CARS24 Refurbishment: Making Cars As Good As New

CARS24 Refurbishment: A Gold Standard In The Pre-owned Car Space.

CARS24 Refurbishment: A Gold Standard In The Pre-owned Car Space.

At CARS24we’ve pulled out all stops to ensure that every car you buy is as good as new! We’re quite picky about the cars we list, so the very fact that you found your vehicle on our platform is a testament to its quality. Every car is thoroughly inspected with a 140 checkpoint quality test, refurbished to perfection using manufacturer recommended  parts at our MRLs, and been stamped by our automobile experts as CARS24 certified. We also provide a complimentary 6-month warranty to protect buyers from unforeseen repair and maintenance costs.

To ensure the highest quality standards, every car in our inventory undergoes a rigorous four-step refurbishment at our state of the art refurbishment center, a gold standard in the pre-owned auto industry.

Step 1: Car Inspection

Before we list the car on CARS24, we perform a thorough 140 checkpoint inspection. Our experts review the car’s mechanical, electrical and structural integrity and ensure the vehicle is non-accidental. This process is done objectively and not subjectively – we use tools such as a paint spectrometer, tyre tread gauge, and others.

Note: A car is said to be accidental if and only if the basic structure (chassis and fixed panels) are damaged due to impact or collision and are repaired or replaced to overcome the accidental impact. Since removable panels like doors, fenders, and bonnet do not form a part of the structure, any damage and subsequent repair or replacement to these is not considered ‘accidental.’

Step 2: Test Drive

No matter how much we might inspect a car using tools, we truly get to know it only when we take it out on the road. We take each car for a spin and keep an eye (and ear!) out for everything – tyres, brakes, suspension, drive train, under-chassis, and just overall feel of driving. Trust us, when you see a vehicle listed on CARS24, rest assured that it’s been comprehensively tested.

Step 3: Refurbishing at CARS24 MRL

Each car is refurbished to as good as new at our state of the art facility, Mega Refurbishment Lab (MRL). The MRLs are equipped with top of the line tools and machinery including a test lane, paint booth, automated paint mixer, automated lubricant system, etc. Then the vehicles are scrutinized to make sure they meet our quality standards. Here, we validate the exteriors, engine, transmission, and the entire drive-train along with the electrical systems and safety systems. We also perform a cosmetic check to highlight the vehicle’s noticeable imperfections. Significant imperfections are tagged, so you know exactly what you are buying, and don’t come in for rude shocks later.

Step 4: Double-Check On Quality

We weren’t kidding when we said stringent quality standards. We do a final inspection, just to be sure. This helps reduce human errors or catch something we might have missed out on before. We’re paranoid about every car that gets listed on the platform and want to ensure that you can be 100% confident about each vehicle’s drive quality, condition, and listed information.

More about cosmetic imperfections

When we refurbish or repair cars, we work on fixing as many external flaws as possible. This also means that any terms you see listed for each car are standardised. 

Representation of the imperfections on the CARS24 App / Website
  1. Scratches are less than 3 inches in diameter
  2. Scuffs, stains & discolorations tend to be smaller than a thumbprint
  3. Dents or dings are less than 3 inches in diameter

Repair work on these often includes minor paint touch-ups, additional detailing, buffing, and polishing to ensure your car looks as good as new!

Also, note that additional wear & tear might not be visible in the car’s 360-degree tour. In such cases, we tag significant imperfections of the vehicle so you can be sure of what you are buying.

Any mechanical or electrical flaws are fixed in our stringent refurbishment process to ensure a car you buy from CARS24 drives as good as new. This includes:

  1. Engine and transmission (gearbox)
  2. Steering and suspension components
  3. Brakes and safety systems
  4. Air-conditioning and electrical systems.
Car Engine Bay – Post CARS24 Refurbishment,

These vehicle components or systems are refurbished in each car we sell. Additionally, CARS24 provides a free 6-month warranty to ensure you don’t need to incur any repair or maintenance costs post-purchase. 

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