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CARS24 is on a mission to revolutionize the used car market in India, one car at a time. With the use of technology and cutting-edge pricing algorithm, we are able to give the right price of a used car.

Wrong methods used
to calculate price of a used car


Car depreciation

Car Depreciation is the decrease in value of a car with time.However, it is important to know that your car's actual worthdepends on the current market demand; what buyers are ready topay for it, And its perceived value; cars with a reputation forbeing more reliable tend to keep their value better than others.For instance, a 4 year old Fiat Punto will have a lesser resalevalue than a 4 year old Maruti Swift.



Calculating a car's value by comparing with the similar make/model listing on classifieds is a big mistake as most of the rates that a seller posts online are basically wishful prices Don't we increase the expected price of a product by 30-35% while selling it online so that we can leverage it during price negotiation? Hence, the price that you see online for a similar car is not the real value!


Insured Declared Value

IDV is not the current market value of your car. When buying a new car, people go for the maximum IDV an insurer can offer because IDV is derived from showroom price minus depreciation. However, when selling your car, the price depends on your car's actual condition and the resale value of the brand. For instance, depreciation of a 5 months old car is 5% but you cannot expect to sell a car for Rs 9.5 lakh you purchased 5 months ago for Rs 10 lakhs.

Why CARS24 is the only place
that gives the most realistic
price of the car

quotesCARS24 is the only company that actually buys used cars and hence knows the true value of a carquotes

Price based on actual transactions

Priced from as low as thirty thousand to thirty lac, we buy hundreds of cars every day, and thus know the exact price at which the car was sold and repurchased.


Demand-supply model

With thousands of channel partners across India And with the experience of buying more than a lac of cars till date, our pricing algorithm is devised based on the real market demand of the car.

The price that you see of your car on CARS24 website is the most genuine price; the price at which your car will actually be sold.

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