.6-litre V6 engine dishes up plenty of power but the 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel will be preferable to those looking to drive out of town more or cover big distances.

While many will like the look and utilitarian feel of the JK Wrangler, the JL Wrangler is a big step up in the on-road driving experience as well as its interior presentation.

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