Delhi EV Policy: Subsidy For Electric Cars Upto 1.5 Lakhs and More Benefits

Delhi EV Policy: Subsidy For Electric Cars Upto 1.5 Lakhs and More Benefits

Delhi EV Policy: Subsidy For Electric Cars Upto 1.5 Lakhs and More Benefits

Electric Vehicles have always had an aura of mystique about them. With the aim to better the environment, EVs are one of the most talked-about vehicles and in what is a welcome step, the Delhi government launched an electric vehicle policy recently. The Delhi EV policy is said to be launched to help reduce environmental pollution caused by motor vehicles in the National Capital Region.

The AAP government has been consistent in its efforts to promote this policy, ever since its inception in 2018. First announced two years ago, the policy was passed by the cabinet last year after taking into consideration expert opinions and public feedback. The Delhi government maintains that this policy will not only work to reduce pollution but also create multiple job opportunities within the capital.

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With Delhi being the first in the country to promote electric vehicles via this policy, the government has also decided to establish a state EV board. An EV cell will be put in place to ensure efficiency and will be chaired by the Minister Of Transport. A state EV Fund is also going to be set up to help finance this policy.

If you are interested in purchasing any electric vehicle, we have some good news for you! The government has decided to offer subsidies in an effort to promote sales in the capital. The Delhi EV Policy offers a battery-capacity linked subsidy of ₹5,000/kWh or up to ₹30,000 for electric two-wheeler purchases. For electric four-wheelers, the policy offers a subsidy of up to 1.5 lakh! For electric autos, e-rickshaws, and electric freight vehicles too, there is a ₹ 30,000 subsidy available.

The Delhi government will also waive off the road taxes and registration fees on all new electric car and bike purchases. Additionally, the central government has also offered subsidies through the FAME II scheme.

For a more well-rounded experience, there is also a scrappage policy that comes alongside the new EV policy. A purchase incentive will be given if a customer offers to scrap out an old internal combustion engine with their EV purchase. To encourage more EVs, the Delhi government has also decided to establish a network of 200 charging stations. According to the government, this EV policy will be a huge step for increased EV registration for the city.

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