Used Car Valuation

Valuation requires expertise. And when it comes to valuing an asset as precious as a car, it becomes all the more critical. Despite being an owner, one is unaware of the used car valuation of his/her asset. Getting tricked by the false car valuation isn’t something new so you need to be extra cautious to strike the right chord while evaluating your car resale value.

Getting the right value for used car


Online Used Car Prices

If you think you can simply put some details online about your car and you’ll get the right car valuation online, you are wrong. Most of the prices being fetched are not true and are based on too many assumptions. Plus there are many other critical factors that affect your old car price. Moreover, only a handful of used car price calculators are available on which you can bank upon.


Offline Used Car Prices

Mostly people follow the traditional method of visiting the dealer and getting the estimated second hand car price. And 8 out of 10 car owners sell their vehicle to the same dealer so as to avoid the hassle of visiting other outlets for used car valuation in India. This way the chances of the dealer tricking you rise manifold.


Price offered by CARS24

CARS24 combines the foolproof method of combining the convenience of a reliable online car value calculator with the trust that comes from physically visiting showrooms for obtaining car valuation in India. The unique concept offered by us provides second hand car valuation at the tap of a button and you can book an appointment with us online to sell your used car at our nearest outlet within a matter of a couple of hours.

What not to consider for used car prices


Classified Ads

Some owners tend to visit used car selling or other classified websites and search a car with similar life span and other details as their’s. They think that’s the actual value they should sell their car at, but in reality, it’s not the actual worth of the .car It’s the desired price which the owner wants, and in most cases, it dips by up to 30-35 per cent!


Car Depreciation

The deprecation in the value of a car depends on many factors. For instance, the used car valuation of a 3-year old Maruti WagonR will differ from a Datsun GO of same age and with the same mileage. Moreover, even the present offers and demand for a model directly affects the used car prices.


Insurance Declared Value

Often mistaken, the IDV or Insured Declared Value is not the present resale value of the vehicle. Used car valuation depends on the present state of the car with respect to usage, appearance, engine, etc. For instance, a 5 month old car’s IDV depreciates by 5 per cent but that doesn’t mean you can sell a car for Rs 4.75 lakh which you purchased 5 months ago for Rs 5 lakh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the value of my used car?

Many car owners wonder how to judge the correct worth of their vehicle. Now, coming up with a fool-proof figure isn’t a child’s play as there are several variables that are involved here. Cars24, however, offers a free tool through which you can quickly judge the correct value of any vehicle simply by entering some basic info about your vehicle.

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