Best Off-Road Cars In India In 2024

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Updated on: 13th January, 2024 IST

Best Off-Road Cars In India In 2024

If you didn't already know, there has been an increase in people seeking adventurous, off-the-beaten-track trips more than ever! How do we know? Because off-road car sales have been on an upward trajectory in India for quite some time. And if you, too, belong to this buyer segment, read on to know more about the best off-road cars in India.

1. Range Rover by Land Rover

Range Rover by Land Rover

To put it simply, the Range Rover is the pinnacle of luxury and off-roading and a match made between elegant style and tough utility. It comes from a brand that has off-roading in its DNA. Without a surprise, the Range Rover features a state-of-the-art 4x4 system. The car is backed up by advanced technology to tackle off-road terrain with ease. It features a Pivi Pro touchscreen on which useful metrics are conveniently displayed for serious off-roaders like you. An air suspension further aids in giving you a smoother ride off the charcoal. What's more, is that the SUV feels just as good in urban conditions as it does off the road — it moves confidently and with a planted feeling across highways and cities alike.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹2.31 crores to ₹3.41 crores

Range Rover by Land Rover Specification

Water wading depth900mm
Approach angle26.1
Departure angle24.5
Ramp-over angle21.4
Differential lockYes
Maximum power399 hp
Maximum torque550 Nm
Engine2997 cc
Fuel TypePetrol or Diesel
Mileage14.01 kmpl 
Seating capacity7
Ground clearance295 mm 
Approach angle26.1 degree

2. Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

Next up on this list is the Toyota Fortuner, a car that is underrated for its off-roading prowess. It's one of the very few true body-on-frame SUVs, with robust foundations and a rugged and sturdy chassis. The improved four-wheel drive system makes it easier to tackle difficult terrain and perform effectively off-road. This is one of those off-road cars that features a differential lock, which significantly improves your ability to maintain wheel motion in difficult situations off the road. The Fortuner doubles up as a family car and is the ideal choice if you're looking for an SUV to cater to your infrequent off-roading trips with your bunch.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹29.98 lakh to ₹37.58 lakh

Toyota Fortuner Specification

Water wading depth700mm
Approach angle29
Departure angle25
Ramp-over angle25
Differential lockYes
Maximum power163.60 Bhp to 201.15 Bhp
Maximum torque245 Nm to 500 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual/6-speed manual/automatic/IMT
Engine2.7 l to 2.8 l
Fuel TypePetrol or diesel 
Mileage10 kmpl 
Seating capacity7
Ground clearance221 mm 
Approach angle29 degree

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3. Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra launched the Thar back in 2020 to be a rugged and capable off-roader to tap into the lifestyle SUV segment. It gets a large range of off-road tech onboard that are both standard and optional to help it effortlessly traverse any terrain. You're sure to enjoy this off-road car thanks to its aesthetics, upgraded interiors, refined engines, and buttery smooth mechanics. All of this comes at a rather more accessible price when compared to other off-roading cars in India.

Ex-showroom price(Delhi): ₹13.59 lakh to ₹14.28 lakh

Mahindra Thar Specifications

Water wading depth650mm
Approach angle41.8 degrees
Departure angle36.8 degrees
Ramp-over angle27 degrees
Differential lockYes
Maximum power130 Bhp to 150 Bhp
Maximum torque300 Nm to 320 Nm 
Transmission6-speed manual or automatic
Engine2 l or 2.2 l
Fuel TypePetrol or Diesel 
Mileage13.2 kmpl(p) to 15.2 kmpl(d) 
Seating capacity4
Ground clearance219 mm to 226 mm
Approach angle41.8 degree

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4. Force Gurkha

Force Gurkha

To put it in simple terms, the Force Gurkha is an off-road SUV characterised by its rough, powerful, and raw nature. It's India's most affordable 4x4 and was modelled after the Mercedes G Wagon. While it was inspired by the German SUV, the Gurkha very well sticks to the basics and provides a simple, old-school experience.

This is the best off-road car if you want a bang for your buck, with manual mechanics such as 4x4 low levers, 4x4 high modes, and separate locks to aid in a supreme off-roading escapade. Force Motors went ahead to specifically design the interior of the car constructed for driving on unpaved surfaces.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹14.75 lakh onwards

Force Gurkha Specification

Water wading depth700mm
Approach angle37 degrees
Departure angle33 degrees
Ramp-over angle25 degrees
Differential lockYes
Maximum power89.84 Bhp
Maximum torque250 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual
Engine2.6 l
Fuel TypeDiesel
Mileage17.0 kmpl
Seating capacity4
Ground clearance205 mm 
Approach angle35 degrees

5. Mahindra Scorpio Classic

Mahindra Scorpio Classic

The Scorpio brand brings back the nostalgia of travelling on off-beaten paths, carefree in the knowledge that the rugged features and endurance of the vehicle wouldn't let you down. Soon after, the Scorpio brand parted ways, and the old-school Scorpio is being sold under the Scorpio Classic name. While the new Scorpio-N may have more off-road-specific gizmos on offer, the Classic remains more true to its character and offers a more 'connected' driving experience. Due to its appeal, it also enjoys widespread aftermarket support, ensuring no troublesome nights for you in case of emergencies.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹11.99 lakhs onwards

Mahindra Scorpio Classic Specification

Water wading depth500mm
Approach angle27 degrees
Departure angle25.4 degrees
Ramp-over angle23.9 degrees
Differential lockNo
Maximum power120 Bhp to 140 Bhp
Maximum torque280 Nm to 319 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual or 6-speed manual
Engine2.2 l
Fuel TypeDiesel
Mileage12 kmpl to 14.5 kmpl
Seating capacity7
Ground clearance180 mm 
Approach angle27 degrees

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6. Mahindra Scorpio N

Mahindra Scorpio N

Built on the same foundation as the Thar, the new Scorpio N was constructed to be an off-road-centric car. It is supported by technology to aid in gliding over difficult terrains and is further backed up by its body-on-frame platform. Its refreshed style has given it a sense of refinement that is a long haul from its prior boxy appearance. This refinement is seen in its driving behaviour and road manners as well, with negligible body roll and planted feel on highways. In all, it's a car meant for you if you want a no-nonsense true SUV that is equally good over poor roads as it is over smooth highways.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹11.99 lakh to ₹19.19 lakh

Mahindra Scorpio N Specification

Water wading depth500mm
Approach angle27.1degrees
Departure angle17.2 degrees
Ramp-over angle20.1 degrees
Differential lockMLD, BLD
Maximum power172 bhp to 199 bhp
Maximum torque400 Nm 
Transmission6-speed manual/automatic transmissions
Engine1997 to 2184 cc  
Fuel TypePetrol or Diesel 
Mileage12 kmpl to 14.5 kmpl
Seating capacity7
Ground clearance187 mm 
Approach angle20.3 degrees

7. Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Bolero

Another Mahindra on this list of off-road cars is the Bolero: a compact SUV with a classic boxy design. Under the hood, it features a potent engine that provides enough power and torque to overpower rugged terrain. Although the Bolero is ageing, it tackles deep potholes and muddy tracks with ease thanks to the engine's strength. You get a simple and old-school exterior design and a spacious, practical interior big enough to accommodate seven people. Coupled with a high ground clearance and compact design, the Bolero is quite the ideal for off-roading for you, which is why it is popular in the rural market where roads are non-existent.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹ 9.53 lakh to ₹ 10.48 lakh

Mahindra Bolero Specification

Maximum power74.96 Bhp
Maximum torque210 Nm
Engine1.5 l
Fuel TypeDiesel
Mileage16 kmpl 
Seating capacity7
Ground clearance180mm unladen 
Approach angleNA

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8. Tata Safari

Tata Safari

While the Harrier-based SUV won't be the first SUV you would think of when it comes to off-roading, the Safari is still quite an interesting proposition in terms of what it offers. It is a drastic departure from the traditional body-on-frame and four-wheel drive vehicle when compared to the original Safari, due to its monocoque construction and front-wheel drive configuration. The Safari does, however, receive a few technological goodies to help it off the pavement, including Hill-descent control and a Terrain Response management system, to mention a few. Additionally, the 205 mm of ground clearance is sufficient to help you navigate a mild off-road course. Moreover, the car is packed with features making it the perfect merger between opulence, comfort and the ability to tackle poor roads.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹15.45 lakh to ₹22.46 lakh

Tata Safari Specification

Differential lockLimited
Maximum power167.62 Bhp
Maximum torque350 Nm
Transmission6-speed manual/automatic
Engine2 l
Fuel TypeDiesel
Mileage14.08 kmpl to 16.14 kmpl 
Seating capacity7
Ground clearance178 mm
Approach angle26 degrees

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9. Jeep Compass

 Jeep Compass

This off-road car from Jeep was the 1st model brought to India and is quite a favourite amongst off-road enthusiasts. It easily helms both rough terrain and paved highways with equal ease and lights up your face if you see how well it handles. Highway cornering at high speeds is simple when the suspension and steering wheel heaviness is precisely correct. Driving in the city at low speeds across uneven terrain could appear a little jarring, but as the speed increases, the car breezes through the terrain with ease. Moreover, the car is quite opulent and provides the perfect middle ground between luxury and grittiness.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹21.09 lakh onwards

Jeep Compass Specification

Water wading depth405/480mm
Approach angle16.8/30
Departure angle31.7/34
Rampover angle24
Differential lockYes
Maximum power160.77 Bhp to 167.67 Bhp
Maximum torque250 Nm to 350 Nm
Transmission6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic
EngineBetween 1.4 l to 2 l
Fuel TypePetrol or diesel
Mileage14.1 kmpl to 17.1 kmpl
Seating capacity5
Ground clearance178 mm 
Approach angle16.8 degree

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10. MG Hector

MG Hector

The Hector is not quite an SUV meant for hardcore off-roading but still does manage light off-roading, attributed to its high ground clearance and potent engine options. It's one of the prime examples of an urban SUV that is meant for handling potholes and poor roads rather than no roads at all. What's more is that the car is loaded to the brim, keeping you entertained throughout your drive, be it on poor local roads or levelled cemented highways.

Ex-showroom price (Delhi): ₹14.42 lakh onwards

MG Hector Specification

Maximum power167.68 Bhp
Maximum torque350 Nm 
Engine2 l
Fuel TypeDiesel
Mileage13 kmpl 
Seating capacity5
Ground clearance192 mm 
Approach angle16.8 degree

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1. Which are the best 4x4 vehicles in India?

Some of the best 4x4 or off-road vehicles in India in terms of performance are Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender. Whereas Force Gurkha, Bolero and Mahindra Thar are the best-selling 4x4 vehicles in India.

2. Why are only SUVs suited for off-road driving?

SUVs are considered the best off-road cars because they have a high ground clearance and can take on collision force on rough terrain more effectively than regular cars. By being durable, these types of cars save passengers from any injury. Furthermore, these cars have higher ground clearance and wider tires with deep treads, which increases the traction of these vehicles.

3. Which are some of the affordable off-road cars in India?

Mahindra Bolero, Force Gurkha, and Mahindra Scorpio are some of the most affordable off-road cars, priced at ₹9.53 lakh, ₹14.75 lakh, and ₹11.99 lakh, respectively.

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