Every 300 point inspection is included absolutely FREE.

CARS24 Quality Assured
CARS24 Quality Assured

300 Point Inspection

Every car you see on the CARS24 website has passed our 300 point inspection. We go above and beyond the roadworthy to give you the most thorough and comprehensive check possible.

Our highly skilled technicians inspect every aspect of the vehicle mechanically, externally and internally to ensure that it passes our CARS24 quality standard.

  • Body Exterior

    Body Exterior

  • Body Exterior


  • Body Exterior


  • Body Exterior


  • Body Exterior

    Electrics and controls

  • Body Exterior


  • Body Exterior

    Interior and luggage

  • Body Exterior


  • Body Exterior

    Brake System

  • Body Exterior


Body Exterior

45 points inspected

  • Key operation lock and unlock/start
  • Key Blades
  • Comfort Opening
  • Windscreen
  • Side windows between A & C pillar
  • Side windows between C & D pillar
  • Rear Windscreen
  • Side View Mirror Housing
  • Outside mirror glass
  • Bonnet
  • Front Bumper
  • Grille
  • Front number plate
  • Front Lights
  • Drivers side front wheel arch
  • Drivers side front wing
  • Drivers side front door
  • Drivers side front mirror
  • Drivers side front door sill
  • Drivers side front trim surrounds
  • Drivers side rear trim surrounds
  • Drivers side middle panel
  • Drivers side rear door sill
  • Drivers side roof rail
  • Drivers side rear door
  • Drivers side rear wheel arch
  • Drivers side panel between the rear door and boot
  • Fuel filler flap
  • Rear tailgate
  • Rear bumper
  • Rear window
  • Rear number plate
  • Passenger side front wheel arch
  • Passengers side front wing
  • Passengers side front door
  • Passengers side front mirror
  • Passengers side front trim surrounds
  • Passengers side rear trim surrounds
  • Passengers side middle panel
  • Passenger side door sills
  • Passengers side roof rail
  • Passengers side rear door
  • Passengers side rear wheel arch
  • Rear wheels
  • Passengers side panel between the rear door and boot
Inspection Report

CARS24 300 point inspection process

1. Initial inspection once we receive the car

2. All-inclusive mechanical inspection + roadworthy check

3. External paint and panel review + refurbishment

4. Final quality check by a senior technician to double-check all points

5. Full internal + external detail (car wash + polish, steam clean, stain removal, glass, deodorising)

6. Full feature functionality check (i.e. power windows, infotainment, climate control, seat heaters)

Comprehensive and complimentary

Free 300 point inspection + road test

State Roads Vehicle Inspections $259

250 checks and roadcheck

Redbook Inspect $270

75 inspection points

Verifiinspect $240

250 points in total

Buy Smart Vehicle Checks $250

200-point onsite car inspection