The Hyundai Creta is one of the most well-received launches made by the Korean marquee in our country. Despite being priced significantly higher than the competition and almost close to full-sized SUV’s, the Creta simply dominated the compact SUV market in terms of sales figures. The response received by it was so good, it went into a 6 month waiting period just a few weeks after being launched and Hyundai sold an astounding 2 lakh Cretas in a period of just two years! Since the number of new Cretas sold was so high, this naturally translates to a large number of them also emerging in the used car market. So here, we have prepared a list of 5 tips you should definitely consider if you decide to opt for a used Hyundai Creta.

Check the AVN system:

The gorgeous 7-inch touchscreen AVN system nestled in the middle of the Creta’s dashboard is one of the most desirable aspects of its interior. However, it was also prone to a large number of bugs and glitches. Some of the common problems include random hangs and lags, emission of strange noises after cutting a call and not turning off even after the ignition is turned off.In a few cases, even the navigation and Bluetooth functions were prone to problems. Hyundai had solved this by providing the customers with a free software upgrade that fixed all the issues. So make sure to check all the functions of the AVN system to ensure they don’t suffer from any software errors.

5 tips for buying used hyundai creta avn

Look out for steering rattle:

This is an issue that is observed not only in the Creta but in several other Hyundai cars as well. If put through a really rough patch of road, there is a chance that the car may start making a peculiar “tak” sound whenever you turn the steering wheel afterwards. It was also observed that the entire steering column would rattle over rumble strips or bumpy terrain.This is caused due to the internals of the steering column getting damaged by the jerks caused due to travelling on bumpy surfaces. So when you take a test ride, ensure to check the condition of the steering system by turning it through its entire radius on both sides. Also, make sure to look out for vibrations or rattling when you drive it over speed breakers and assorted uneven surfaces.

5 tips for buying used hyundai creta steering

Check for excessive clutch wear:

The Hyundai Creta has a very delicate clutch. If used in the correct manner, it won’t cause a lot of problems but if used inappropriately the ill effects resulting from the same are very drastic. A lot of owners have reported the clutch plates requiring change within 20,000 kilometres and a few even mention complete clutch failure in the middle of traffic.While taking a test ride always look out for excessive clutch shuddering when you are changing gears or while moving off from a standstill. It would be best to get a mechanic or an experienced driver check this aspect as he/she would be able to identify excessive clutch wear easily.

5 tips for buying used hyundai creta clutch

Look out for under-body damage:

The Creta although an SUV is strictly intended for the urban environment. Unlike other butch SUV’s which come equipped with expansive metal plates for the under-body section, the Creta only gets plastic cladding all around. While it does have enough ground clearance to tackle most speed breakers, it is certainly not enough for off-road terrain.If any enthusiastic owner does intend to push those limits on the Creta, it could certainly result in damage to the under-body section of the vehicle. So it’s always good to thoroughly get this section checked by a professional mechanic as all the essential components like the oil pan fuel tank lie just above the plastic cladding.

5 tips for buying used hyundai creta underbody

Thoroughly inspect the documentation:

This is a rather generic point which applies to any used car you intend to buy. Always ensure that all the documents of the car you intend to buy are in the correct order. Make sure that the essential three namely, the Registration Certificate, the Insurance and the Pollution Certificate are available with the correct details.Give special attention to the Registration Certificate as popular cars like the Creta are very susceptible to theft and forgery of documents. So it is a very essential step to tally the details mentioned on the RC. Other important documents that require a run through include the purchase invoice, the service booklet and the loan documents (if applicable).
5 tips for buying used hyundai creta documents

This wraps up our list of the 5 important tips to look out for if you intend to purchase a used Hyundai Creta. Do let us know if these points were helpful to you or if you wish to add any more in the comments section.