5 Important Tips for First-Time Car Buyers in India!

5 Important Tips for First Time Car Buyers in India!


Buying your first car after college or after your first salary can be pretty exciting. Still, it’s essential to understand the know-how of the entire car-buying process. Whether you’re buying a new or a used car in India, you have to consider multiple factors. Doing so helps you save thousands of rupees and help you buy a vehicle that matches your exact needs! CARS24 has compiled a few essential tips to help first-time buyers make the right decision.

Decide on a budget

Some of us have dreams of buying at least a Mercedes or BMW; if not Lambo’s and Ferrari’s as a first car, they are simply not affordable.

The Maruti Alto or the Renault Kwid, the cheapest new small car in India, can cost anywhere between Rs. 3.30 Lakh to 4.5 Lakh depending on the variant and the place you reside, as taxes vary from state to state for new vehicles. 

The new cars can be expensive for recent graduates or first-time working professionals, thanks to student loans and other expenses such as rent and monthly bills. 

On the other hand, used cars are massively popular among first-time buyers as they are available for less than half the cost of a new one. Thus, it’s crucial to have a realistic budget in mind. This way you will know how much money you will have to spare for the car. 

Know your exact needs

Identify your basic needs. For what purpose will you be using your car? Do you go on long journeys often? Examine your lifestyle and do your research accordingly. Look into features and options best suited to your needs in your budget.

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We all like feature-loaded cars with a fancy sunroof, touchscreen music system, heated seats, etc. Still, with money being a constraint, you will have to focus on the features you need. For those who have a commute for long distances, good fuel economy or mileage is the key. Although diesel cars can help you save money, they typically cost more than petrol cars on maintenance, hence consider all this before making a decision. 

Small hatchbacks make great first cars as they are easy to drive, easy to park, cheap maintenance costs, and delivers good mileage.

Detailed research

Shortlist a few models, research about the different variants of the car on offer and what features they come it. Make sure the vehicle is not a very old one as spare parts and repairs can be a concern. Another thing that you will want to look up average maintenance and repairs costs. Also, research on the car buying tips, most preferred cars for first-time buyers, etc on our Blog and if to know about the buying prices for these car models, our Carculator can help! 

Choose a trusted platform

Unless you’re buying a car from a close friend or a family member, it’s better to take expert advice before directly dealing with private sellers or local dealers

The entire process of buying a used car to getting it transferred to your name all by yourself can be long and complicated. It’s also risky to trust unknown sources, understand the car’s condition, ownership transfer etc. Thus, it’s always better to buy a second-hand car through a reliable and trusted platform like CARS24, which sells only certified used cars.

Every car at CARS24 has passed a 140 parameter quality check followed by refurbishment under expert supervision before its goes on sale. Also, drive with peace of mind with our 6 Months Comprehensive Warranty. And if you don’t like the car, return it within seven days and get a full refund. 

Test Drive

Before confirming the deal, take a short test drive on different terrains like smooth roads and broken roads to check the working condition and find out if there any rattling, rubbing, or screeching noise that requires further examination. At CARS24, just don’t test drive the car but get a 7 Day Trial to make sure it fits your requirement well. Else return it for a complete refund, just like anything else you buy online. 

You can easily find your dream used car in India through Cars24.com or download the CARS24 App