Used Car Valuation

Used car valuation isn’t a simple process. Calculating the old car price requires several parameters to be taken into consideration, which means, in spite of being the owner, one is often not aware of his car’s resale value. To make matters worse, not many online services provide a reliable used car value calculator. Hence, you need to be extra cautious while evaluating used car prices.


Getting the right value for used car


Online Used Car Prices

Think again if you thought that you can obtain the correct used car valuation simply by putting the details of your car online. Most of the car value calculator options available online work on many assumptions, which leads to various errors in the used car values provided by them. Please note that there are many minor factors that affect second hand car valuation but can’t be taken into account by used car price calculator programs available online. So, basically, there are merely a few online tools that provide the correct used car valuation in India.


Offline Used Car Prices

For getting the used car valuation, most car sellers follow the traditional method of visiting a dealer and obtaining the second hand car price. To make matters worse, a majority of car owners sell their vehicles to the same dealer, which gives him the liberty of offering a highly inaccurate second hand car valuation. Even if you visit other outlets for used car valuation in India, chances are the dealer would take you for a ride.


Price offered by CARS24

CARS24 combines the foolproof method of combining the convenience of a reliable online car value calculator with the trust that comes from physically visiting showrooms for obtaining car valuation in India. The unique concept offered by us provides second hand car valuation at the tap of a button and you can book an appointment with us online to sell your used car at our nearest outlet within a matter of a couple of hours.


What not to consider for used car valuation


Used Car Classifieds

Some car owners tend to visit used car classifieds websites and search a car with similar life span and other details as their vehicles. Such car sellers think that the asking price in such ads is the car resale value they should desire. In reality, however, an online ad can’t work as a car value calculator for you. No two cars are the same, which means cars that are even of the same make and model year could vary to a great extent in some aspects.


Car Depreciation

The deprecation in the value of a car depends on many factors. For instance, the used car valuation of a 3-year old Maruti WagonR will differ from a Datsun GO of same age and with the same mileage. Moreover, even the present offers and demand for a model directly affects the used car prices.


Insurance Declared Value

The Insurance Declared Value (IDV) serves as a flawed used car value calculator. Used car valuation of any vehicle depends on its present state, demand for the model, and various other factors that IDV doesn’t take into account. For instance, a 5-month old car’s IDV depreciates by 5 per cent but that doesn’t mean you can sell a car you bought for Rs 5 lakh for Rs 4.75 lakh after 5 months of usage. IDV simply can’t be used for second hand car valuation.

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