2000 Horse Power Evija is world’s most powerful series production car

Lotus Evija: A 2000Bhp Electric Hypercar or A Piece Of Art?

Lotus Evija: A 2000Bhp Electric Hypercar or A Piece Of Art?

It took Renaissance genius, Michelangelo, nearly 2 years to complete David, a masterpiece of gleaming white marble. It took Albert Einstein nearly a decade before he went on to complete the theory of relativity.

And on those lines, it could be said, Lotus took two years of ingenious creation and path breaking thinking to create Evija, the stable’s first fully-electric, zero emission hypercar.  

Not a replacement to Elise as Lotus confirms the lights at Geely are brimming with Evija, a joie-de-vivre that can make the staunchest critic blush with sheer admiration.

The sensational one-of-its-kind sports car was first conceived in rough sketches around the Christmas of 2017. And in 2020, Lotus goes into the production of what’ll only be no more than 130 pieces.

Imagine that for a pure statistic!

In a planet throbbing with nearly 7.8 billion, only 130 get to possess a truly spectacular mélange of cutting edge engineering and luxury.

Currently labeled the world’s most powerful car, needless to say, the 2000hp hypercar isn’t for the masses. Cutting edge design, a maximum speed of over 200 miles an hour, 70-kilowatt-hour drivetrain, this huge downforce is the center-point of this high-performance car.

Prized at what can only be called an astronomical £1.7 million, not for nothing is the Evija named aptly. After all, it means the first one. And fittingly enough, this carbon fibre made all-wheel drive is Lotus’s first mega sports car in around a decade.

Not raw like a sports car, but very fluid and rapid, the Evija is as quick as it is compact, just under 2 meters wide.

Not only connoisseurs of speed but also those who thrive on artistic virtuosity would find the Lotus Evija a bristling mélange of unparalleled design and urban mobility at its very best. This is a car that you will make you keep wanting it more being no less than a modern-day Avant-Garde produce from one of the world’s most trusted car names.