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What is traffic eChallan ?

A traffic eChallan is a digital traffic violation challan that is issued by the traffic police, traffic cameras or transport authorities in India. As opposed to offline methods of traffic eChallan payment, online payment is convenient, time-saving, and can be done using multiple payment methods including NetBanking, UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, or a digital wallet. It is also more transparent and gives you an electronic record of the payment you have made.

What are the common reasons for which you can be issued a challan ?

Violation of traffic


Driving without


Driving over the

speed limit

Driving an

unauthorised vehicle

Driving without


Causing traffic


Why pay challans with CARS24 ?

Accurate challan details

Stay up to date with any pending challans

Pay from anywhere

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No hassle of court visits

No hassle of glitchy govt. websites, court visits, instant payment everytime

Frequently asked questions

What are the online payment options available for paying a traffic eChallan?arrow

Online payment options for paying a traffic eChallan include UPI, NetBanking, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets.

Are there any offline methods for traffic eChallan payment?arrow

Offline methods for traffic eChallan payment may vary in different states, but generally, you can pay in person at designated traffic police stations or authorised payment centres.

What happens if I fail to pay a traffic eChallan within the stipulated time?arrow

Failing to pay a traffic eChallan is a criminal offence and the traffic authorities might impose additional fines on your vehicle and you may face legal consequences. There is also a probability that your car will be impounded by the authorities.

Can I contest a traffic eChallan if I believe it is wrongly issued?arrow

Yes, you can contest a traffic eChallan if you believe it is wrongly issued. The process for contesting varies in different states, but generally, you can follow the instructions provided on the eChallan notice or contact the traffic police department for further guidance.

Is it safe to make an online payment on CARS24?arrow

Yes, CARS24 takes the security of your payment information seriously. The website employs industry-standard encryption and security measures to ensure your payment details are protected.

Can I check the details of my traffic challan before making the payment?arrow

Absolutely, before making the payment, you will be presented with a summary of your traffic challan details. Review the information carefully to ensure accuracy before proceeding with the payment.

Can I pay multiple traffic challans in a single transaction?arrow

Yes, you can pay multiple traffic challans in a single transaction on CARS24. Simply enter the respective challan numbers and vehicle registration numbers for each challan you want to pay.

Is the online traffic challan payment service available 24/7?arrow

Yes, the online traffic challan payment service on CARS24 is available 24/7, allowing you to make payments at your convenience.

Is there a fee for checking the status of a traffic challan?arrow

No, CARS24 provides the service of viewing your challan status free of charge.

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