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Buy Used BMW Cars in Australia

Many motorists would consider BMW to be the optimum mix of sports car and luxury vehicle. BMW, an acronym (in English) for Bavarian Motor Works, is considered an aspirational brand throughout the world. Read More

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BMW Car Buying Guide

Did you know … BMW’s iconic ‘kidney’ grille has gone through 13 iterations since it was first introduced way back in 1933

From a distance, it’s quite easy to identify a BMW by that distinctive grille shape. However, the 2021 4 Series of BMW has polarised fans, motoring enthusiasts and owners with its latest version.

We are told by BMW that its design has moved with the times and that we’d better expect to be here on future models.

To be fair, the kidney design has had a few rather dramatic changes over the past 80-odd years so this is nothing out of the ordinary for BMW.

BMW has always been a popular brand of police motorcycle, especially in the US and featured in TV shows CHiPS and in many movies. Not long ago, James Bond 007 swapped his traditional Aston Martin for BMW Z3 Roadster, Z8 Roadster and 750iL. Apparently BMW gave Pinewood Studios 17 of the 750iLs to make Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). Each one cost roughly AUD$263,000!

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