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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A Pre-owned Car

Used cars, pre-owned cars, second hand cars, or whatever you like to call it has become the choice of car buyers post the coronavirus lockdown. A personal car or a family is become a necessity more than a luxury for many as the risk of virus spread from using public transport like buses, metros, shared taxis, etc are high. Undoubtedly, the most secure way to travel currently is in your personal vehicle!

More and more buyers are opting for pre-owned cars over new cars in times of economic uncertainty where people are facing pay cuts, layoffs, difficulty in own businesses, etc as a direct result of COVID affected world.

The reason for buying a second hand car may vary from buyer to buyer – most first time buyers are choosing small pre-owned cars that make sense for learner drivers to excel their driving skills before buying his/her new car. Families are selling their old sedans and hatchbacks to buy bigger pre-owned cars like SUVs and MPVs. Some of the families, the ones that own just one car are adding an extra car that is pre-owned for convenience.

Used Car Or New Car, Which One Makes Economic Sense Post Pandemic?

For all those of you looking to buy a used car in the near future, here are a few tips and the list of mistakes to avoid while choosing a pre-owned car.

Know The Right Price!

While there are lakhs of used cars for sale across India and the price varies from car to car, one always wonders Am I Buying the Car at the Right Price? We suggest you do quick research on prices of similar used cars in your particular location (as prices vary state to state) from trusted used car sellers or you can simply check our pre-owned car evaluation tool ‘Carculator’ that gives you the right price of any car in less than 5 secs. Our state of the art pricing tool calculates the price of a used car based on our massive sales data, market demand, and latest trends, that’s the reason our pre-owned cars with benefits like warranty, 7 Day return, doorstep delivery are available at the best price, better than most can offer!

Test Drive & Verify Your Drive:

Physical examination and vehicle history are very important when buying a used car but the most important step is to test drive the car you are buying.

Test Drives help you identify if the used car you’re buying has any pre-existing conditions related to suspension, engine, gearbox, steering components, air-conditioning, etc. If you come across any rattling sound, handling issues, or any electrical problems, confirm with the seller or the company about it. But is a short test drive enough to know the exact condition of the car you are buying?

At CARS24, we believe a short test drive is not enough before making a big decision like buying a car! Hence all our cars come with a 6 Months Warranty and 7 Day Return policy, it’s ok to change your mind, get a 100% refund if you’re not happy within 7 days of the purchase

Get The Car Checked By An Expert:

CARS24 Car Jockey – Technical Expert

If you’re buying a second-hand car from a trusted source or an organized company like CARS24, you don’t have to worry about getting the car checked by an expert or a trusted mechanic. All our cars undergo a 140 checkpoint rigourous technical inspection; the inspection report will give you a clear picture of the car’s condition with any faults and flaws pinpointed. If you are buying the car through any other sources it is very important to consult with a trusted mechanic or a technical expert before finalizing the purchase.

Figure Out Your Finances: 

Car Loan Documents

No matter where you decide to buy a used car, it is important to choose the payment method. You can either pay the seller in cash, bank transfer or opt for used car loan. CARS24 and other leading banks offer used car loans. You can get an easy loan within a day from CARS24 with minimum documentation. While most companies offer loans for cars that not more than 7 or 10 years old, you can get finance for a car up to 14 years old from us at low-interest rates with attractive offers.

Get The Vehicle History Report:

CARS24 Car Inspection Report

As we mentioned earlier, the vehicle history report is a very important part of the used car buying process. The vehicle history report gives you vital information about the car such as the number of owners, service history, parts replaced, loan history (if any), and also if the car has any traffic violation or if it was listed in any criminal records.

All cars at CARS24 undergo a stringent check for accident history, traffic violations and police records to make sure no criminal cases have been registered against the vehicle.

Document & RC Transfer:

Most used car buyers and sellers face this issue of RC Transfer while transacting through unknown sources or a private sellers on the Internet. If you’re buying the car through CARS24, we ensure the RC and other related documents are transferred to the buyer’s name at the earliest possible time frame (within 90 days) and we also have a customer protection policy that covers the seller for an amount of 5 lakhs in case of an issue with the car before it is transferred to the buyer.

Note: Driving a used car without transferring it to the current owner’s name is a criminal offense and the seller can be held responsible for an accident or a crime committed by using the vehicle if it was not transferred.

We hope this helps you make a better choice when buying a used car.
Happy Buying

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