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Buy Used Toyota Hilux Cars in Australia

Toyota, the maker of Hilux, has been manufacturing cars since 1933 and today is the largest manufacturer in the world by volume of cars produced. We have a wide range of pre-owned Toyota cars available to buy or finance. Read More

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Toyota HiLux Buying Guide

The Toyota HiLux is the best selling vehicle in the country. Toyota sells on average 1,000 Hiluxes a week in Australia, mostly the higher-end 4x4 versions. The 'ute' has moved from being a trustworthy workhorse for tradies to something with even more appeal.

The Toyota Hilux is no longer the sole domain of the building and construction industry. More recently, it’s focus (and purpose) has changed to give it wider appeal.

The latest generations of Hilux have been built as touring/adventuring vehicles and with that in mind, the Hilux comes with a space already allocated for a second battery to power camping accessories.

The Hilux range has a vehicle for every task and budget, starting with the basic WorkMate - a single-cab 2.4L turbo-diesel manual cab-chassis, right up to the Rugged X - a 4x4 2.8L turbo-diesel automatic dual-cab pick-up with all the bells and whistles. Three other models - SR, SR5 and Rogue - have increasing levels of performance and sophistication between the WorkMate and Rogue X. All models (except the WorkMate) have a braked towing capacity of 3500kg and come in various cab-chassis options, too. Only the workmate has a petrol-engine option.

Think a Hilux might be right for you? View our range of used Toyota Hilux utes to find the perfect one for you.

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